War Thunder – Let’s Get Physical

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Source: The Jingles

You have to hand it to War Thunder, they’ve done a pretty impressive job of simulating tank warfare using what’s basically a flight sim graphics engine. Of course when you push the limits of that engine and it breaks, the results can be pretty amusing.

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  1. Second

  2. Am I dreaming?
    A jingles video on War Thunder?!

  3. Hey Jingles how’s your day been?

  4. Jingles change your War Thunder name after every vid to trick the douches

  5. Do a video on why people still deny the Holocaust.

    Oh shit, wrong channel.

  6. War Thunder is a joke now. Yak-3’s are clubbing in lower tier, P-47 is at
    3.7 fighting Emil 3’s and 4’s and the forum is toxic as hell.

  7. *gets home*
    *Jingles video*
    *War Thunder*

    oh yes.

  8. hi jingles just wanted to say huge fan been with you for a couple years now
    and i really look forward to your videos Thank you

  9. When Jingles says “Feuer” it sounds like “Führer”

  10. I’m early! Time to make a joke 🙂

    Russian bias

  11. 6:48 Turret ring was destroyed, and he was probably repairing.

  12. Hahah i love it xD When you spoke out the German players name, you just did
    it in Swissgerman xD Jingles, what are you doing?

  13. Hah, WT go drunk you’re home

  14. I say jingles you doing a war thunder video however odd

  15. Clarence Constantino

    Oh shit Im early! Gotta make a joke

    Germans are OP

  16. WarThunder …. still better than WoT xD

  17. Yesterday a 17pounder shell managed to ricochet two times inside my tank
    changing it’s direction every time by 180 degrees

  18. Jingles, Feuer is pronounced Foy-er, eu generally in Deutsche is equivalent
    to oi/ oy in English. It means ‘Fire’.

  19. Hey Jingles,
    Quick sidenote on German pronunciation: “eu” is pronounced as “oi”
    So Feuer is pronounced as “F OI ar”

  20. first to comment after having watched the whole vid.?

  21. Warthunder’s bugs are so hilarious nice post Jingles.

  22. That’s really rare, like if u want him too do more of these kind of vidz!

  23. Meh… Nothing you haven’t already seen 10 times yourself if you’ve played
    War Thunder a fair bit.

  24. jingles you make this game look bad for the for the wrong reason. this
    happens extremely rarely, and every game has some bugs. physics is the last
    problem of this game, which by no means is perfect, in fact it has sever
    issues with balancing

  25. This is like every Warthunder game I played ever!

    By the way falling on your roof and phasing to the earth also can happen in
    RB, especially while driving with speed of a large rock with a Crusader.

  26. I’ve had my fair share of the bugs in WT, i have gotten stuck underground
    on several occasions and was rubberbanded over the whole map once.
    just watch that shit.

  27. Im just sick of the absolutely piss poor amount of RP and SL you get from
    warthunder these days, even on absolutely amazing games you still only get
    a pittance, and its one of the reasons why i haven’t played for a good
    while, its gotten to the point where you’d need to play somewhere near
    30-40 good games just to get a fire extinguisher and tool kit

    you know, the things you’d expect a tank crew to have to begin with?

  28. JamesLikesIcedCream

    This has happend to me once! only once! Its not that common anymore. Gaijin
    have done an amazing job with Realistic battles

  29. “Feuer” is spoken like “foigher” . :)

  30. Mikael Renzo H. Sebastian

    Jingles video!Cheers!

  31. So… the funniest thing I found about this video was in the case of the
    flipped Stug, even at times his team was effectively down 4 tanks for
    extended periods of time… they were still beating the shit out of the
    enemy team.

  32. ill just call hum Führer

  33. it is the butt heart hunter

  34. This was surprisingly hilarious.

  35. sefhyro space pirate

    i still enjoy playing more wt then wot so not bad having some good laughts
    on this

  36. Jingles plz share the name of ur music

  37. I managed to fall completely through the map once on Mozdok. Turns out that
    unlike the /other/ Hellcat, the M18 doesn’t fly all that well.

