War Thunder – KV-2 “High Explosive Is Back!”

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War Thunder has recently put out a patch that adjusted things such HE, HESH, and other things. I thought it might be a great time and check out what the KV-2 can do now with a second lease on life, our beloved beast back?

All Good In The Wood by Audionautix licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/…)

Artist: http://audionautix.com


  1. Do mig-21

  2. Does this game update every f*****g hour!!!!????

  3. BO, KV2 is one bad tank. I enjoy running this tank.

  4. Day 14: play the f8u2 when it’s wings are fixed

  5. Thank you BO and friends I needed this today

  6. Day 1: pls do a collab with oddbawz

  7. Church of KV-2 returns to punish more unbelievers!

  8. DEHAKA Primal Zerg

    From 0:20 – 1:25 Bo is reloading :O I blame no loader and a massive round.
    Wump wump wump 🙂
    4:40 Oh dear
    The true power of the darkside has HE

  9. That first game was epic

  10. That IL-2 formation though.. even if it was not super effective, it was fun to see them flying in formation towards them. Great stuff Bo and team as always.

  11. The KV-2 makes its glorious return into the center stage, deleting small, unsuspecting nerds!

  12. You deserve so many more subs than you have! Keep up the good work 🙂

  13. I would of loved to see bear shoot down a plane in kv2 he is very good a shooting planes down in ur other vids including u

  14. Is there a way of not killing something you hit

  15. Captain Remington

    Earlier this week I killed a KV2 with the superior High Explosive vehicle. The Ho Ro.

  16. Александр Воробьёв

    Can’t believe you manage pull KV-2 with just two tanks. You need like drydock crane for that.

  17. This video is fake news. War Thunder is still shit.

  18. “That was a great come-from-behind win.” He says as he highlights the “Happy Ending” reward. LUL

  19. Hey bo can we get a post scriptum video? That would be hilarious

  20. The church of the KV-2 has returned

  21. Well that was a battle and a half 😲👏👏

  22. Awesome video again and keep up the great work.

  23. can u play high tier aircraft?

  24. I’ve been playing kv2 myself and I think you should have played og kv2

  25. I took a nap, made my dinner, ate my dinner, went to the bathroom, watched some tv and got back just in time to watch Bo’s round reload..

  26. HE is amazing now. Glad Gajin made the KV-2 fun again.

  27. hey bo did you know if you type “b” in the YouTube search bar your name comes up?

  28. Thomas, The Chaos Train

    The KV-2 HE work so well now, that i blew up myself with shooting a StuH 42G at close distance

  29. Krzysztof Niemiec

    What are your graphic settings?

  30. For YouTube algorithm

  31. texasslinglead somtingwong

    Those hail Mary come from behind are what I love in warthunder . Spectacular

  32. Only 11 dislikes?! Daang

  33. Let’s hope they don’t find out the sergeant York is OP with the new pressure mechanic

  34. bears smell

  35. Do you play realistic or arcade

  36. You have a premium account that’s why ur getting so many credits in just ONE game

  37. does nobody acknowledging the stug helping bear??

  38. i was looking at this tank and thinking, “that looks like a german cuppola”, unaware it was a captured tonk

  39. whens bo gonna stream?

  40. Since kv2 is back what happened to moevil and cobey?

  41. How do you play ground war with a squad

  42. When will we get naval battle swordfish squadron? I know it’s probably hard to get good footage because automatic AA is stupidly accurate but I still want to see it attempted.

  43. Maschinengewehr 34

    KV-2 with a german Panzer III commander hatch looks like something else

  44. Second interaction for the algorithm

  45. KV-2 with the ZIS-6 107mm gun is deadly. The 107mm gun fires twice as fast as the DERP. Its flatter shooting and has great pen.

  46. 6:43 bo gets lucky bc shell hits barrel.

  47. Ofc the German KV-2 🙄

  48. Honestly, I wish the rack on the back of the German KV-2 had the rockets in it like it should.

  49. Kwaivious Sankensa

    Hey I’m in this video! I’m in the killfeed somewhere

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