War Thunder – KV-220 “Bomb Not Friendly!”

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Source: Bo Time Gaming

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The -220 is one of my favorite event vehicles I have unlocked the years. It is been a couple years since we have taken it out for a video I was curious to see how the beast from the east still performs.

All In The Wood by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/…)

Artist: http://audionautix.com


  1. Sorry for the late-night release. This is to make up for Saturday’s missing video! If you have any vehicles you would like to request, throw us a comment!

  2. How have you Bo and crew been lately guys?

  3. The team killing is real 🙂

  4. DEHAKA Primal Zerg

    the T26 was oblivious

  5. Is Sturmling coming back?

  6. was is that yellow marker and how do I use it?

  7. Iam sorry Mr bo I was just telling people if they wanted to join karaoke night everyone is welcome and sorry for wasting your time

  8. 17:30 Well we have captured the moment that Ham lost is sanity. F in the chat to pay respects. Great video guys. Bo you had some nice shots. This tank is a beast. 07 TBLF

  9. Pls play de do335

  10. “When the pin is pulled, Mr. Grenade is not our freind…”

  11. Its so weird watching parts of this video when i saw it being edited. Still laughs all around

  12. The KV-220 is so incredibly overpowered

  13. Literally had a whole pack of Panthers in front of you lol. That was intimidating

  14. I don’t think you can call yourself a safety instructor after that double team kill

  15. Bow and Ham the two stooges. LOL you guys are great man .

  16. History question. Are the stories of Turpolev and the invention of the design of the T-34 similar?
    Also, what intellectual wasn’t in prison under Stalin at one point or another?
    TU-144 would be nice in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 and Concord obviously.
    Also make a video in MFS when affordable and buyable hardware has catched up to its standards please.

  17. 10:59 all u need is an SU 100Y and it’s complete The SU 100Y is a UNIT i love it

  18. Hahah on “phòng không T-34” means Anti-Air T-34 that’s funny 😂😂😂

  19. Bo tries to know what it feels like to friendly bomb, not once but twice in a row. I am glad, he hadn’t had the power of PE-8. Hole team to Gulag.

  20. Hambone the snuggled tank.

  21. This tank is broken in so many levels that is not even funny, i think it should be 6.0 together with the Jumbo 76

  22. Heck of an action packed video this time around Bo

  23. This thing survives so much abuse. It takes being swarmed to kill it it seems like watching this

  24. 11:19 I didn’t know a snap shot like that was possible in a KV none the less

  25. 18:39 Do you need Lawyers, Guns, and Money?

  26. pls use ussr is2

  27. Must be the rarest tank in the game. I’ve never seen one. Wish I had it.

  28. 10:35 that’s a lot of AA

  29. a toilet with a cigar

    Bo’s joke flopped harder than the third Reich

  30. 17:41 Nice kill SaltySwede

  31. Bombs are friends not food

  32. 0:30 execute order kitty 66

  33. komrade together strong

  34. Play the P-26B-35

  35. Dont miss that shot…….

  36. I know no one is going to believe me, but I was the Sherman he TK’ed.

  37. Bo really needs to just shoot the center of the mantlet on the panther instead of the bottom of it…. so many target undamaged

  38. I need a f-104 video bo I need it

  39. can you try the german VFW?

  40. 13:27 “It was at this moment that he knew, he fucked up.”

  41. Ha ha! Such a funny video 🙂

  42. Dear lord…. Situational awareness grew wings and took off…


  44. TUPOLOV DID THIS PLANE WHEN HE WAS IN PRISON lmao hes name is Tupolev

  45. What happened to sturmling?

  46. I would love to play with the KV 220, but I play on PS4 🙁

  47. I love my KV-220, and it astonishes me that so many people don’t know where to shoot it. It is not that hard to kill.

    With that said, I must have slammed my head into the desk 50 times in this vid when nobody shoots the Tiger II(P) in the turret cheeks. With the 85mm, that’s an instant kill on the 2(P) and *way* easier than going for a gun barrel or cupola hit.

  48. Hambone: DIE BUSH!

  49. Who is the Aussie?

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