War Thunder – KV-2 BEST TANK! Big Gun/Derp COMBO! (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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War Thunder Ó KV-2 TANK! Big Gun/Derp COMBO! (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)


  1. first comment

  2. first like :D

  3. phly what happend to that intro?

  4. Žerocookiecake [Karnipex]


  5. link of the historical KV-2 in the discription is missing :(

  6. Play the Panzerkampfwagen 38t it’s so, op!

  7. HERRO!

  8. Daily Bass Boost Uploads


  9. This tank is a BEAST

  10. The Stalingrad combo, Panzer 4 F2 with the JU 87 D5! (however if you want
    something fun to take out the panzer 38t with the JU 87 G)

  11. Maybe some more dcs ?????????????????????

  12. You want crazy? M2a2, F-2H(iv)

  13. Super Hellcat and F-82 Twin mustang

  14. Have A Nice Day!???

  15. The Big Combo xD

    The MAUS and the Arado 234C-3 :)

  16. The Teir 3 German 75mm combo- Pz.IV F2 and Hs.129 B-3

  17. your teamates are retarded cunts

  18. ok PhlyDaily do the blitz: combo panzer 2c and any ju 87 and try the stuka
    dive bombing
    make Heinz Guderian proud

  19. In my country we call KV2s -” Kurva Vyjebaná 2″ that translates as “fucking
    whore 2” 😛 Please dont send me to Gulag.

  20. I-15 and 4M GAZ-AAA. Stalin is done. He wants more bullets down range at
    the filthy Jerrys.


    Made only of the best Stalinwood and Leninium armor.

  22. M4 Sherman and F86 saber

  23. 69th Person to like (lenny) Hah I’ve been expecting this video! :D

  24. you want crazy? well you asked for it….
    Pz2 H and Fw190 F-8 (yes the BR difference is huge)

  25. Sebonotik Insertnamehere

    Marder III and Ju87 G2

    BR. 2.7

  26. Sup Phly, get ready for this.
    The apex predator combo
    Panther D
    And the Romanian duck

  27. Before supporting infantry the Kv2 was used to destroy countries

  28. My Choice of combo? M-42 Duster vs. The American SuperFortress. I’d LOVE to
    see how that pans out!

  29. my name is not Max Ström

    Fly the m4a3 76 and drive the b24 DO IT…. JUST…. DO IT

  30. Maxim Железнов

    какой дибил на кв 2 бетонобойными стреляет? дибил фугасами надо

  31. Aemilius Paullus Gaming

    panzer v f2 with the ju87. German blitzkrieg all the way

  32. KV-2 and I-15 with rockets plzzzzzzzzzz

  33. Pz 2 C and Schnell Bombarr!

  34. IS3 IL28

  35. Nice job phly!
    Next the Wirblewind and Ju-87 D5 with the 20mm gunpods German Cannon

  36. Phly pls, do “The end of war combo” T-44 and Il-10

  37. still waiting to see you take out the 4M GAZ and the PO-2!

  38. Hetzer’s gonna hetz! Play the Hetzer and the Duck with the auto 30 mills!

  39. Blitzkrieg combo!

    Pz III E and Ju87 B!

    For the fatherland Phly!

  40. ok i’ve got a good one.
    It’s called the Ghetto af loadout

    Use The paper plane model 3 with twin cardboard 40mm cannons

    And take out the Cardboard Tank Mk11 featuring tracks that don’t actually
    work and a cannon that fires BB’s. with 0.0001 mm of penetration

    Top quality stuff right there

  41. phly take out the NORTH CAROLINA

  42. Yes, F Fences. Thats why they call it .. DeFence.. heyooooo.
    Ok that wasnt a very good comment, theres some words in there someone make
    something of it will ya?

