War Thunder – KV-2 754 (r) “The Fargo Dragon?”

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Source: Bo Time Gaming

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KV-2 recently and unexpectedly dropped a 4.0 Battle Rating. Considering that now German KV-2 joining the German 4.0 line up.. is one of the strongest line ups in game?

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  1. Videos are back!

  2. “These t 34’s love to charge me”
    My head: banzai Charges and american civil war charge

  3. Juan Balderas-Mausling

    Minnesota gang

  4. well that’s a Bo Time Gaming video

  5. It’s not nice to make fun of bear like that lollidragon, it’s not his fault he is Canadian.

  6. Bo and crew well done. It is so nice having you all back. Thank you so much for everything you guys do. 07 gents

  7. Fargo Dragon?
    You know those Hammerfellers have curved swords, eh?

  8. …all the screaming finally drove Loli off the deep end…..someone bring that boi home war is ruining his brain.

  9. Bo you should play the su 100y agian at 5.3 and with 2.3kg of explosive filler it is a tactical nuke of a round

  10. The glory days of the Kv-2 are gone =/

  11. This was a fun video there bud! “Don’tcha know” Lol!

  12. Hey Bo, got any tips for making your way through the German ground forces tree?

  13. The world is busy worrying about Coronavirus, and I honestly think we should be worrying about Crappy Accent Virus too.

  14. texasdee slinglead

    It’s that there crayola virus , don’tcha know .

  15. Plz play chieftain. I want to see u suffer using it. Chieftain 3

  16. Loli has seen Fargo too many times

    I wrote this then bo mentions it in the video. I get your movie references bo!!!

  17. Sit! Stay! Down! Wait!…….Barrett and Sadie must get really confused at who your talking to when your recording videos.

  18. NOOBS enemys

  19. the tank where “aiming” needs air quotes

  20. That was a good video there bud, amazing job with the kv-2!

  21. Spudington Muc spud

    Do an fv4005 please

  22. Does Bo uses contrast on post fx? It seems like he does.

  23. It seems like when loli dragon channels his inner canadian, he somehow pulls a killing spree out of thin air.

  24. Good video. Also, I have now read all the comments with Loli’s accent in my head and that was also very entertaining 🙂

  25. Bo who was that Luna person u played with a long time ago

  26. In this week’s episode of Once Upon a Fargo…
    We hear what happens when Loli Dragon goes without sleep.

  27. “i took himout to taaco bell” – Lolidragon.

    Now that is a punishment I would not wish upon anyone. Another good video Bo and team.

  28. EL Camino Guy 2005

    I cant help but do that Accent now and my family is starting to worry.

  29. Battle of raseiniai but in reverse

  30. Can you fellas please check out my Tank Simulator Montage?
    really appreciate it

  31. You guys should play the Sturer Emil!

  32. how to be german tank:
    1.Add cool copular on tank.

  33. I had completely forgotten about the premium KV-2s, now I understand why they made these recent BR changes, it is simply to make it even more appealing and sell more of them, at BR4.0 it has probably become one of the best grinders for Germany and Russia, and the result is a BIG, BIG NERF to the US Ground Forces

  34. Good game bud!

  35. Do the b-17 bomber

  36. This App is so much bugged, that buying something is a waste of money

  37. 1:42 that recoil tho!!

  38. Confirmed case of Loli’s split personality disorder!

  39. Please do a sit-37 video

  40. Pls Play the ju 87 g1 with the 140mm pen cannon.
    If you want a challenge, Play it ag planes pls

  41. Renatas Januskevicius

    where is sturmling?

  42. Damn you Loli and your Minnesotian accent

  43. at 10:40 i felt personally attacked

  44. Question – How do you wiggle the body of the tank? I can never seem to do it from spamming a and d.

  45. Great video Bo!! Thanks for the laughs! The “Fargo dragon”

  46. AP is not the way of KV2!
    You’ve failed the great god of derp!

  47. Get Loli to say
    “If the don’t find ya handsome, they should altleast find ya handsome”
    (It’s from the Red and Green Show from the early late 90’s and early 2000’s)
    In the Canadian accent lol

  48. Jeez! I was here when no had what, 50k subs? Now he has 231k?

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