War Thunder – Ji-Ro “The 120mm Fun Cannon!”

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Source: Bo Time Gaming

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The Ji-Ro oddly of the vehicles I was looking forward to the most when I saw the dev server. This thing brought a smile to me on the test range and played as well as I had hoped. The gun is a total monster at its battle rating and if it can pen… it dies. It’s also fun to drive around in a chopped Ro-Go!

All Good In The Wood by Audionautix licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/…)

Artist: http://audionautix.com


  1. How about that appearance of a B5N2 in a video! I don’t know why but that makes me happy.

  2. 13:33
    I must be doing it wrong the only thing I ever go to tractor supply for is Swedish Fish
    I can only find them at tractor supply
    And also I find it weird that Swedish fish are made in turkey

  3. CaffeinatedFingers

    And now I have Ice House jealousy. I didn’t even know that was A Thing.

  4. “I can’t pen him”
    “I have penned him”
    No Bo, you vaporized that Stuart

  5. Panzalino Panzultimate

    How come the FV4005 feels 10x weaker than this thing

  6. F1 gamer with assists Yeet

    Bo was in my game and completely made my day

  7. DEHAKA Primal Zerg

    This video has so many amazing parts in it, I love all of it

  8. Leave Minnesota alone!

    Love, a Minnesotan

  9. tio4n the funny axe main

    early abram

  10. Beckham Beharry 3A

    This is the definition of team works make the dream work

  11. I wonder why they bothered with a MG turret on that tank, why not have a mg mounted with a gun sheild or something near the crew compartment or have someone lying on the tank, much easier and pleasant

  12. Right as bo crashed into the mountain, an ad popped up for bingo.

  13. Friendship ended with Chi-ha LG, now Ji-ro is my favorite tank

  14. Ka-50 Black Shark

    Love it when stick just goes “Why meeeeeee :'( “

  15. Hi guys, I’m from Ukraine and I want to admire that way of playin’ speaking u have. It’s like being in a middle of action with US army or smth. “Contact Bravo six”, “He’s gone” etc. Try to get my point- I’m not english native speaker and that is just amazing to hear that. Thank you very much from Ukraine <3

  16. The Yeet Delete Cannon 2.0

  17. I took his life

    Do NOT take this out of context

  18. “Rotate, rotate, rotate…EVAPORATE!” ..sounds like my old washing machine

  19. Aaron’s Pointless Channel

    20:13 please tell me you saw that tank

  20. would love to play with you guys, my buddies dont like japan power

  21. i remember when i was stationed in Germany the Norwegian unit we where training with literally had a John Deere unit patch.

  22. wHy mEEE

  23. Bo, can we just rename this tank the Big Bad Beetle Tank?

  24. TM War Thunder 101

    How the hell did I predict this abomination of the Japanese HO-RO 1.5 with my imaginary drawing of this thing!?

  25. Why meee? Lol

  26. just cover the entire tank in optics, it’ll be literally invincible

  27. Which mode is this

  28. An avrage user man

    6:39 volumetric

  29. as he yells ABOUT to hit the cliff, i got a ManScaped commercial

  30. 17:07
    Tank spotted hauling two giant pieces of cheese.

  31. Being from Minnesota it was really weird listening to Stick have to describe what an ice house is

  32. Now that is a Nice Land Ship. :3

  33. Is…is that Gaff?

  34. Stickboy’s voice in this vid reminds me of the Chamberlain from Dark Crystal.

  35. Егор Кореневский


  36. “What, you make it land?” HAHA!

  37. 3:00 still waiting for the intro to begin

  38. Mike had a sturmling moment

  39. 2:44 kamikaze pilot test failed

  40. Whats the marking system your using?

  41. 18:07 Mike’s tank either has seen some sht or snorted a bunch of coke before entering battle

  42. You know what this open top SPG needs? An enclosed machinegun turret that can only aim to the sides and rear!
    – A Japanese engineer (probably)

  43. Xelestine Gabriel Payte

    Social distancing got me HAHAHAH

  44. as he hit the cliff in my head i said “welcome to the gulag “

  45. may i ask how you do the squad spot?

  46. 13:28 Ive been on the receiving end of this exact conversation

  47. Poor Stickboy…perpetually stuck in puberty

  48. Besto dogfight xD

  49. I’ve never seen sweat in a video.

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