War Thunder – Jagdpanzer 38(t) Hetzer – “Good Ole Fashion Tank Wrestling!”

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Source: Bo Time Gaming

A calm and peaceful day of driving a Hezter around turns into more emotional scarring for Coffee Panda. The Hezter has always been one of my favorite Tank Destroyers from and I always find it a blast to play in . Even when you roll it over.


  1. MrJohnycomelately21

    Hetzerz gotta Hetz

  2. tank wrastlin…

  3. “We only slowed down a third of the front.”
    So much is told about TBLF in that one sentence…

  4. German low tier bias!

  5. “Loli is a a lightning rod of hate” first planes now tanks

  6. what button do you use for the machine gun

  7. Loli should totally put Kanna as his profile picture cause well…he is called the loli dragon



    Can you take out the Churchill MK.VII

  10. Nice video keep it up

  11. I’ll just be over here ordering a new print run of pamphlets.

  12. Hetzer gonna hetz

  13. 99CCFF 756e6b6e6f776e65786961 647072746c646b

    Use manual brakes if you want to turn faster. Turn on manual shifting and that will let you bind keys for your manual brakes. Then disable manual shifting and use manual brakes + gas pedal.

  14. I BOUNCE !!!!!! lol cofeepot ^^

  15. I loved that Monty Python joke Bo

  16. 5:29 “I BOUNCEEEEDD” i totaly lost it lmao

  17. Coffee and loli make everything awesome immediatly

  18. Hetzer’s [Jagdpanzer 38(t)] ‘gonna Hetz!! <3

  19. how did you not come up vs Churchills???? i drive that and come against them and cant do anything to the front of it

  20. Luke Augustus De Silva

    Can you do spitfire mk5 gameplay?please

  21. isaacfarris derps

    i love how bo time just pics his own tanks…so he can have fun too!!! 😀

  22. Of all the Monty Python references I expect to hear in a given day, Rodger the Shrubber ranks reaaaaly low!

  23. The panic laughter of Coffee makes me laugh so hard I cry, so awesome.

  24. An attractive owl

    Coffee needs a hug lol

  25. #ilovecoffee

  26. “MERGING” Crashes into friendly vehicle, flips then stalls the front as allies put him back on his tracks.
    Also crew has to figure out if they want to open hatches and be cold or just smell the Commander’s puke all battle.

  27. Bo are you ever going to do a face cam video or a face reveal?

  28. Петр Собоорускай

    best teamplay

  29. hey bo how you use the binoculars

  30. What kind of sick world is this where M10s and 75mm Shermans have to fight Tigers?

    Oh wait, this is War Thunder.

  31. i turn this video on and the first thing i see is coffee trying to stick his dicker max up bo!

  32. Hetzer gona Hetz as always 😀


  34. PIUU!!

  35. Bo can you take the M24 chafee now that you can’t take the M18?

  36. Hey Bo. The other day when you all were playing on Stalingrad I was in that match with you. My Acc is Pewdiecry96. I killed Coffee with a Sherman VC. and with a high explosive shell lol. First time I got a game with the whole TBLF

  37. Link17's Creations

    Short height, tough armor, powerful gun; it’s cute and cuddly up close but sneaky and deadly from afar!

  38. i spek ingrish vewy gud

  39. Do you know anyone by the name of Zack.M

  40. 5:40 thats what she said.

  41. that is what merging feels like when you are in a semi with a trailer.

  42. You should make montages of loli or coffee dying in your vids. I always laugh

  43. PrinceOfParthia74

    lol coffee is abu hajaar 2.0

  44. the lag is stronk on this one

  45. Golden velocity Raptor

    We only slowed down a third of the front

  46. Say, any chance you and the crew could do a video on the Kv-85? Don’t see ANYTHING on it on youtube from what I’ve seen, and am curious how others feel about it. I personally look at the stats and such, and think its a PoS, but, without grinding for it, hard to make that judgement call.

  47. Monostripe Zebra

    I´m a bit disapointed that you did not do more “Battleshippin”: The Max firing over the hetzer and the 88 firing over the max, probably while all bound together with towropes. Moar!

  48. Keep up the good videos!

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