War Thunder JAPANESE TANKS – New Tanks, New Ships

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  1. things this game needs to become one of my favourite game’s ever. (Mind
    you, it’s already pretty close)

    1. Boats

    2. Japanese tanks.

    3. Infantry (AI controlled)

    4. Helicopters (Please)

    5. Ragdoll animations for crew on tank’s and planes (Does it really make
    sense for a guy to lean forward while dead… When standing up controlling
    a machine gun turret? No it does not.

  2. All I want is Sturmtiger and Katysha, it would make sense as rocket
    weaponry and axelled vehicles are already implemented

  3. the new stuff is great and all but i mean bomber cockpits anyone?

  4. they better make those tanks amphibious

  5. Polish tanks and planes

  6. Mr.Catmanmixer The Cat

    Jap tanks are tin cans

  7. was just showing a friend the game today and he told me they should ass jap
    tanks xD

  8. Japanese early BR would be very good. Japanese tanks compared to most
    inter-war tanks had much better firepower, it is definitely among the top
    contenders. At medium BRs, they would be very bad as many of the designs
    stagnated at this time, though tank destroyers would start to get good
    here. At Late BRs, they should be on par with other nations with and tank
    destroyers being fairly decent too.

  9. No Italians tanks are nicknamed Metal coffins

  10. US spaa with 50 cal can now be used as anti tank vehicles

  11. Mattia sette GD lolyy


  12. This is how the Japanese tank tree should be imo
    (and don’t say “Type 74 would be bs” because the Germans just got a Leopard
    A1A1 and a Gepard, which are just as modern)


  13. I’d love French tanks as long as they don’t ad French autoloaders

  14. still no bomber cockpit

  15. Not a fan of this..

  16. heilchopters

  17. oh my god… baron plz dont use this thumbnaul….. that is hakenkreuz of

  18. These are still boats and the devs dont even care that they’re called boats
    now. XD

  19. Brian Lock (神通)

    Japanese Plane were ok, not as good as allie, but managable, some were
    actually pretty good. What they are now in the game is way better than the
    realistic situtstion.
    Japanee ship tech is one of the thing that’s competitive with Murica, still
    lacking but close.
    Japanese tank….. sigh……. just don’t……. what shold I say……….
    Light tank will out gun by 7.7mm……. Medium tank cannot win battle
    against light tank…… Heavy tank is just not keeping up with other in
    term of all aspect….. Not sure about TD.

  20. Argh! Finally… although they’re paper thin, its still good to see.

  21. C u in Lumbridge Kid

    Dude what the fuck is wrong with your breathing?
    2:30 and on wards every break in your speech sounds like a quiet lawn mower
    trying to start up.
    Your microphone is capable of picking up undiagnosed lung issues, GG.

  22. Why the French tank on the vid ??

  23. You really need to check out the Japanese tech tree that’s on the forums
    you’d be impressed

  24. finally, japan paper armor tank

  25. Less time to research stuff. (Instead of wt over extending it should focus
    on improving the aspects it already has)

  26. Gayjin aren’t working hard, they’ve done nothing good for the game in a
    long time. All they do is add planes and tanks while leaving the planes
    that NEED to be fixed. Stop adding shit gayjin and fix shit already!

  27. Girl Und Panzer Type 97 Chi-Ha ^^

  28. they’ll most likely add them in a BR where they will get overpenetrated by
    everything except the Russians for some odd reason….

  29. now i love war thunder

  30. Oplexx - Minecraft

    Polish planes and tanks. They had some really cool light tanks!

  31. .3 to .25 mm armor, so thin, Stuarts can deystroy their armor

  32. bast tank is Chi-he

  33. excuse me but … you are playing with French B-1 tank whilst talking about
    japanese tanks…

  34. Let'sPlayTF -Suomi

    We need finland tanks they are best!

  35. That tank is world of tank to

  36. If wot has taught me anything, its if your a Japanese tank, you play like a
    bitch or die fast, no armor, guns are meh and speed is fantastic, reload
    and movement, a pure support tank.

  37. the cover of this video isn’t good the flag is war flag. It is forbidden in
    Asian countries


  39. 2 nukes weren’t enough.

  40. Julian sinoradzki (Texasax)

    wow so useless, they will end as free kills for all other tanks XD, 80% of
    the jap tank tree will be prototypes because jap tanks ware useless as

  41. Gneisenau can kick the fuck out of puny Dark class MGB

  42. well, im very disappoint to the flag behind a tank.
    that flag is symbol of invasion of japan and their pacism,
    for asian, this flag is same with nazi’s hakenkrouz….

  43. SHIN HO-TO?

  44. where’s men of war monday

  45. italiaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. took 1 hour to download this game, worth it

  47. My War Thunder experience will be changed if the developers gave me inf.
    Golden Eagles :)

  48. Orcadilla Sutanna

    This game can possibly get as big as gta v hilarious

  49. What would really change the War Thunder experience for me? In aircraft
    only matches, a lot more emphasis on ground attack and bombing because War
    Thunder has always been heavily geared towards fighter style game play
    despite the amount of larger planes in the game. Also, more night or low
    visibility battles the addition of some kind of radar on the planes that
    had them.
    During World War Two, RAF bombers had some of the most sophisticated (for
    the time) radars and electronic counter measures of any nation, yet in War
    Thunder it’s all about the bomb load and defensive weaponry on bombers,
    which in the British case is pretty poor.

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