  38. wtf Jingles, i sent you a replay where i dive down a cliff in my hellcat,
    do a complete frontflip, no damage taken and drive off like nothing
    happened, then killed a king tiger.

  39. 5:18 – would not be a Jingles video without Jingles having his derp moment
    x)) Cromwell Mk.I is armed with 6-pounder gun. 75 mm gun is found on
    Cromwell Mk.V

  40. Every time Jingles said Feuer. I kept thinking Fuhrer.

    I’m sorry for this. I’m a horrible person.

  41. The music apart sounded like Squires new theme 😛 would not be surprised if
    it was tbh

  42. Ahh yes, realistic battles, where a cromwell can replace its gun barrel in
    the field while taking fire from 3 AA guns and getting molested by a KV-2

  43. And people say War Thunder is more realistic…..lol

  44. Liam the dark angel.

    A lot of games have got some bugs and glitches but these just crack you up.

  45. and meanwhile, wot receives it own physics update. curious if there will
    still be people making fun of wt after 9.14 is released.

  46. Incoming pointless DMCA in 3….2….1…

  47. It’s things like that that made me glad I don’t play War Thunder tanks

  48. WarGaming thank you for this hilarious video

  49. Jingles the tow cable has never worked.

  50. I had this back a few games ago.

    I was in a Stuart and took a corner too fast and ended up on my head!

    Spent about 2/3 of the match sitting there trying to flip myself right side
    up…ironically I got all my kills while flipped using my artillery barrage

  51. WT is the best game ever<3333 and so u now WoT has bugs and shit to,al
    games have that and sure its not germany vs all allied countrys in
    realistic it just the playstyle that is more realistic but do WoT have
    realistic?hmm dont think so^^so why complain? WT imo is much more fun and a
    much better game to and im not the only 1 that think so:P u should do a
    complain video on WoT to or is that game perfect and never had any bugs?and
    what about premium ammo and artillery and bad graphics and shit? wortless
    video complain about small shitty things:Pbut your subscriber are mostly
    cod kids that complain on everything that they dont like so u get free
    likes from them...so sad video just ranting about WT like a click baiter to
    get likes and never take up WoT problems:P like why al the hate,if u dont
    like WT why even make videos of it and talk shit like a 12 year old CoD

  52. I’m early…let me get a joke…..

    The Copyright System :P

  53. Of course the only time jingles puts up a war thunder video, he pokes fun
    at it the entire time

  54. This is stupid video… sigh. WoT is totally crap & boring game. WT is
    better. That’s all.

  55. so… i was watching a jingles viedo the other day, and he kept calling the
    player, wich is named the UN-destoyed, the destroyer. Ah jingles…

  56. Actually, Jingles the Cromwell mark I has a 57 mm gun.

  57. not trying to be a jerk but the mark 1 has a 57mm not 75

  58. This made my morning, almost spit out my coffee.

  59. Is it even possible to flip a tank with the cables?

  60. Gayjin

  61. I bet in the stub replay they were thinking “Don’t worry dude we’ll get you
    to the cap circle!”


    Some has a joke? No? Man russians are so balanced :)


  64. wow you made a lot of mistakes in this video.
    6:50 panzer III can’t turn his turret because the turret drive is jammed

  65. some says that they are still pulling the stuh around.

  66. where do you get those guys

  67. I wonder if wargaming staff who are subbed to jingles dislike his
    non-wargaming tank game videos. Also, all of these tank games have to many
    similar game mechanics to WoT.

  68. for all the ones who complain about wot MM dont even try to play war

  69. at this point I’m convinced that the best part of War thunder is the whacky
    physics. Very entertaining.

    Also, lets not gloss over the two players who spent so much time trying to
    help a team mate even while getting shot at by the enemy. It gives me hope
    for humanity.