  43. What is the intro music?

  44. please :D

  45. FW-190 D-9 master race. The Tiger E with its 88. It’s nothing but perfect.

  46. KV tanks sucks, in this gaijin game tanks are Propaganda for russian ! its
    only OP !

  47. Dude give us a sherman and a mustang!

  48. Kristian čolak-barać


  49. Tiger II P + Ho-229 = AWESOMENESS

  50. finnaly!!! Next pls the Tiger H1 and D-5 Stuka!!

  51. you didnt kill the pnzr 4F2 coz your shell over oenentrated, the shell is
    3x biggervthan his armor

  52. The KV2s skin is so nice…. so white… so blank…

    Oh wait, I dont see it …

  53. This is one of your most enjoyable videos. Play tier 1 stuff.

  54. Is-2 and Il-10 1946

  55. Is it just me or did Phly crank the contrast up on this video? I’m slowly
    going snowblind, it doesn’t look like that on my computer.

  56. Die not ist hoch! Rommel asks for a Panzer III N + a Ju 87 R-2!
    (I actually changed my mind, I want to have the Ju 87 D-3, because the
    battle rating difference is smaller. I want the D-3 with this in-game camo:
    Ju 87 D-1/Trop, 8./StG 3, Libya, November 1942. I am sorry.)

  57. What the actual fuck was that hahaha 10:11

  58. Phly, use the late WWII american vehicles: P-51D-30 (with the Big Dick
    camouflage) and Sherman M4A3 Easy Eight to liberate Europe from fascism!

  59. M47 patton and f8f !

  60. I haven’t played tanks in 3 months. Did they fix the no grasser?

  61. stalin kaputt:(

  62. only HE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. Panzer IV and any form of bf109

  64. do the t-26-4 mini derp and the mig-15 next time phly

  65. Phlydaily do the Yak -9T with 37mm and T-34-85 please.

  66. Dammit i wrote about the same combo but it didn’t get featured :(

  67. Hellcats…M18 and the F6F

  68. BLITZKRIEG! Pz II/Pz38t/PzIII/IV with Ju 87 B2.

  69. t44 yak 9t combo

  70. Glass cannon combo : M18 hellcat non prem and PBJ-1H

  71. please phly the he-51 with the 6 10 kg bombs and the mighty maus!

  72. I have good games and bad games in this gamemode depending on the map. If
    theres a lot of cover, my M4A3 105 is really good.

  73. Yo Phly, when you run out in a plane will you give a brief overview of it’s
    strengths and weakness’. I’m new to planes in WT and I never really know
    when to turnfight and when to boom and zoom etc.

  74. Kevin Ribeiro Welter

    Do it again but with more Plane Gameplay,
    the M103 + B57b plz

    do it for great amerika

  75. lol Phly you’re such a dick. Not only did you drive right out of the cap
    circle in the ring around the rosie area and NOT CAP IT AT ALL, you then
    ram into that M10! Why didn’t you cap anyways? THIS BIG CIRCLE, WHAT IT
    FOR? ME KV-2!

  76. yak 45mm and the is 2

  77. +phlydaily what’s your intro music called?

  78. Take the slow and steady PO-2 and T-26
    Do it. Or Gulag…..

  79. Let’s make phly aware of the tier 4 grind struggle. Use the tiger 2h and
    me410 with the 50mm cannon. Go fight some t54 51s and T10ms!

  80. durp!!!! love it!

  81. M4A3 105 and SBD-3 maybe????

  82. U should used HE and killed 2 guys at 1 shoot at 5.42

  83. Soviet support class:


    Make Stalin proud

  84. ok do do kv-2 today and i hope injou ejou it very mauch

  85. and the 75 mm

  86. No introduction necessary simply put the leopard with the fw200 in the same
    match see how it turns out

  87. Tiger H1 and Premium Wellington the grind is real….

  88. What game mode?

  89. ബോസ്പാണ്ടി MA,M.Phil

    kv2 is more fun in rank 5 battles,i got so many HERCULES award in it,load
    full HE n troll evrythng

  90. T-50 and IL-10 (1946) because T-50 is best tank

  91. switch to HE and that tank would have been dead.

