War Thunder – Jagdtiger “I Am Out Of My Weight Class!”

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Source: Bo Gaming

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Jagdtiger versus maus. Who would of thought that up.

All Good In The Wood by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/…)

Artist: http://audionautix.com


  1. Favorite 6.7 German Tank?

  2. any tigerII
    nice flying there, bo

  3. Would like to see Coby and Mo in a game with y’all if they get a chance

  4. Bo what witchcraft do you use to be able to spot tanks, which are 1000 miles away and perfectly camouflaged? You are amazing.

  5. Yeet

  6. If I had a dollar for every time someone reversed on my face.

  7. Stickboy sounds so much like loli.

  8. Nice team

  9. Chapter Master Adolf

    Bo saying “that’s supposed to be on our team” is how I feel every single game these days.
    Killing every allied tank because the cant pen you only to get sniped by a German tank not even a captured tank just a standard German tank.

  10. Chapter Master Adolf

    When your driving in your 1945 tank and you get killed by a tow missile.

  11. 21:05 That Swede wedge if from the school of Sturmling. That’s honestly creepy

  12. Michael Karnerfors

    19:02 and 21 frames in (use the period key to step) you can just see the bomb come into the picture. They must have bounced it on a structure above. 🙂

  13. 9:39 that’s a rap album cover, right there. When’s it dropping, Bo?

  14. Where else but Bo Time and War Thunder could you see a bunch of German cats being afraid of a mouse.

  15. Bo, you know who else is never dying?

  16. Good Shot! Beautiful!

  17. Nice ickle “Poison” reference…….

  18. *Bo* is actually *Kevin Costner* and TBLF are reenacting:
    *Dances with Jets(Wolves)*

  19. Nahoa Chong-Petersen

    The Arado was originally designed as a reconnaissance plane, and Bo just proved it can do that too in WT

  20. “was that bombs?”
    (bomb) “did somebody say bombs?!”

  21. “Goose i,ll hit the breaks and he will fly right by” line from topgun.

  22. Play the mig 21

  23. Bill Polychronidis

    how are you able to afford an arado plane and a ferdinand tank but cannot afford to put machineguns on them?!

  24. 19:00 famous last words “Is that bombs?”

  25. Maus is back???????!!!!!!

  26. Bo: no no no no!!!!!

    other Bo: YES YES YES YES!!!!

  27. 10:33 Hambone pushes Bo even after saying he won’t move. Dammit Hambone ??

    Good fighting against powerful opponents and excellent aerial spotting at the end.

  28. 1:32 it’s just a normal war thunder plane match xd

  29. Try to playing with polish language. ??

  30. Can you play next fw190 b13 airplane

  31. I mean fw 190 d13

  32. 6:42 Nice shot bo!

  33. Gotta say, that scouting at the end was actually really good. I kinda enjoyed it more than blowing up tanks.

  34. 9:40 That looked like the cover for a band album ^^ Cat brigade with their new album “Below our weightclass”

  35. “He’s behind the rocks!”
    There are rocks EVERYWHERE!
    You’re in a canyon for gods sake!

  36. İ am playing war thunder in ps4 but i dont have company is there any one looking for a friend

  37. Always love to see the custom skins. That jagdtiger one is particularly nice

  38. Hey what happened to stumling?

  39. 3:00 maus vs jadtiger ? Thats illegal OwO

  40. What happened to sturmling???

  41. 6:39: America called, they wants there pews back

  42. Hi Bo, can you try out the german He-112 B-0 ? I ve been flying it a while and iI think, its a good airplane with less atention than it deserves

  43. Yeah yeah, more Easy Mode nazi bullshit. I mean, why play anything that requires skill? Fuckign old a long time ago arseholes.

  44. BO… why no I-185(M-71) OR I-185(M-82) vid??? WHYYYY

  45. Should’ve been titled “sad horn moments”

  46. The Tank Commander

    FOR GOD SAKE HAMBONE!!! STOP SCREWING UP!!! But don’t stop providing that kind of humor either! LOLOLOLOLOLOL !!!!

  47. Germany has 6.7 jets?

  48. Germanywwtwo Channel

    How is there a maus I looked all over the tech tree and did not find it

  49. When you realize the Jagdtiger is the most heavily armored beast at 6.7 but is shat on by stabilized 84mm APDS that can pen ufp at 1500m with ease, while the long 88, 128 and 10.5 all fail to pen flat british mantlets under 100mm at point blank…

    And the ferdinand is still 6.3 with over 10k SL repair, the fifth reduction in 2 years.

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