War Thunder – Jagdpanzers! “Alf vs Elf”

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Source: Bo Time Gaming

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Thought would be interesting to check out 2 of my favorite Tank Destroyers and see how they are doing with the recent changes to the game. These two can still fight like the them, sadly their crew was not a well-synced machine.

All Good In The Wood by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)
Artist: http://audionautix.com/


  1. KeybladeMaster9913

    If I had heard the noise Sturmling made in game, I wouldn’t be able to use whatever I was in for the rest of the match I’d be laughing so hard

  2. Texas invated Texas.
    BoTimeGaming 2019

  3. Jagdpanzer. Jagdpanzer.
    Yes papa?
    Stealing my tracks?
    No papa.
    Telling lies?
    No papa.
    Put of your body.
    Haha- _sh!t_

  4. Can I getta uhhhhhhhhhh SOME OF THAT AIRCRAFT VIDEOS

  5. I was wonder what happened to the cat. Oh alf.

  6. They have everything!!
    How many premium vehicles that they have??

  7. I call every game xd

  8. Sturmling’s eyes and robotic talk, Puns, pop culture talk and chaotic fighting. Oh this was a most amusing episode to watch as always Bo.

  9. SumotoridreamsFULL

    I love you guys ^^ the way you interact with each other never gets boring

  10. Joseph Satri Cleofe Villanueva

    Bear is the *PUN-isher*!

  11. Jesus if you do the math bo was born in 1960?*

  12. Your videos are very entretaining and funny keep em coming!

  13. I really hope WT adds propper googley eyes, just for Sturmling. ?

  14. Strumling’s googly eyes reminds me pixels q*bert

  15. 22:12 Best Sturmling reaction ever!

  16. Hey Bo, I’d love to watch you mess around with the glorious Object 120 “Taran”.

  17. make a intro for your videos

  18. Hetzer is love, Hetzer is life <3 Best Tank Destroyer ever created

  19. I put eyes on my Hetzer first! And a mouth!

  20. hetzer is sempai

  21. Bo clearly spent too much time on the fr-ostfront… seeing insurgents everywhere.

  22. Hey, what happened to IL-2? Also if you do happen to go back to it I have a control that you and Bismarck might find useful: if you select a dead or next to dying engine and press LShift and F at the same time it will feather the prop, which just shuts the engine down and turns the blade greatly reducing drag. This should help get you and Bis back safely when you are critically damaged. Cheers!

  23. Youtube should just remoce the dislike button becsuse people should know from the title and the thumbnail what they’re about to watch. Even then there are always way more likes than dislikes on most videos.

  24. hooville was actually ontop of a small flower… not a snowflake…

  25. 22:11 nice callout, died laughing like bear

  26. How did you get all the weapons on your tanks

  27. This video made me cry from laughter, the pure confusion in the city killed me

  28. wait the radars work on night fighters now? how’d I miss that in the patch notes?!

  29. Bear, my fellow Canadian, you are not the only one who is in the dark about baseball references.

  30. Bo – “Texas will never be invaded” … Uh buddy maybe you should make your way down to McAllen Texas is all but overrun with illegals and refugees from backwards blue states

  31. Name Jim Carrie’s classic movies ? Uummmmmm, No. I don’t know any.

  32. Sturms eye placement 10/10

  33. NOOO NOT my bro frosty….

  34. Bo I know you’ve been gone awhile but Texas was not invaded by Texans. We were created by “Texians” consisting of anglo settlers and the Tejanos who already were living in Texas. Aside from that awesome video as always!

  35. No nimbly bimbly

  36. 5:48
    Bo – Convoy !!!
    Bear – I will hit the rear !!!
    boom !!! boom
    Bo – who shot the front then ???
    Sturmling – aa no..no.aaa no one….i … i dont… i…

    Sturm made my day …LOL !!!

  37. You are a bagel

  38. Gift Shop Boys

  39. Sturmling impression on HAL was hillarious 😀 you need make a video where he is like this all the time!


  41. 22:11 That death sound should be made a sample and used in all war movies from now on. ?

  42. Can you play more aircraft vs tanks pls ?

  43. if you put an Australian Echidna next to Sturmling Jagdpanzer you could not tell the difference!

  44. Sturmling please bever stop puting eyes on youre tanks cuz its so funny ?

  45. Awww, these little Jagdpanzers are so qute and cuddly. <3

  46. I wAtCeD The Grinch and The Cat in the Hat.

  47. I hate how they can joke around while being concentrated and playing like a pro

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