  92. Just use HE only on that thing.

  93. E4… Hold it down

  94. wafentreiger borsig and ju 87

  95. germany tank – pzkp VIII Maus please

  96. phly its time to give the Mericas some attention.
    phly out the F6F-3 hellcat and the 3-inch Gun motor carriage M10
    it’s time to bring hell to the enemy
    (no puns intended)

  97. Drive the T28E with the TB3


  99. GypsyDanger_ 1125 (kyle)

    phly you and baron try to flip a maus!! :)

  100. Larry Ilyushin (LarryIlyushinTV)

    You want the D?! Panther D and Ju-87D-5 [Attempt 8]

  101. Phly please take the T32 and F-84 With rockets ;-)

  102. Mario O. Villarroel

    next time you shoot from the russian tanks, say AGOL! (A like in another)
    that’s russian for “fire!”

  103. The Op combo :

    Stalin is not happy :(

  104. Pz IV E
    Ju 87 R-2
    Ju 88 A-4
    Time for some Blitzkrieg.

  105. Murican freedom combo m4 105mm and pbj with 75mm

  106. MAUS and Ho 229 Hitler must be proud

  107. The 105 mm Stug. and the 47mm Stuka v.v

  108. Something with the TB3!!!!

  109. RustEZZEProductions

    How come when I play the KV-2 I only fight Tigers and not Pz-IVs?

  110. the Soviet high command has ordered you to make on video on the mighty
    T34-85 an all-powerful IL2 sturmivic ( sorry for spelling error) please do
    this for father STALIN in all mighty Soviet VODKA

  111. at that BR you should use HE with the KV2

  112. Tiger and hs129

  113. 14:48 that moment when your getting bombed.?

  114. German High Command Combo: Panzerbefehlswagen VI Tiger (P) and Ta 152

  115. blitzkrieg, stuka R-2 and stug A

  116. really best? or best in russia? and kv2 vs Maus???

  117. Phly…. The HE-shell had 75 mm of pen value, you’ll be sent to gulag if
    you don’t use the most op round for it’s tier!!

  118. M103 and f2 sabre, the too much freedom combo.

  119. David Perez qvillberg

    Calliope and Peanut butter jelly. Let’s make it crazy.

  120. Well theres a few things wrong in these battles…..1. Never use HE its not
    worth the 50-50 risk of a 1 shot kill 2. You can NOT repair any friendly
    tank. Only your squadmate(green name above his head) and 3. The KV-2 is a
    heavy tank well into Tier 3 by 1 whole BR point. Which means it should NOT
    fight Tier 2 Germans on the count that they have 0 tanks to counter as a 1
    shot killer. I find the last one funny since the BR system 100% tips in the
    favor of Russians and i can give you 10+ examples if you dont believe me.

  121. Oh gevalt phly the goy said Jewish shekel stuff.

  122. whats you number 1# tankor plane in warthunder

  123. M41 bulldoge and F82 with bembs

  124. Dragon Butt (ThatsNoMoon)

    TFW Phly refuses to discus the BR compression situation :c

  125. I’d like to point out that there is nothing at the KV2’s BR that it’s HE
    can’t frontally pen, maybe even nothing it fights. (Bear in mind, HE is not
    affected by angled armour)

  126. Andy Play's [BogAco]

    M3A1 and b-29

  127. Russe is a city in Bulgaria

  128. do polar opposites: maus and he-51

  129. Fly youre a Math genie 100 : 2 is 50 i thougt it was Bee 😀 (just kidding)
    love your vids

  130. Thor114 Roblox and more games
  131. Take a pz 2 H and a maus

  132. Should have just team-killed that moron in the M10. Oh and coward spotted
    at 24:00 lol ;)

  133. pasific american combo sherman m4 and wildcat please.

