War Thunder Katyusha FAILS, Wins & Funny Moments (War Thunder BM-13n Katyusha Gameplay)

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Source: BaronVonGamez

Katyusha BM-13n Gameplay. The BM-13n Katyusha is…different. (War Thunder Funny moments & Fails Montage)

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  1. Happy Saturday Brigade. So the Katyusha is…well, it’s different. It was cool that Gaijin gave us the opportunity for us to get it without paying money or gold. But this thing is for collectors and those looking for a unique battlefield experience. Here are my fails, wins and funny moments. Hope your weekend is going great guys!

  2. Martin Boniotti

    “Por fin este mapa” hahaha I love you Baron

  3. I got a ocross the map kill with it 😀

  4. This is no milk truck.. its a frozen vodka bottle dispenser.

  5. One thing… How panzerwaffe has katyusha’s sounds when shooting rockets, and katyusha doesn’t have any sound when shooting rockets ? Am I the only one who noticed that ???

  6. Only 800 players have the E-100, yeh? Man, I never see any of those.

  7. Instant Custard

    SLickbee with the aerial trickshots. Overshadowed the Katyushas so badly lol

  8. Thing about the Katusha is that it was an arty truk than anything.

  9. I have an idea for the custom battle:
    2 teams
    1 katyusha and 1 scout plane per team
    katyusha’s go to A and C cap zones

    kill katyusha of the opposite team using leads from a reco plane.

  10. Mr. FuckingDigidies

    Im not sure how to use the suspension on PS4 so my Katyusha is sadly of little use

  11. So, Katyushas vs flying boats when?

  12. Why have you not reviewed the su-100 yet?

  13. please help, ,i have a tournament in witch i m singned up(my first) and i don t know how to join… anyone knows?

  14. ARandom RPGNerd

    every Russian truck is known as the ‘milk truck’

  15. Elite Gaming God

    really good game play mate

  16. miranda vanlishout

    Baron can you try a artillery only challenge like using in game artillery vehicles as they where used irl with indirect firing?

  17. Had no idea this thing had suspension controls.

  18. I’m wondering where is men of war Monday’s

  19. funkierfawn budgie

    You should do a custom battle with unguided rocket vehicles only 🙂
    Katusha vs BM-8-24 vs RBT-5 vs Calliope vs M26 T99 vs Panzerwerfer 42 vs Cromwell RP-3 🙂

  20. Inshrektor Gadget

    rastvetali iobloni i grushy….


  22. Emanuel Marques Carvalho

    Custom battle seria legal com esse caminhão !!!!

  23. Crusin down the street in my M4. Joggin Katushes Smack P4s. Roll in to the park to get a scoot. couple stugs out there gone shooten” some Sov’ts

  24. I wish war thunder MAKE a P1000 RATTE but it will cost so much =)

  25. hey baron what’s the button for suspension? also I heard that the Russian smk is good?

  26. Jaydey Van mourik

    The Katyusha was known in russia as stalin’s organ.

  27. king George 1st

    how do you get the katush I did not see it in the reaserch area

  28. on poland i killed a tank from the ither side of the lake and once i killed a plane
    and on japan i survived 2 or 3 shots

  29. Nice moves Baron. Keep it up, proud of you!

  30. PRAVDA! URA!!

  31. I have a cool idea for a custom battle missiles vs rockets

  32. I dunno why people hate on the tank. First game in it, I got 6 kills. I’ve been averaging 1-3 kills per game with mine. I love the thing. It’s a challenge. Unlike many other Russian vehicles.

  33. if you are going to fire rockets you may as well use a plane

  34. this is good trick with suspension 🙂

  35. Михаил россиянин

    WHY American drive soviet Katyusha

  36. try to hit a aircraft in mid air doing full out missile attack

  37. I want one so bad ps you da best

  38. allahuakbar Lol

    The sound of the katyusha firing sounds shit, we need the better one

  39. The Milktruck? Nope! Stalinorgel! (english Stalin Organ) XD

  40. 4:07 Thanks for this laughter! xD

  41. 0:07 no, you are not Stug comrade, you are Katyusha. )))))))))

  42. Злой Волшебник

    While in reality Katysha was called Stalin’s organ.German lines were turned into moon surfice.

  43. GamingGeneralHD

    2 german Flak Panzers only have 2 crew members too

  44. Nemanja Pilipovic

    How to use suspension on PC?

  45. Vitaly Petrovich

    Those Panzerwerfer 42 shoot rocket propelled dildo’s and you can’t tell me other wise. 16:46

  46. I dont like my katyusha very much but i like it but my panzerwherfer 42 is also not the best but im stay a tanker

  47. game changer

  48. Paint it red and it will look like a fire truck

  49. baron in spanish is por fin tocó este mapa .

  50. TheCat PlaysGamez

    it’s just bad that you need half your rocket rack even to just kill a freaking M10 -_-

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