War Thunder – Jumbo Size, Pull over that tank too fat!

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Source: BaronVonGamez

War Thunder Patch 1.
USA: А-36, SB2C-1C, F2A-3 new model, F2A-1 new model. USSR: Hurricane Mk. IIB prem, Yak-3 (VK-107) prem , IL-2M Type 3 new model. Germany: IL-2 ╬ new model, Do-17E1, Bf-109E1 new model, Bf-109E3 new model, Britain: Hurricane Mk.IV , Firebrand TF.MK.IV new model, Firebrand TF.MK.IV. Japan: J2M5, J2M5 premium, Ki-44.
New ground vehicles
USA: М60, М18 Super Hellcat Germany: Pz-35(t), Nb.Fz. VI, Leopard I USSR: Т-26-4 , -100Y , Т-34-100 , Т-10М

Thanks for watching!


  1. First to like your video. :)

  2. What tank do you want me to play next? Let me know and like friends
    comments who put the same tank so I can easily tell which is #1. Thanks
    guys, you all are awesome and have a great Wednesday! COMMMADAYYYY YEAAAA

  3. Play the Tiger E :)

  4. Buggy The Viking

    Why aren’t you playin on the consoles? uhhhh! they are so much better than
    a computer! uhhhh!

  5. the leopart 1

  6. Baron quit Stalin and play the IS-4 XD

  7. Jackington Infernus

    Play the 7.5 cm PaK 40/3 auf Panzerkampfwagen 38(t) Ausf. H! Best TD.

  8. T 54

  9. Buggy The Viking

    It feels like american tanks are overpowered compared to the german tanks,
    I’m i wrong?

  10. hey baron could you please do some more RB would love to see some more
    cheek clenching tank game play:P

  11. do a flakpanzer mk1

  12. play the Armata!! c: (Kappa)

  13. Il-2 flying tank xD

  14. m4a1 w (74)

  15. Jupiter “Lightning” L.P.H.Productions

    Use jadpanzere100 next

  16. panzer lV f2

  17. The Gaming Fantic


  18. Tiger 2 plz

  19. RemusKingOfRome5

    (1) German T35
    (2) German T35

  20. Baron play the tiger h1 Hitler’s BEAST

  21. Play T150

  22. PC PC PC PC!!!!!!!!! lol

  23. Tristen Toulouse

    Isu 122s please or stalin will have to send you to the gulag your choice.

  24. My favorite dinosaur was blue the velociraptor

  25. Anton Lindström

    The Leopard for a long shoot

  26. ps play as the tiger tank 

  27. Baron you must drive the IS2 you do not want to upset your comrades or even
    Sir stalin :D

  28. M60!!!!

  29. sent2kil1 Sayalen

    E 100 please

  30. KV 2

  31. Pixelation Studios

    lepard fun finally the germans get something after WW2

  32. M22!

  33. Marcello Seganti

    IS-1 pls b0oss!

  34. Leopard

  35. Jurassic world is nothing without Laura Dern and her sweet

  36. Tiger E!

  37. Its called bananabarrel ;)

  38. m60

  39. This isnt a tank request but i would really like to see you Phly and
    slickbee fly the XP-55 a.k.a the derp plane.

  40. The doom turtle

  41. baron, on jungle when i went over the hill i saw rank apon rank of skrub
    asking in chat “baron do the t10m when it comes out.”

  42. Maus

  43. pretty sure spalling is the fragmentation on the inside of the tank.

  44. Play the king tiger 105 mm

  45. jagtiger pls

  46. Do “M42 Duster”!!!!!!!!

  47. ISU 122 for mother russia!:D

  48. Play the Super Hellcat! 90mm of American goodness demand it!

  49. whats your favourite tank from tier 4 Baron?

  50. su 100y

  51. M42 “Duster”
    Its so old thats why its DUSTY AHAHAHHHAHAHAHAHHA
    It wasn’t funny

  52. War thunder really pisses me off sometimes. One game I can keep going with
    all my crew in the red and most of my modules knocked out. other times my
    tank gets knocked out because my gunner’s leg gets scraped by shrapnel.

  53. spalling is when impacts from shells turn the rivets inside the tank into

  54. who else thinks lots of people will quit after 1.51?

    • +Donnavan i am quitting after 1.51 RIP #Gaijin

    • +Donnavan
      IS-4M gets penned by the heat without any problems. It was the best before
      M103, T-54 with their heat and APCR ammo, as well as a few other tanks.
      Whats even more, the latest armor update made sloped armor more effective,
      and upped the pen on most guns. 122mm D-25T remained unchanged, so it lost
      out even more in effectiveness. And it was not that good of a gun for 8.0.

    • +BigPapaKaiser russia has best tier 5… most WT players admit that

    • +Donnavan
      no one has good tier 5, everything is pennable without any problem.