  134. Make it crazy? P-26A-34 M2 Peashooter with the bombs and M2A4…(SARCASM

  135. yessss i missed the intro so much and finally it was in a vid again

  136. Phly I saw you playing war thunder yesterday in T-34-100 as Frieddelii

  137. You must take out the Maus Haus and the Arado 234C-3 just do it or its the
    Landsberg Prison for you

  138. Play T-34-100!!!!

  139. b57-b and m47 patton/m60 (p47 personal favourite, m60 is obviously
    better),op heat fin stabilized (not so op on the p47), and ridiculous
    amounts of explosives with the b57-b plus 8 m3’s to clean up the sky. you
    asked for crazy, now show us your best :D

  140. P26 peashooter and the m60

  141. phly unrelated but do you think they’ll ever add the Old 666 as a premium

  142. get destiny taken king plz

  143. How about tiger H1 and ME 410 B6/R3 ( or any variant of the me 410’s)
    Show hittler some love now!

  144. I have 8.0 tanks,, but they are not fun playing…anymore for me.. tanks at
    higher tiers imo get knocked out to easy. at tier 5.0 the kv2 rules the
    battle field… I run the KV2 Isu152 and the KV85 and have hours of fun…

  145. West german combo the leopard 1 and Cl-13 sabre!

  146. Do the jaggedpanther and what ever plan you or other people want next

  147. Lets unleash the ultimate combo. T95 and PBY next please!!!!!!! May your
    enemies fear you when you arrive 15 minutes late to the batte

  148. It’s 1944.The Allies have landed on Normandy beaches. You have a M4A3E2
    (76) W Jumbo and P-47M-1-RE at your command. Bring your nation a victory
    and liberate Europe from evil tyranny of Hitler.

  149. i ve been saying this so often in the comments : neubaufahrzeug and do 17

  150. crayzy, you say? stuka g1 / g2 + jagdpanzer iv

  151. russe 15 cm is russian 15 cm gun

  152. t-34 and Yak-3 battle of stalingrade cabo

  153. hardcoreminecrafter9

    the reason that he did not die on the first shot id because it went clean
    through, if you are fighting Pz.4’s. just fire HE

  154. Pz IV C and JU-87 B 2 plzzzzz

  155. DAGNABIT PHLY!! You need to take out the desert combo. The M3 Grant and the
    P40 with the British 112th squadron camo. Go fight Rommel.

  156. If Phly want’s crazy let’s give him crazy
    Pz III J and the FW 200

  157. Phly out the IL-28 and Drive out Stalin’s T-10M

  158. do the pby-5 and the M3 GMC

  159. Phly can you stop making kv 2 videos? I understand that the people
    acknowledge the kv2’s reputation of one hit one kill, but for many who
    really want to see something else, kv2 is gonna make us insane..hitter
    demands his Pz 4s to be taken

  160. flak – truck + B29 bomber

  161. The m3 Stuart and the b-57 so you will be heavily out-tiered

  162. Phly, that was funny as shit turning that fuckhole around. I laughed my ass
    off! Intentional or not he deserved it.

  163. Do Mig 15 BiS and T-26-4 plz phly

  164. Sadly, you can’t repair friends anymore in RB unless they are squad mates


  166. Constantine Giguere

    Take out the m26e1 and b29 please
    HVAP and m82 rounds for the tank and 40x500lbs bombs for the b29
    Goth the m26e1 not long ago and want to find how to be pro murican tanker

    SU 100Y & Yak 3p

  168. “That was a good play on him.. Dick” lol :D

  169. Yes phly best intro ever!

  170. U should do the M2a4 and the Sabre f2

  171. can u please unleash the M60 and F86-F2 :D

  172. Pz 2 h and Stuka with the 1000 kg bomb please! C:

  173. Attempt 6:
    Torture Combo
    M2A2 and F2H2 Banshee
    Math Equation
    Hop in your left wing x30+F2H2 Banshee divided by PhlyRage= NUKE

  174. Alessandro Cattabriga

    su 152 isu152 and kv 2

  175. you wan’t crazy? Maus and ju 8 B-2, have fun….

