War Thunder Japanese Tanks Gameplay – War Thunder 1.65

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Source: BaronVonGamez

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  1. It said the machine gun was a Type 97. Given that, the fire rate would be
    around 500rpm. Keep in mind that a standard assault rifle fire rate is
    about 750rpm. This thing fires fuckn’ slow dude.

  2. attempt #2. can u plz play the T26E1-1,T29,M103,and b29 heavy hitters combo

  3. Still waiting for Kpz-70

  4. It’s 1:15 AM and I’m watching this video…

  5. 14.46 this map brings back some memories… Day z standalone ;D

  6. 100th comment

  7. “Taste my 57mm volley spike!” cant wait to play these

  8. 12:20 but KV-2 rekts even br 6.0

  9. You were using HE shells for short gun.

  10. Stephan Kashkarov Стёпа Кашкаров

    Russian Youtubers have the whole tree unlocked

  11. I hope they eventually add the Japanese super heavy tanks like in WoT

  12. Dude, look at the Ho-Ro. 150mm gun with 122mm of Pen and 2.3kg of HE-Filler
    in the AP-Shell. AT 1.7 !!!!

  13. you missed the Japanese derp gun, it is the first one in the tank destroyer
    tech tree

  14. Cannon fodders are here! Time to level up!

  15. Call Sign Crow Airsoft

    Okay still, I hate the fact that the 120 only has HE

  16. if u wanna play jap tanks including the heavies play world of tanks

  17. Liked the video Baron. Just something interesting. Wargaming made a
    warships game, then War Thunder adds torpedo boats and probably other
    warships, also Wargaming introduces Japanese tanks and now War Thunder adds
    them. To much coincidence if you ask me. I can imagine that is just about
    time to War Thunder add Russian Navy, US Navy, IJN and Yamato or the
    Bismarck with the Kriegsmarine.
    Again if they do so I’m not surprised. But I did like your game play Baron

  18. A and G productions

    The guy that lost his arms in a battle

  19. was this the same tank in the series the pacific

  20. Hi baron

  21. when do the people that bought the pack get access to the beta for these
    anyways? I’m getting antsy I need my japanese tanks bruh, lol.

  22. Vsolid's Napoleonic Meme Machine


  23. Finally some tanks i can easily kill with my m19

  24. more shit tier trucks is always good :D

  25. is it possible for me to mess with jap tanks early?

  26. baron the tier 1 Japanese td with the 150mm is the japanese kv2

  27. jap tanks were all
    based of the french FT program and were meant to be armored allterrain

  28. PassiveAgressiveGrandma

    Sorry for being a fucking idiot but this is Knights of the sea?

  29. Baron, when you tested the Chi-Ha premium one, you only had HE shells.
    Thats why you couldn’t pen the T 34.

  30. How can u tell if ur playing against bots?

  31. Type 74? Dude if they go any higher in the years of tank production they
    might aswell add the M1 Abrams with the 105mm.

  32. Baron count how many shots are fired in 5 to 10 seconds then multiply that
    to a full minute and you can get a fairly accurate rate of fire

  33. Brotherhood of Steel Paladin

    How do i get golden eagles in the dev server?

  34. i though i was watching tanktastic on the first clip because of that type

  35. These tanks are really a joke. Just fix shit and add more stuff to the
    other nations. Only 5% of people are gonna play these tanks

  36. considering that there’s so many paper tank in japanese tank tree, I think
    gaijin can make a fucking landkreuzer as well.

  37. Racist Fuck!

  38. I wonder if the O-I will make an appearance. One was built completley, and
    was scrapped for some reason. Only piece of it left is a track segment and
    no photos.

  39. Lucky Seventh (AceofSpad3s55)

    Anyone know when the closed Japanese tank beta is? Just pre-ordered Chi-Ha

  40. how to you get on to the deb server

  41. Did I just see a Type 64 tease…?
    Oh goodie!

  42. Play Civilization 6

  43. awww man he didn’t check the ho-ro the 150mm 1.7br td

  44. test the type 89 next!-Maus climbing hype!

  45. Hello………….can someone please tell me how can I get access to

  46. is one of your crew a real war veteran? xD

  47. артем ващенко

    10:40 Russian bias you cant pen stalinium comrade

  48. Japanese tanks? Time to install WT again :)

  49. type 94,YOU MOTHERTRUCKER=)

  50. 13:22 looks like elc even

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