War Thunder – KV-2 “The Soviet Dragon?”

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A new trade.gaijin skin came out for the KV-2 1939 and I thought would be fun to break out the tank… especially with the HE changes and the lower rating. Gotta enjoy it while it lasts right?

All Good In The Wood by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/​…)

Artist: http://audionautix.com


  1. Since the patch has been out a couple weeks now… What do you guys think? What do you like? What do you hate? When needs to come to the game in the future?

    • llx-RED_OPPZ-xll

      Russia didn’t need more planes and tanks, I like the new sounds and he realism, and what nerds to come to the game in the future is a tusk armor kit M1A2 Abrams for the new 11.0 br and move regular M1A2 back to 10.7 and most importantly F-14 immediately Russian MiG 23 and 21’s leave the phantoms And other top BR aircraft very much lacking and get out preformed in every way meaning the game leaves much to be desired in top BR Sence the game constantly classifies it’s self as an realistic fighting simulator but then adds Russian planes that go double the speed of any plane in the game and say it’s fair and it’s not unfortunately and obviously A-10 Warthog eventually

    • The new machine gun sounds just sound like popcorn and bubble makers… God that was disappointing. loving the new cannon sounds though.

    • @Chris Austin same

    • Hi no can you play the French panther

    • 20:52
      I think he might have shot your HE shell when you fired it potentially?

  2. Why do you feel bad when you kill an r3 when the last moment is already the proof you shouldn’t?

  3. i still dunno why apds from a centurion mk3 will do nothing to a kt’s barrel but an r3 will kill a kv2’s barrel that fast

  4. That R3 must have shot your round right as you shot and it exploded in your face. The HE round probably was just exiting your barrel and therefore was still considered apart of your model. Thus killing you and giving the R3 the credit.

    I have no clue if that’s true i’m just guessing at this point- anything is possible with gaijin so..who knows

  5. Excuse me but someone know how you can manage to make your personnal skin ( the users skins) visible for your friends ?
    Excellent video !

  6. Ive never heard Bo sound so stressed for so long…

  7. 20:29 WTF ?!?!?!?

  8. Huh… never knew you could blow out the breach of a KV-2 xD also who da good dwago :3

  9. Thefrostypenguin

    someone help me understand how his breech was taken out at 0:27

  10. thought you might like this newly colourised documentary “The Light Of Dawn” about operation overlord. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2pD5Nkd8mkw

  11. immortal phoenix

    You guys should really animate some of these videos

  12. The cult of the kv2 is back

  13. Best tank

  14. got 5 kills with the kv2 in one battle yesterday 😀😀😀

  15. LOL “your paint called all the Shermans to the yard” Now I’ve got that bally song in me head.Thanks a lot guys.

  16. Soviet Dragons won the battle of Stalingrad.

  17. this guy uses about 4 bullets to down a plane me on the other hand uses all of my ammunition and only manages to damage a plane

  18. Only now I realized that Bo sounds like Mig pilot in C&C: Generals.

  19. Drinking game: drink a shot every tme you hear “I’m reloading”

  20. Commander Centurion Mk 5 AVRE

    During the “what the hell” moment I’m pretty sure what happened is the R3 detonated the shell before it left the barrel completely since shells are modeled to come from the breach instead of the end of the barrel.

    Just a thing that happens with high caliber rounds iirc.

  21. Did you unlocked Dardo, Bo?

  22. Wackyskeletonman78

    Nobody expects the KV-2 INQUISITION

  23. Did the r3 shoot you round making you blow up?

  24. GHOST_ Davmanessk

    Bo yesterday i was playing with you kuso and red on that long range desert map I said i love your videos do you remember me?

  25. I think he shot ur HE round as it was coming out your barrel while trying to shoot your barrel out

  26. I’ve killed a KV2 the same way that R3 killed you. I guess the ammo blowup on the edge of the barrel and overpressure killed your crew?

  27. I like the new wwweeerrrroooo plane sounds effects

  28. That R3 at the end properly hit your round right before it going out, blow your barrel then your ammorack lol

  29. KV-2: T-34, Why you bully me!?

  30. R3 charged with the assassination of president KV-2, trial not required due to the presence of multiple thousands of human eye witnesses, R3 sentenced to death via KV-2 firing squad!

  31. llx-RED_OPPZ-xll

    Is it just me or does anyone else just die laughing when no plays KV-2 it’s always the best and it’s much appreciated😂 great content as usual and as usual stick boi saves the day against the dreaded milk truck

  32. how do you put yellow markers? I can’t find it in the settings 🙁

  33. Bo is Fwaming Dwagon

  34. more like the Soviet Short Bus…..

  35. Was good for the loldragon

  36. I’d love to play with you guys but sadly the best plane I got is the devastator:/ still fun to fly tho

    Super cool dragon camo bo loved the vid

  37. Exes Gaming Channel

    Bo, you should play naval battles sometimes

  38. please play gang beast 🤣

  39. Sturmling reminds me of a socially capable Sheldon Cooper.

  40. More side chat podcasts

  41. Charlie Goeckner

    How do you get those unique skins for all your tanks

  42. DEHAKA Primal Zerg

    “You can’t hide a KV-2 in a city” *flashback to people hiding a Maus and Tortoise in the same city*….Or can you. 😀
    Keep up the great work!

  43. That last bit… I doubt it would be in the game, but I would’ve guessed that he shot the HE as soon as it was fired, causing it to blow up in Bo’s face… Because a damaged barrel would just split, not detonate…

  44. That is funny the Hobbit

  45. 14:10 How in the world did you not kill the chafee you tracked with that shot?

  46. I would like to see the KV1 and KV2 get arty ability. Maybe a little quicker load for the KV2. I also notice that some KV2’s have machine guns but mine does not. Is this something that was taken away at one time or another or is it a purchased item?

  47. Space Luna Wolf King

    That so cool. How you get that color paint part from dragon?

  48. alfred westerink

    16:48 no there are twoo dead dragons infront of him

  49. James the Other One

    So how much faster does that red paint job make you?

  50. genius bo ignores side and top armour in favour of hitting the heavy frontal armour… at an angle… with HE?

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