  176. It’s national coffee day Phly. Enjoy it!

  177. abraham gonzalez duran

    take out the tiger 2 h and ho 229 to get reked by t 10

  178. Yak9p and the is3 ultimate derp combo

  179. Outdoors Victoria (Ben)

    M47 and F84 with the tiny tims

  180. This is really annoying when people request the same thing that has already
    been on the channel like 20 times! Choose something new and dont request
    the same things over and over again! I choose the Fw 200 “Condor Airlines”
    and the JagTiger! C’mon guys dont irritate Hitler like his videos on YT
    ?this up and the Father Land approves Phly!

  181. The heavy tank T32 badass and P-63A-10 would be great combo #AMERICA

  182. OMG that view of the avenger bombing was great!

  183. low tier guilty pleasure Phly, 5th-ish time. P-36G and M3 Lee!

  184. F for fuhrer fw190 F8 panther F

  185. PO-2 and T-44 get em phly

  186. Matilda 2/Hurricane IV

  187. hey phly do the T95 TURTLE TANK

  188. M4a3e8 and p47 cause fuk yeah

  189. Pls I liked the other intro ?

  190. best combo – t7890g and b26 🙂 goodluck

  191. Phly do the support combo:
    Panzer III L and Ju 87 D5

  192. Kv-2 guns…..are so op even if a noob uses them,they will get at least 4

  193. this video was actually really funny hahaha keep up the good work phly :)))
    your the hardest working youtuber i know of.


  195. TheBattlefieldMaster(Matt)

    German fun combo

    Panther Ausf D and HS-129B-3

    Yep,use the B-3!

  196. The western Germany combo:
    Leopard 1 because shit and giggles and Canadair CL 13A because maple syrup

  197. Eastern front combo: Panzer III L or M together with Hs 129 B-2 and 30mm

  198. flakpanzer battle tank with marcolini 1.3 escort!

  199. The stug probably shit his pants when he saw the Kv-2

  200. M10 and A20g bomb or rockets love your vids

  201. i have been having issues while trying to log into this game. Iv been
    playing if for a while now and i took a brake from it for a while because i
    kept getting mad at it and when i tried to get back on it the game kept
    saying that it cant load my player profile. Ever since then iv been unable
    to play war thunder because of that issue. Iv tried the tips i got from the
    support page to fix the issue but they didnt fix the problem either. Can
    someone help me on this issue, it would be much appreciated.

  202. Ples do IS-3 next or gulag

  203. +PhlyDaily thanks for the upload bud. Its been awhile since I seen you so
    humble while having fun. You seemed more relaxed and looked really smooth
    as you clearly enjoyed this one, keep’em com’n.

  204. Also the Mig-15

  205. Phly do the most op combo in the game: Po2 and gaz4m quadruple 7.62

  206. TB-3 and SU-85… not even close BR, but you said crazy!

  207. P-84 and reserve tanks

  208. Buffalo and Maus!

  209. Rage-Inducing Tier 4 ProSnipes Combo
    IS-2 and Yak 9T

  210. Cobra King and B-25.

  211. How does one get that much gold with out spending a heap of money??

  212. FW 190 D 13 and Tiger!

  213. Blitzkrieg combo. Panzer II f and the Ju 87 b-2

  214. “This tier is fucking awesome for the Russians” – I think you could say
    that about every tier for the Russians including aircraft.

  215. that first shot was the only time i have ever seen a kv-2 not 1 hit a
    German tank. maybe rng is with me when i drive it i guess.

