War Thunder – KV-2 (1940) “I failed to die.”

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Source: Bo Time

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What to play when you are struggling a bit in War Thunder? KV-2 of course! The Church of Bewm! has returned.

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  1. The word “Nipple” is not something I imagined myself saying while playing the KV-2….

  2. 0:49 Jim congrats on the arty kill of a P-51c. LOL Great video gents. 07 and <3

  3. 10:22 was just another happy landing

  4. Poor Stick…

  5. I wish I had as good of a friend group as this and you made me start playing war thunder and I just love the vids over all so keep up the work

  6. Stalin’s Fridge Launcher is in the capable hands of TBLF once again! Death, destruction, and mayhem, 152mm howitzer style!

  7. It amused me more than it should that during Bos panic against the ARL, M4 and M3, his breach came back at about 10 seconds left on the repair, but he waited until the track was back to shoot. Just the amount of panic is great.

  8. 0:34 omg he shot where did the shell go ffs Gaijin

  9. Loved the video @Bo Time Gaming! Can’t wait for the next video of War Thunder man! Pravda High School’s very own Katyusha, Nonna, and Klara would be Proud of how well you handled the KV-2 (1940) LMAO! Come to think of it, Why am I hearing Boss Music *Girls und Panzer “Katyusha” by Katyusha and Nonna intensifies in the Background*

  10. Stick boy at 4:23 ooof

  11. Why does sturms sound like Jim parson

  12. Awesome Video Bo and Co… Always love the Kv-2 Gameplay… Also Great shot on that Archer at 500m that shot by itself has to be hard but its gotta be even harder with a 152… Keep up the Great works Fellas Cheers!!

  13. Hi I have a question I am a German main and am looking to buy my first premium vehicle I am looking at the tam 2 ip or the a1a1 leopard. Does anyone have any recommendations.

  14. hahaha the timimg on “goodbye jim” as he died made me laugh soooooo hard! great vid love your content Bo! stick, sturm’s, and jim you guys are the best!!!

  15. The title is basically my suicidal life, oh no I failed to die

  16. Ahhh… Anti-CONCRETE, perfect-fitting for Siberia…

  17. Kv2 “The deleter”

  18. stick is so funny XD

  19. Use the M3 GMC, only tank ive managed to get godmode multiple times in a battle with

  20. cheater here: Xater and skillfulTroll radar cheating scum!!!

  21. Are going to assault them with all your Russian bias

  22. Playing as kv2 is easy

  23. You revoked that tanks birth certificate

  24. 0:47: Tonight, on thunder show!

  25. Should have known it was going to be Stick.

  26. The soviet refrigerator is back

  27. Play navy would be funny

  28. Justin Cresswell-Beer

    I feel like I just witnessed War Crimes

  29. The fact you can kill people without even directly hitting them is crazy. That splash damage is insane

  30. Is Stickboy okay after that whole ordeal?

  31. Do you think you could make a video about the Ki-94-II if you have it? I was not around during the event when you could get it and I’d wanted it since I heard about it on the forums years ago. It’d be nice to see her in action.

  32. Ahh, it’s great to see the KV-2 back! Thanks Bo, Stick, Ham, and Jim for this amazing video!

  33. Yes Stick, you are stuck with the jiggles.

  34. “Truck, Truck!” *Boom*

    It’s ‘Click click, boom’: War Thunder Edition!

  35. 7:18 lmao…

  36. KV-2 best tank in any game

    Next play zsd63

  37. Google using Names Is Stupid

    it stickboy a femboy? he sounds cute when he whines.

  38. Pls do gepard and flarakrad

  39. great content as always. keep up the great work

  40. Poor Stickboy, he never seem to catch a break in this game.

  41. Stick should just stay away from water. It never seems to work out well for him.

  42. “I can’t get my barrel down because Russian tank.” I’ve been binging my USSR tree for the last couple weeks, and I have never heard a more relatable statement

  43. TheArmoredCommander

    Bo: I revoked that license
    Stick: You did more than revoke his license
    Yeah, you revoked his living privileges. Good job Bo

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