  70. You forget Jingles… Gaijin is overseen by the spirit of Stalin himself,
    they must treat it as an Iron Curtain lifestyle… we must not be upset at
    glorious Stalin for censoring any and all critiques which will hurt the
    poor Russian pride.

  71. This gave me a good laugh, thanks jingles :)

  72. Dear Jingles,
    this is why i love youre YT Uploads so much! Just marvelous!
    Thanks for that!

  73. This episode is pure comedy. Laughed my ass off. 😀 😀 :D

  74. Jingles please can i take a break from the Salt Mines?

  75. Socialist(nazi) germany & socialist russia (bolshevik ussr) started ww2 ,
    they were allies…until one of them change their mind :)…..same as
    russia and “west” after 1945.

  76. when will we get challenger 2 gamplay

  77. WT still better than WOT

  78. Martin “Shifty” Watson

    surely if they put the tow cables on the far side of the tank it would drag
    him over.

    all they did was attach them on the near side and drag him around.

  79. Jingles as a war thunder player i know the pain of that kv2. He didn’t
    repair his gun cuz he had no repair kit.

  80. Finally some ar Thunder!!

  81. Roberto Villarey Jr.

    the only reason why i stopped playing War Thunder ground forces is because
    of the Physics where Einstein might get pissed off when he saw it

  82. The way that Cromwell was bouncing off the KV2 though.

  83. did i just see a Cromwell being pegged side on by a Kv2… (O_o”)

  84. Ahhh, the tow cables… Proof that Gaijin knows their game is broken, but
    yet only makes sub-par tries to fix it.

  85. yo mighty jingle I dare you to put this on the war thunder website (;
    laughed to death when I watched this nicen vid subscribe

  86. Finally! Fucking love warthunder.

  87. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>arcade mode
    Fuck this mode, fuck arcade players and autistic sim player, arcade should
    have realistic handling with respawn like in old beta days instead of the
    retarded arcade model we got in air and on ground

  88. Dragging that stug around reminded me of a pet rock I used to have.

  89. Working as intended tovarish )))))

  90. nabilnabilnabilnabi1

    this Video is so Stupid, if you don’t feel like putting a war thunder video
    then please don’t make any videos, there are way more amusing videos to be
    made in warthunder than this shit.
    you never failed at making the most boring wot and AW entertaining to
    watch, so why not give wt a chance!

  91. AMD and Nvidia GPU vs Games

    and ppl call this game realistic lol

  92. Your mother also likes to get physical.

  93. That Stug asked the crossroads demon for help in this match and the demon
    said fuck it.

  94. Wooden fences can flip you over, I’ve done it. Instead of breaking they
    stay rigid and the tank rides up and flips over.

  95. The tow cable works fine… You just have to use it properly!

  96. My friend says: Warthunder is much better than World of Tanks and has much
    better physics.
    I say: Watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NPIsaTm7DO0 (War Thunder
    – Let’s Get Physical)

  97. Anyone realize the Hearthstone pun in the title?

  98. Yeah well, they ruined it and removed sim battles and replaced them with
    shitty events.

  99. Much game, so realistic.

  100. Who even bothers with this “game” ? It is completely and utterly trash. Can
    you waste time more even if you try?

  101. the only other reason I deleted war thunder and reinstalled WoT from the
    physics was it crashed on low graphics settings

  102. Warthunder is a good game as an ex tanker myself way more realistic that
    world tanks.

  103. Actually Jingles at 6:50 the pz.llls turret ring was disabled and couldn’t
    rotate the turret, he might not have been as stupid as one may think

  104. Man…. WT gf could be so good! There is some interesting stuff n there,
    but the glitches etc stop being funny after a while. This is the reason I
    play WT for planes only unfortunately.

  105. yeah ground forces
    love it

  106. In before Gaijin takes this video down for showing bugs despite how funny
    they are because they are run by terrible people.
    Also that Cromwell reminded me of one time where my M3 refused to die
    against waves of enemies that had disabled everything despite my turret and
    cannon back when I still played this.