  216. Phly confirmed Jewish

  217. t-10m and yak-1
    deal with it

  218. neubafazheug(new construction vehicle)? and Me 262 with the 50 mm cannon

  219. M2A4 and F2A

  220. The Panther D and the Me 410 B2/U4 plzzzzz

  221. BT-7 and TB-3

  222. IS-1 and IL-4…. have fun with that

  223. TB-3 and T-35.

  224. why didnt you say sorry in the chat? is it turned off?

  225. Dalton “hamboningdude” Riehl

    Omg Phly I’ve been playing the KV-2 for the past two weeks! The strategy
    I’d to always go in squads, as you could guess. Even alone, I average
    anywhere from 3 to 7 kills solely in the KV-2 in RB.

  226. You know what would be crazy, Sherman Caliope and the Twin Mustang, ALL THE

  227. The first Russian SPAA and yak-3p

  228. Alex- RockHeadGaming

    The Yak-1 with 100 bombs and the t-60

  229. wait wut about the SU 100Y

  230. SU 100Y and IL-28… get into high tier battle and see what that 130mm on
    the 100Y can do!!!

  231. p26 and m10 lel

  232. Murica man! Screw those commie tanks, use the MOST amount of freedom: T95 +

  233. F7F and M36 for MURICA yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehaaawwwww

  234. so on this game, what do you guys recommend? Joystick or mouse and keyboard
    (for flying anyway)

  235. All right Phly, Uncle Sam has had enough… m10 and a 20 for ‘MERICA

  236. M1 Abrams and B-e (Yes this is a joke cause this will never get picked 😀
    well maybe idk)

  237. Can you show your grafic settings . . . please

  238. you want crazy phly? alright!

    take out the m22 locust and the AD-2

  239. Smownam Jam (Snowman)

    You probably want to put the link for the steam version of WT because you
    an’t play with steam friends if you don’t have the steam version.

  240. You are such a cool guy, i like you. :)

  241. The best low altitude fighter and the derp tower’s cousin kv 1-zis11 and

  242. THE F2 COMBO!
    Pz. IV F2
    BF-109 F2 (with rockets)

  243. Nazi superweapons combo
    Me163, Maus!!

  244. what’s the intro song’s name?

  245. reserve and B-24

  246. mig 15 bis and bt 5

  247. Next derp combo the IS152 and IL10 1946

  248. crazy commando kiwi

    phly u r da best

    plz do da IS-3 cos op
    LA-9 cos stalin

  249. hello flee dally!

  250. Phly.I’d like you to at least piss off the ones that do fire at
    you,Friendly fire.Annoy them,Give them back to what they did to you.May not
    be what you like but sometimes you do need to teach them.

  251. CL-13 with RCAF skin and a tank of your choice! !!

  252. Tyler 'Eclipse Gaming Network'

    American m6a1 is worse than the bt-7 somehow, the bt-7 can take about the
    same damage as the m6a1

  253. Mark Sun (HighExplosives)

    KV-2 Is stronk tree remover! Cheap option! Choose KV-2 or be sent to gulag!
    Can defeat german tree theives! Very stronk discounts!

  254. play the SMK the dable kv (kv x kv)

  255. Pz4 g and any stuka whould be nice ;D

  256. look! CIWS firing tracer rounds 20:36:20-40 XD

  257. We love you too, Steve, molesting us with that silky smooth smoker voice…

  258. Omg 333 comments 3 +3 is 6 3 times 6 3 sixes illuminatie

  259. Target practice for M41 Walker Bulldogs.

    FYI the PT-76 is most famous for the fact they were the first targets for
    the TOW missile in Vietnam.

  260. Heroe of Kursk!
    Pleas play the Tiger h with the Ju-87 D-5. Love your Vids

  261. Obama kaput!

    KV-2 suck. 43 seconds reload, weak armor and wanshots only lesser tanks.
    Too often shooting Tigers (Jumbo, etc) has near zero effect. KV 85 and T-34
    85 are much more efficient. Even Su-152 has half of KV-2 reload time and
    same ammo

  262. panther and fw 190

  263. Phly do the locust and tbf avenger

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