    • +BigPapaKaiser proved my point there, germany has no good tier 5s

  55. Play the new T-10m

  56. I want to see t29

  57. smk plox

  58. Do a Fury

  59. Play a german 3.7 lineup with Pz lll M in it, and despair!

  60. T26 4

  61. You could have fly away, he wouldn’t get the kill.

  62. play the bt-7

  63. Jurassic world was great

  64. FlyingFrenchie 247


  65. Su 100


    SU-100Y plz

  67. what i hope happens next patch is a way to recover lost crew even if you
    have to go back top spawn. (big cannons take to long to reload with dead
    crew) and maybe some fuel tank mechanic’s?

  68. Play the Leo on realistic plz
    And the 90mm super hellcat on any mode. 

  69. Nicholas Saunders

    Super hellcat

  70. Flank those Panthers and play the Super Hellcat

  71. Go with the M4!!!!

  72. T20

  73. Leopord PLZ

  74. Hey Baron what do you think about the film “Fury”??

  75. T26, cutest tank in game

  76. CONGRATS ON 200K SUBS +BaronVonGamez

  77. Pz. IV G, or Pz IV H

  78. hey baron what butten do you press to see in game Xray?

  79. daniele cattabriga

    esspreso chafee

  80. Go to knob creek mg shoot. You can shoot any.

  81. m4 sherman

  82. Doomturtle for merica case tank destroyer

  83. Please please do a T-10M review

  84. next you should do the m10 gmc.

  85. Please don’t do the panzer 2 ;-;
    You played that like 3 times already.

    Ples play ze Aufklärungspanzer 38(t)!

  86. +BaronVonGamez i would love to see the sherman 105 Murrican Derp

  87. Flakpanzer 1 :P

  88. T34 57 pls I have waited months plsssssss 

  89. Leopard as soon as it’s available 

  90. Tiger II (P) for za win und za fazaland!!!

  91. Pz 38t F or A

  92. Try the spitfier

  93. Tiger H1 and the leapord 1, i personally think that the germans had
    advanced concepts for modern tanks but they were too ahead of their time so
    i think that the axix powers in the game honestly need another ally in the
    game to balance out alot of things.

  94. why no tiger (p) that won with 35 likes

  95. Panzer IIIje

  96. T1 heavvvvvvyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  97. Pz Kpfw. 6 Ausf E. THE TIGER E!!! For Deutschland! 

  98. The leopard 1 with fin stablized shell and 105mm glass canon.

  99. Play the Pz. IV F1


  101. m42 walker bulldog!

  102. Play the chaffey 

  103. how do you have all the vehicles?

  104. Could you do a race with Phly?

    He has to land a PO-2, you go in a BT5/7 and race across Kursk, but he has
    to stay on the ground…

  105. Not getting that final shot, happens to me all the time in the lower-tier
    US battleships on WoWs. If I can just get around this island I can get the
    shot, beat this cruiser to it, beat the incoming aircraft carrier strike..
    No, No and No.. be too slow.

  106. T-35 pretty please

  107. t35

  108. Jagdpanzer IV

  109. T-34-85

  110. Can u fly the YAK-9000T PLS

  111. Im thinking we should see the Zis-30 it will be interesting to see

  112. Kv-1 plz baron

  113. I’m waiting for the Do 17. Yes, I feel unique.

  114. M60 American beast from the west!!

  115. I would like to see u play heroes and generals

  116. Premium panzerczech, SdKfz 140/1

  117. I’m looking forward to the super hellcat even though it’s a premium vehicle

  118. M6 heavy

  119. Play the IS-1 next plez sir Baron 

  120. Any Tiger pls

  121. SU-85 a hidden gem

  122. May the Pz. IV Ce be with you :-D

  123. Maybe M4(105)?I think it’s a pretty good tank.

  124. Play the fury tank plzz

  125. You should play the m 4 Sherman 

  126. Tiger 2

  127. Panzer IV F2

  128. Geoffrey Tappenden

    Make if you gonna go swimming with a fish chose the T-95 doom turtle

  129. The new box tank 

  130. Play the stug 3G 

  131. T28

  132. chaine fermé aller sur Naviclone si vous vouler me suivre

    i’d like the tiger 2 (p) it’s a nice tank!

  133. Play as Panther D

  134. this is one of those tanks where you dont realize you want it until you’ve
    seen it

  135. Is8

  136. do the baby hell cat m10

  137. Panther

  138. Have liked as many M4 105 I could find.

    I wish to see how it plays, since I am about to start researching an M4 and
    dunno where to start.

  139. since when is the M36 at 6.3 BR? it’s terribly bad now, nothing else than
    is2, is3, panther 2 and tiger 2 against it, you bounce, then you dies one

    • +DarkAngelZz59 like, come on, the panther is at 5.7 or 6.0, it’s faster,
      has more pen, and a faster reload

  140. Soviet Premium T-III

  141. Legendofstrength 1234

    zis 30

  142. Baron please play the Tiger II!!! I am looking forward to the T-10 and the

  143. Tobias Cibira (YTguardian)

    Tiger 2 P pls

  144. +BaronVonGamez drive the Is-3!

