War Thunder – KV-85 “84 better than the KV-1?”

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Source: Bo Time Gaming

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I have been itching to some mid- Russian Ground for a while. The KV-85 is definitely a vehicle you have to respect with its hard-hitting capabilities I hope you enjoy these highlights from it.

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  1. What vehicle would you like to see us play next!

  2. Bo: Im just gonna go do squirrely things on mountains

    🐿: welcome my soviet comrade

  3. “I am slowing down very quickly” English is an interesting language, aint it?

    There was an interview with someone who came to my country as an immigrant, and he was asked about how hard the language-barrier was to overcome (Swedish by the way), and he said that it wasnt that hard, exept a few thihngs, like how illogicly we structure our sentances. He had gotten a work as a waiter serving coffe, and one of the questions he was instructed to ask was if the customers wanted milk.
    One gentlemen answered “Ja, mycket lite tack”, wich means “Yes please, a great amount of smallness” (Bad translation there, but i guess thats kinda the point). By this the man was very confused, but though Well he did start with Great Amount (Mycket), so he pored in a sizable part of milk. As a response the customer said “Det var lite mycket”, or translated something like “That was a small amount of Alot”. By this point the poor imigrant confessed that he was thuroughly confused.
    Story stuck with me and made me thing about the weirdness of language and communication.

    Hey Bo, when you went in to rescue Stickboys body, would you say that that encounter ended with your… Wait for it… Tail Spin?

    Bo, now that i have you on the line (Maybe?), i must ask, what is your strange voodoo magic? I dont watch content like this. At all. Closest to gaming content i watch is Scott Manleys KSP because i learna lot about space and the space program. I learn only stupidity, sillyness and bad tactics from you and yours. Yet what is it now, closer to 4 years i’ve been watching every vid you make? What spell do you got on me? Is it your Texican magic?

  4. Play as the IS 1

  5. i am no native english speaker but “better then” shouldn’t it be “better than”? sorry if i am wrong

  6. All I have to say during that game is ouch.

  7. Shotgun Paintbrush

    T-34-85 would be great!

  8. Kill a high tier tank with a squeezy boy

  9. Tiger 2

  10. 2021.7.53 Dhafi Zahran Farasha


  11. Me when I read the title: Visible confusion, “I didn’t think that was ever in question”

  12. Day 1: Play the P-26B-35

  13. Pb4y again i like the last one of it

  14. Low tier always a top laugh or m22’s on mid to high tier to annoy people and each other. Always the best videos r when it is chaos with u all!!!!

  15. That moment at 3:38 is exactly what i had a few days ago except i was in my T-34(1942) and can’t remember if it was a KV-1/2 but i oneshot it through the side at an angle that probably shouldn’t have been a pen. Brown pants moments are scary!!

  16. M5 stuart, long time since I watched one of your early videos on it.

  17. Bo, you should be nicer to Stickboi

  18. Bucket.

  19. “Can we just charge in?” *Every russian tanker ever.*

  20. Im at 4.0 and i am just getting destroyed 😆. Cant wait for the kv85

  21. That Puma came all the way from Enlisted.

  22. Given how overwhelmed TBLF’s HR Department is, I am not sure anyone can get couples counseling any time soon. 😂

    More great and amusing gameplay and antics Bo and team.

  23. day 1 of asking to play the jpz 4-5 it has a br of 6.3 and 300mm + pen with heat

  24. how old are you?

  25. Ju 88c-6 would be fun

  26. IIIIIII’m alive. IIII’m so happy. – Bear

  27. im 90% sure that the pe8 launched the tiger and panther off the hill

  28. I like how your videos don’t have hardly any dislikes.👍

  29. I don’t know What to put here

    I am thinking about getting the t-72av turms or should I get the -xm-1

  30. I love Russian BR 4.3 but I hate 5

  31. Anyone notice the tiny bucket on the rear of the tank?

  32. The banter in this one! LMAO!

  33. This is a positive comment for Youtube algorithm.

  34. what happens if you get all vehicles?

  35. Kv 85 is so shit

  36. Play uno

  37. I wish I had friends to play with

  38. Nicolas Plaumann

    How can i change the gun going up or down like to 400 meters or so without moving the gun up?
    sry if i didnt describe it perfect but i hope you know what i mean.
    Pls Just annybody have the awnser.

  39. how do you mark like at 0:35 ?

  40. Nooo, stickboy is married!!! He is my favourite youtuber, he brings so much fun to me


  42. exactinmidget92

    i want that Tis MA so bad but not bad enough to spend 70 bucks on it.

  43. Hallo Spieler Fans, das Spiel ist ein reines Cheat Spiel !!!! Gaijin zockt viele Spieler unterschiedlich ab. Bei macht der alles über die Filter Einstellung, so das ich nur Negativ im Spiel verhalten eingestellt bin. Das heißt mit meinen Panzern 3.3 3.7 4.0 und 4.3 Panzern sind im Spiel der Gegner 4.0 4.3 4.7 5.0 und 5.7 Panzern im Spiel !!! Dann wird mein Panzer im Spiel mit nur mit einem Treffer Abgeschossen. Ich kann auf die Gegner 5 mal und 8 mal Treffer abgeben bis ein Gegner Abgeschossen ist !!! Für mich ist das nur noch ein Cheat Spiel !!! Gaijin ist ein Dirty Pig, weil der alle Spieler um Ihr Geld bringt !!! 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  44. Was Mike the “Red Shirt” this time?

  45. THAT WAS ME in the red painted car!

  46. Me:
    The shadows I see out of the corner of my eye: 13:27

  47. 2:19 𝐂𝐥𝐢𝐜𝐤 𝐇𝐞𝐫𝐞 ➜ youtu.be/49mwt6s95aY

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  48. dude I was playing 2.7 a little while ago and use a su-122 to go on a 10 killstreak and defend 2 points,

    with a 22 second reload

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