War Thunder – Jagdpanzer IV “We Will Buff It Out!”

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Source: Bo Time Gaming

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The Jagdpanzer IV is such a great TD and it is always a pleasure take this 4.3 Battle Rating beast out. Greate gun, good armor, and decent enough maneuverability.

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  1. 4.3 td line is my go to for germany!

  2. “How are you going to buff that out!?” well Stick that’s for the folks in the recovery crew to figure out.

  3. Zeacross Stormblade

    the Jagdpanzer IVs are nasty little TDs

  4. 1:04 Seems bo has developed the Revengers sense. Can now tell if a revenge bomber is coming his way. Welcome to my world now.

  5. I guess your old man’s a Television repairman with the ultimate set of tools if you are going to buff that out. 😂

  6. As a person who was born in Russia and live here now. I’m against fucking war but my government is not against. My head is hurting and that aware brings me to tears. I want to see war only in computer games, not in real life

    • There will always be war.
      Without war mischievous sociopaths like Victoria Nuland get to install evil puppet governments without consequences.

  7. I have friends with family in Kyiv and I’m very worried for them. It’s crazy that in 2022 we still have conflicts like this, hurts my heart. Thank you for something enjoyable to watch, takes my mind off the fact that I’m still working on homework for class while people are dying in Ukraine. Also thank you for playing this TD, it’s quickly become my favorite in the game

  8. Been trying to grind through the German tech tree. What planes would you recommend to use in ground rb? And what tanks would I get the most use out of?

  9. Stop playing any russian companys game now!

  10. I enjoyed Stick’s Forest Gump impression!

  11. 3RD ARMOR TANKER VET 86-91

    Boycott War Thunder!! It is a Russian gaming site!! 🙏🏻🇺🇦

  12. Bo jumps in the lake and ham gets baked…. so funny.

  13. Because of you I play war thunder

  14. (Walks over to panzer 38 t(destroyed by an ISU 152)) Yea we’ll buff that right out.

  15. Jagdpanzer IV and Hetzer are better thank those mediocre Panzer IV

  16. Sorry I missed a few videos, but…. How about you and the boys take out some P-38s and cause some havoc in the skies?

  17. We can buff it out.

  18. Could you do a Fw 190 A-4 video!

  19. He’s a lumberjack and he’s ok…

  20. SUB 350001 waited so long for this xD

  21. Safe but freezing to death sounds very safe

  22. 1:30 O’ panzer of the lake, what is your wisdom?

  23. Bo Time video coming in clutch to end a not so great day. Thanks Bo & Co!

  24. I’m impressed by you getting that M16 while missing a wing tip and a prop

  25. “I’m runninggggg!”
    “Is that a plan?”
    *Earl Basset enters the chat*

  26. 18:15 I’m surprised that AA could shoot you through that roof.

  27. Oh no me and my bud got bombed by you, we were the IS-1 and Chi nu II you got, good game bo.

  28. That popcorn sound when the plane’s rounds hit the ground is actually pretty accurate

  29. Michael Edgar Austria

    I always thought goofy was the only one that can yell like that. 1:27

  30. Great video

  31. I have enjoyed many of your videos . Please stop playing war thunder it Russian ownership. I know it meanless gesture in small way to support Ukrainian who are being killed now.

  32. Did you know jagdpantzer 38 t is Czcech tank? Hey bo, hello from Czech.

  33. I used to hate fighting these things, but theres a decently easy ricochet shot where you shoot beneath that cone and the entire crew is gone

  34. With current things, may want to try removing the game name from the title and description in new uploads. Just a thought, may help with Youtube.
    Even in these trying times, watching your content and the laughs you, Stick, Ham, Biz and all the others bring, always a treat.

  35. The cruse of coffee 😂

  36. 2:28 bruh this is very funny

  37. Hey bo! I played with you and in fact, I’m in this clip! I was in the Panzer H driving past and I was shooting rounds in my Puma because I overloaded, I didn’t want to seem like a stalker, sorry

  38. tutel up and armored

  39. just pre ordered the Turm III , feeling good and regret at the same time

  40. Video 10-you should play the He 112 A-O as cas with the cannon, you have not made a video on it yet i think

  41. I was playing 4.0 trb and used my Puma to kill a Kv 1 and T34. Low tiers are more overpowered than some may think

  42. Can you Do some naval battles

  43. Your vidz would be 10 times better – and earned my subscription – if you played alone, and kept the sillyness to a minimum…

  44. Crashes into a tree like a fireball: “No prob, we’ll buff it out”. :DD

  45. Thanks Bo for providing some laughter and distraction in a world gone mad

  46. Ive subscribed for a while and watched on Xbox mostly..so if I missed a Q and A I appologize. Im just wondering if you use a joystick while flying aircraft

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