War Thunder – KV-2 (1940) “Motherland!?”

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Source: Bo Time Gaming

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KV-2 Time! Sorry I missed yesterday’s upload, figured I would make it up by throwing some 152mm around for ya and attacking things with my face….

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  1. It is no longer panzer of the lake, it’s now Stalins Fridge in the lake!

  2. “Are those bombs?” O_O

  3. Kv2: exists
    Me: laughs in 10 foot overpass

  4. The STuH joke was pretty good, but also gruesome in a way considering what the inside of it looked like afterwards

  5. I know this is a weird question but can y’all play battlefield 1 plz

  6. “He has been smote.”

  7. Who ever dislikes his videos hates bo

  8. ‘smitten? is that how you say it?’
    The word you are looking for is ‘smote’.

  9. Yay! got in another clip from Bo and the gang! and this time Bo even mounted my Hetzer twice in the same game. (Shadow_DJ)

  10. there is someone among us at 7:40

  11. The Church of KV 2 continues

  12. 2:33 That transition was smooth AF

  13. K so it was “red army”! NOw its” motherland!??”

  14. *Sees thumbnail*
    Oh comrade of the karachay lake what is your microsieverts per minute?

  15. Can you play the 3.7 mustang aka the cannon stang

  16. The church of KV-2 returns.

  17. Not sure if that tank was “smitten” but he was certainly penetrated…

  18. It’s my birthday today thanks for making videos!!!

  19. He foesrudAart that m22

  20. We need a starfighter vid

  21. This poor Locust, which got kaboomed by Bo`s KV-2… I feel so sad about that little guy =(

  22. After watching this i feel like im the only one in this world that still thinks kv-2 HE is better than the AP

  23. Where is loli and Mo? This is no fun without them.

  24. It was supposed to be Father Land, bro

  25. Bo: I think I removed his turret
    Loli: Yeah… I think you removed.. His liffe

  26. 16:30 bo said,”im gonna wow and oppress you bear.” Is that a threat?


  28. Back when the Jumbo was still 4.7 I got into a fight with a Hetzer. Neither of us had a working gun so we jousted. That was the most fun I ever had in War Thunder. Long story short it was a 10 minute shoving match that finally ended when I managed to pin him against a wall long enough to get my gun back online. The reason it took so long was because we kept having to cancel repairs to move.

  29. play the churchill

  30. How long would it take to grind to get this tank

  31. Oh kv 2 of the lake

  32. Anytime yall play this tank or i battle one i remember something sturmling said last year i believe i wrote some lyrics to remind yall.
    With arms wide open
    This lead filled baby
    Blessed by Stalins hand
    Is gonna blow everything
    From here to kingdom come
    With arms wide open

  33. You mean the Russian death fridge

  34. but why
    why would you use KV-2 APHE

  35. It’s called “Smooten”

  36. Roberta Di Gennaro

    4:09 l’Italia è dappertutto, in positivo o in negativo, che vi piaccia o no

  37. Its reload has to be buffed. Dont take me wrong, im actually a wehraboo and the kv2 is a easy kill, but war thunder is funnier when balanced (:

  38. On the KVtwo on the back there’s a gun can you use it

    • I think it’s decorative only in the game. I believe in reality it was a machine gun added only to make the vehicle match the number of guns specified in the design requirements.

  39. There’s a transport tank they can go in the water

  40. Why do your videos end, make like an hour long play through

  41. *see KV-2 convoy* They’re moving in herds…they do move in herds.

  42. Wonder what that pz 3 thought when a Kv 2 comes by him? I would have parked next to him and pulled the trigger, bring him down with me.

  43. What is that plane you are flying???

  44. Killing an R3 with the KV 2 is like hitting an X Wing with the Death Star laser.

  45. I once killed 2 kv2 and 4 kv1 in warthunder with my m4a1

  46. plz hambone senpai notice me… i have the sad and want your babies… ♥

  47. how do you point you enemy like that ? 9:30

  48. I’d love to play with Bo sometime

  49. It is also giving me decals I already have or for things I have already done im pretty sure

  50. When you need a loader for your KV 2 and try to get one at the capped point but War Thunder gives you a useless machine gunner instead.

    Me: *Dies Inside*

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