War Thunder – Japanese Tanks, First Impressions – War Thunder 1.65

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Source: BaronVonGamez

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  1. i have the new maps but not the tanks….

  2. Hampdens vs japanese spaag

  3. Custom game :Map=Factory. You have to find a hiding spot with any tank in
    the buildings and your goal is to survive the waves of enemy bombers.
    Rules: No rockets, No bombs over 500 pounds, and no AA. Last one alive

  4. Baron my friends and I do Tank Hide and Seek with realistic mode and its
    pretty fun so you should try it out

  5. to say comrade in Japanese is doshi.

  6. 6:42 baron you only injured a couple of crew no kills

  7. 50% of war thunder players are weeaboos

  8. I’m watching this for a hotel room in Panama and the internet is absolute

  9. lip ham? what the hell does that even mean? #lipham

  10. i think japanese reserves are bad

  11. Japanese truck versus Russian truck versus German truck, there can be only
    one 2cm gun truck

  12. I think it would be fun to do dshk gaz versus the type 94 as a flak truck
    battle to death.

  13. When is the CBT for the Japanese tanks going to end? I want to play the
    Chi-Ha without spending money.

  14. Zis 30 —–vs— type 60

    But in a 2-1 ratio
    Who wins? Double the tanks or double the guns?

  15. First game he said with the type 94 obviously equipped which you must
    research lol

  16. This is the perfect time to drive the independent and/or T-35 trust me its

  17. Acerian “TheHippie” Bladerius


  18. I watch on xbox so I had to get on my phone to say #litphy

  19. yo baron. A-10 free for all on the old inception map. start custom MP
    battles off in style!

  20. Custom battle: Japanese kamikaze attack vs Russian KV-2s

  21. #litfam

  22. baronvongamez they need to add healing mechanics like u get 2 first aid
    kits to heal the crew.Definitely good because my gunner in tiger tank got
    shot and survived and became red. I could not change him.I had the turret
    rotation of a kv2.THAT WAS HORRIBLE!

  23. #litfam

  24. The term for it is tomodachi

  25. plastic tank, one hit they destroyed

  26. Do Ho-I vs Ho-I only on a big open map. the goal is it to get to the enmys
    side becouse penning the front is almost imposible. soo you guys will have
    have to work together to take out your openents Ho-I annd do realistic whit
    like 3 respawns.

  27. #litfam

  28. either t34/85s vs m6os or shermans on korea 4 korean war inc jets or
    japanese vs americans as a pacific battle either on jungle or korea

  29. Well that was the reality of Japanese tanks.

  30. #lit fam

  31. japanese tanks are a joke, i just drive around in a m16 or m13 and get 5-10
    kills pergame

  32. how to use binocular ?

  33. Supreme Meme Machine

    Use the new jap tanks as a boost to spade your ISIS technical DsHKA truck.

  34. i love jap tanks bcuz other nations can seal club them a d there is and
    endless supply endless rp ?

  35. 3 way battle brumbar kv2 and japanese derp tanks

  36. I love the fact that WT has actually crew in open vehicls, but that
    standing guy is just pathethic. He just rotate without moving his feel with
    the gun, and then he dies and just stands there dead. Cmon.

  37. Im excited to play almost done downloading

  38. Please lead a banzai across Kursk at dawn!??

  39. you brought Dicks down with them 20mm #litfam


  41. Hi guys hate to be the one asking for subs but if you can go check out @Bo
    Time Gaming he is honestly my favorite warthunder player then baron.I would
    love it if you took the time to see a few of his videos you will love his

  42. I’ve spent all day wrecking these things. lol

  43. whenever people say lite or fam, it feels cringy

  44. is 7 or is 3 for custom with the 5000kg bomb

  45. Is Doshi the Japanese word for comrade?

  46. god the yelling…. set your sound to half of normal , philly screams

  47. I played 20 battles with the BT7 against the Japanese, and every single
    battle was a dominant victory. I still haven’t seen the Japanese win a
    match. Baron came very close though.

  48. #litfam

  49. Full scale BANZAI CHARGE against American defenders. Be aware! The throttle
    does not stop!!!!

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