War Thunder – Leopard 2A5 “Paranoia ?!?!”

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Source: Bo Time Gaming

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A collection of played with the Leopard 2A5 the following day after the patch. You guys have been asking for some Game Play and here is nearly 30 minutes of MBT ups and downs.

All Good In The Wood by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)
Artist: http://audionautix.com/


  1. Bo playing top tier?
    since when?!

  2. Can’t wait to get up tiered and missile locked when I’m in a prop plane, ‘cause that’s how bad MM is currently

  3. Ya dont know russian names? Ivan

  4. Air-headed Aviator

    Its weird with these modern tanks, they survive more than one shot!

  5. Well, clearly I am not the only one whose world STOPS when a Bo Gaming post comes merrily skipping along to smack paranoid smooshes left, right centre (and anywhere else he can aim – without putting his eye out, or obliterating Coffee .. which he hasn’t done in a while). ;o)

  6. I am applying directly to forehead!
    – AGloriousBear, 2019

  7. Why is it that no one talks about how easy the Russian tree has it? They have the Same tank 5x over with different modifications and an new as with self destroying rounds. Plus it has the ability to launch ground to air missiles that are also self destroying.

  8. the amount of paranoia in this doesn’t seem right while you’re driving the best protected tank in the game. Then again this is TBLF.

  9. Am I going to be the only one whose mind flashed to “Better Call Saul” and the “Hoboken Squat Cobbler”? LOL I am so sorry but I thought that was where Sturmling was going with that! LOL Tears in my eyes as I type this!!!! ? ? ? ?

  10. play the charioteer you havent yet

  11. The spirit of Vietnam. Now in Poland

  12. Best a part about this video if that I’m watching while something near me sounds like a far off A-10 firing.

  13. When does Sturmling put out his paper “What to play in tier 10.0 when the nation doesn’t have a Locust”

  14. Sturmling is a very loose guy! Respect! Lonely Panther Between Armored Forts!


  16. “I’m applying directly to forehead” and I’m dead xD

  17. no one got that pimp my ride reference?

    haha im not THAT old

  18. Missabe Railfanner 225

    About time you did the leopard

  19. WarThunder 177637

    Do a video on the TU4

  20. Yo! I’m from Latvia, and I speak Russian and speak very little English, but it does not prevent me from watching your videos and I like your videos!!
    Some Russian names for you: Tanja, Evgenij,Ksenija,Konstantin,Anastasija, Artjom
    Good luck:З

  21. I need friends to play war thunder with plz me friend my my name is Austrian_Boy/boy

  22. I think Bo should have a little bit better grasp on the concept of “front towards enemy”.

  23. “Finished with my woman ‘cos she sumthin’ sumthin’ diddly-doot.” Man, that’s a good song.

  24. I lost my shit when someone snorted ?????

  25. The Leo 2a5 will be mine when the in game economy is fixed for now its Leo 2a4 T64B

  26. I need a decal that says “Squat-Goblin”


  27. The spirit of Vietnam will strike again!

  28. 17:55 Sturmling deserve a Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross for that.

  29. The only Youtubers I trust to make the Leopard 2A5 fun.

  30. BumpyGraveDigger21

    I got a question. Is it bad that the M3 Lee is my main tank?

  31. Congrats on 191K Bo!!!

  32. There seems to be a lot of shell drop over distance on the leopards gun. Is it a low velocity gun or Warthunders implementation? Just wondering

  33. Yoo i have all the vehicles except the t20 i have e100, is 7 etc. I have a shitty pc to play i play at medium grafs and 50 fps med. the likes that this comment will get will be the fps?? soory for me bad inglish

  34. grandpa sturmling is leading the German army.

  35. can you do a FlaKbus video

  36. Do they not have an R3 T20 video yet? I can’t find it.

  37. “What is a squat goblin?” would have probably been a better title for this episode.

  38. Happy Birthday Bo

  39. Can you please do a video about F 82 twin mustang

  40. Haha 9:26 that helicopter uses instant transmission ?

  41. Spirit of Vietnam, a very funny meme spirit


    Dang you Bo, I wish I could get tanks as fast as you….

  43. in real life that Leopard 2A5 shell would not have penned the lower plate of that M1 Abrams.

  44. Why this gun sound like smoke launcher

  45. …goes for the lower plate when point blank… with a tank/gun that could cut through any part of the Abrams … tactical

  46. Beware the squat-goblin.

  47. You always have to protect the most important part of the tank

  48. Are you ever going to make a helicopter video?

  49. The squat goblin follows the time traveling helicopter everywhere. Where there’s one, there is the other.

  50. Could you play M1A1?

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