  145. Giant Alien Spider

    American premium t 28 baby doom turtle ( not sure if it’s the right tank
    number )

  146. Panther G

  147. Patrick Phillips

    The Porche Tiger 1 !!!!!! the turreted ferdi

  148. Do the b29 40 bombs and do the mode were you bomb bases

  149. Please Play the new Leopard!!!!

  150. sooo, how many games did you try before you got in a matchmaking like that?
    when i play the Jumbo 76, 9 out of 10 games i end up with tigerII, IS2 and
    shit like that.

  151. Play reserves!!!!!!! (T-26 preferably)

  152. julian archuleta

    jadgpanther for the germany

  153. Leopard 1! Cant wait!

  154. Dakota Tucker (CarbonFrozen423)

    leopard 2 xD

  155. Use the zsu 57 ter 5 Russian spaa

  156. +BaronVonGamez play the M60 on the dev server 

  157. TheDiamond Husky

    U should do the Pzr 69 ;)

  158. glen-ross mullen

    Baron play the tiger 2 h or p

  159. Could you do the premium Russian Su-100Y

  160. Jurrasic world is amazing SPOILER ALERT!! but sadly the raptors got killed
    next tank sherman m4a3 i think easy 8

  161. 10.5cm KING TIGERR

  162. Sebastiano Branca

    Everything is a glass cannon in 1.51… me no like lol :(I want a goddamn
    E-100 with the 170mm cannon :O

  163. T 34 plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  164. t-10 awesomeness!!!!! both counts.

  165. knees have ment critical hits since arrows where invented

  166. These keyboard noises. RIP my ears

  167. M2 .50 Hey if you want to shoot the .50 look up the Knob Creek Machine
    Gun Shoot here in Kentucky!!!

  168. Jagdpanzer IV/70

  169. Pz f2 the one shot beast :)

  170. Play as the German modified kv-1b!!!!!

  171. I did see jrassic world it was sow assome

  172. Tiger || :)

  173. m46 tiger

  174. BARON!!!!

  175. I’m watching this only because it’s from Baron… but I’d rather see some
    muthafuckin WORLD OF WARSHIPS son.

  176. kv1zis5 or gulag

  177. SilentScream1337

    LEOPARD (for both)

  178. The leopard 1 pelese

  179. 8:00

  180. Hey, baron if you get a chance try to play the M26E1 Pershing. People may
    not like the idea of it, but the fact that it has an almost identical gun
    to the T32 for pen makes it a power house with the Pershing’s mobility

  181. Ronel ronel23@me.com


  182. Can you please play lots more World of War Ships? That’s lots more fun

  183. M42 Duster!
    I’ll pay you
    [̲̅$̲̅(̲̅ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°̲̅)̲̅$̲̅]

  184. 9:00 Tiger is the Mage, he’s effective and non-effective at tech same time.

  185. make shirts that say TITTIES ill buy one

  186. In The Whale Gaming

    Good game man! Way to rack it to the top!

  187. M6A1 or drone strike

  188. FW190 D-9!!!!

  189. T 28?

  190. PanzerCzech!

  191. Tiger 2 p

  192. FURY

  193. LEO 1 !!!

  194. M4A1 plz

  195. M26e1 super perching!!

  196. play the t-34 stz


  198. Play the m6a1


  200. Drive the Tiger II H

  201. fly the A26

  202. Maurice Niessing


  203. StandardIssueAlex

    “Pull over that ass too fast!”
    Woot woot

  204. An early T34 maybe the T34 1940 or the new STZ one

  205. SU100 must be driven.

  206. Do the Pershing or super Pershing 

  207. _Cpt_Oblivious_36 _

    the American Premium “Tiger”

  208. Lucas Wilkemeyer

    Ze Panther Baron Ze Panther!!

  209. M4A1 Sherman would be nice, you did it a while back but now knowing what
    you know seeing you play it again would be neat.

  210. Tiger H

  211. Stug 3 f pliiiizzzz

  212. SU 76m Red army Convertible

  213. Tiger 1 or tiger 2

  214. How long roughly does something take once it’s on the dev server how long
    to go live.?

  215. TIGER

  216. Spalling is what happens when a shell hits the armor of a tank or ship,
    doesn’t go through, but is large enough or explosive enough to break off
    interior armor and send pieces of it flying through the inside of the
    tank/ship. This is why armor piercing fired at battleships may sometimes
    only do about 200 damage, and it is also the reason British HESH shells are
    so effective. Furthermore, it is the reason spall liners reduce the damage
    done by high explosive.

  217. t 54

  218. M1A2 with TUSK armor

  219. slugger

  220. Fancy “Wandwuff” Man

    That tank might not have good depression but America has a good economical
    depression. :D

  221. garrett beckwith

    hey baron how did you get that many golden egaels



  223. M4 105 Howitzer For ‘Merica 

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