War Thunder – KV-1 (ZiS-5) “Call The Bomb!”

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Source: Bo Time Gaming

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The winter event has started and I thought maybe the KV-1 would be a vehicle I could survive the madness in…. or at least not be overtaken by the madness.

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  1. Commissar Sturmling has returned to enforce Comrade Stalin’s orders!

  2. That 6 kill Pe-8 bombing was hysterical! Nicely done.

  3. Евгений Жуков

    Totally ultimate Pe-8 bomb

  4. I have missed Sturmling in the War thunder videos. Great video as usual.

  5. how cool would it be to be able to transfer crew to another tank

  6. 15:58 Oh my god I appeared again! I was the Concept 3 that Bo killed me in!

  7. “On this episode of BOttom Gear, the TBLF Squad becomes the Red Army for a day, a P-47D-25 is given the title of ‘Greatest Spawncamper Alive,’ and Stickboy gives advice on what to, and not to, do in a Pe-8. This and more on this episode of BOttom Gear!”

  8. I saw the video thumbnail and witnessed the full power of russian tank army 🤣🤣

  9. This is probably one of my favorite crews right here. Love the mix of people.

  10. Where’s bear?

  11. bo can I add you on wt

  12. I found a movie about operation Barbarossa called T-34 I liked it and you should go watch it if it sounds like something you would want to watch

  13. 6x + some balloons may be bad ass. But I still hold that the time Bo got bombed….by a PE8 while in a plane is the tops.

  14. Great vid. Thanks.

  15. That on spawn bomb sucked. Was funny, but sucked.

  16. That bomb run in PE8 in the beginning was amazing

  17. 0:24 beautiful

  18. “Ask him how his day was.” This was the funniest damn commentary I have ever heard. I am going to play this game now just becasue of that.

  19. Here lately it feels like my tanks and planes have been loaded up with blank ammunition. Earlier I had to shoot a Sherman 5 times in the side for one to even register

  20. I’m sorry Bo but damn is it satisfying to watch Soviet armor die horribly.

  21. Just a quick question about the Pe8 bombing run. Both looked the same, was that an error or were there two bomb runs that looked very similar?

  22. 2:18
    I love how Bo sounds like an ER doctor whos treating a kid with some minor injury haha

  23. “Stick has been redeployed”….🤣🤣🤣
    Gotta love Sturmling!

  24. I think u should try out the new Israel planes { spitfire MK.IX CW } or one of the jets

  25. the classic i just spawned and then a bomb

  26. Hey Bo, any chance we will see a WoWs video again? Thank you for the continuous stream of new videos, watching them never gets old

  27. Somebody set you up the bomb

  28. 7:46 “I’m just going to keep firing my weapon into the hole”…. Phrasing, Bo…… Phrasing 😂😂

  29. Скрынник Дмитрий, но другой

    Как приятно смотреть на достойных носителей красных советских знамён! Светлого вам совето-пролетарского будущего, товарищи танкисты!

  30. Sad Archer noises ;-;

  31. 4:35

    “Paperwork,” Comrade Strumling!?

    Those buildings are all the property of the Soviet state, hence the Soviet state has complete and total authority over them.

    Send it.

  32. i like how when he dies at 11:05 that was the third time he died to the very same P-47D-25

  33. Whats the skin called that’s on KV-1.

  34. X6 vehicles destroyed with one bomb…that was beautiful!

  35. calm down before shooting jeez 1:58 his turret isnt turned your way nothing to be scared off

  36. The number of planes has gotten quite bad during Operation Winter. I was shocked there wasn’t many the other day when i was running the Hs 129B-2 I didn’t really have to fight any

  37. so i was just playing war thunder, and the match i was in literaly DIED. everyone starts complaining, and the only thing working is chat, everyone is stuck looking at some randomly selected part of the map. and chat is lagging, pl says 50-60% and everyones ping is 500-1000, (mine was 900 for awhile) things took literaly 5mins to clear up (i was doing real well and still had spawn points for a bomber) and chat becomes normal speed, and then it boots everyone backj to hanger, wtf gaijin, spending money of elf asses and dick guns instead of actualy fixing the tanks phasing through each other


  39. Bo excuse me but, do you know what a brummbear is?

  40. Don’t worry Stick, I got your joke. I liked it
    I think Bo flew into the P-47 factory 😀

  41. Im conflicted… i just watched myself die…


  43. I love your content. I play war thunder a lot but I’m not that good.

  44. Remember, everyone!! Make sure you use your machine guns wether it’s for helping shoot down planes and/or taking out tank/AA crews!!

  45. Lol I like it how they know how it’s feels to be archer not lonely ” not set up”

  46. The Mighty Potato Devourer

    People show no mercy to the m22 I. Br of 9-10

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