  107. Dammit Jingles!

    Still no Leopard 2 Armored warfare vid.
    You said you would do it and you have shown the leopard in one of your
    videos for a bit.
    with regards,


  108. Actually Jingles, the shot at 6: 33 knocked out the turret ring and he
    stood there repairing – he just couldn`t turn the turret ^^
    The next thing (defending WT here a bit :)): it is called realistic
    battles, not historical battles. Yes, RB players do not like mixed matches
    and i understand why, but you simply have to say that it would be a
    nightmare for the MM, if there are 3 allied antions and just the germans.
    The ammount of players who play german tanks would not be enough to satisfy
    the MMs need to make propper matches. If anyone wonders what i am talking
    about: there is a slight hint if you look into the lineups for the allowed
    tanks/planes for GF SIMULATOR battles. I would love to play those, but it
    is just not fair in any way (also because I am useless for my team due to
    not be able to fly an aircraft in simulator).

    About the towing cable: i just want you guys to remember, taht WG is
    working on the new physiks for over a year (source: Quickybabys videos) and
    they hesitste to bring it in.
    In WT, physics were there from the beginning and they were pretty terrible,
    I have to admit (I also participated in the closed beta test). Remebering
    that this is an original flight sim game engine, it is remarkeable to see
    what they have done to the tankg game experience.

    And that all brings us to the final result, which Jingels sayd a long time
    It is amazing what the devs of WT can come up with and their programming
    skills are amazing. They manage to to all the pretty hard stuff right but
    they just can`t get the BRs for tanks and planes right. That is just
    strange …

  109. War Thunder : A great game getting wasted by an incompetent company.

  110. Its not a flight simulator engine its just a game engine

  111. Kristofer Pähklepa

    there was easy solution for that backwards stug case… on should stay nxt
    to the backwards stug, so it would not slip while other has attached cable
    from another side (not from that side where he was towing), so they could
    flip it over; mostly works for me :P

  112. Ah but Jingles! at 5:34 the F2 died, so he definetly can’t do anything
    about Undestoyed’s cromwell.
    At 6:23 , the Cromwell was reloaded but The_Undestoyed couldn’t make his
    mind up about shooting a big, fat, stupid heavy tank in the side.
    And at 6:32 , the shot from the cromwell jammed that Pz. 3’s turret ring,
    so that at 6:48, the Pz can’t physically turn his turret to shoot the

    I know, I must be fun at parties.

  113. One word: HILARIOUS.

  114. Even though i love WarThunder’s Air battles, i have to admit, Ground Forces
    is a big Clownfiesta :D

  115. Well it is possible that KV-2 doesn’t have parts researched yet. Very
    awkward situation…

  116. Great video as always. I would argue that, in all honesty, even Arcade is
    more realistic than say, WoT, simply because even there the tanks have mass
    and weight to them, react to slamming to a stop, and the gun handling is
    definitely more realistic, etc.

    Still, just an observation; its nowhere near how realistic actual RB is, of

  117. what going bloody on in war thunder in days

  118. A delightful video as always Jingles! XD

  119. That german guy’s name is pronounced Foir dare (vairain?), so just call him
    Foir however his translated name is Fire of Change drivers or probably just
    Fire of Change

  120. I have never been able to flip over a tank or be flipped back over when
    using a tow cable.

  121. I remember how easy it was to flip a tank. and it seems it not as easy to
    flip it back over. If they had left back in the cross roads he be dead now
    and then he could been out doing some thing else.

  122. it’s those bloody “it’s that bloody” comments again.

  123. wanna have a good laugh?
    World of Warplanes as an E-sport

  124. Bloody realistic tank game! With… suggestive title…

  125. Is it the new evil clone of Jingles?

  126. Jungles get off your ass and give us a longer video. I’m done with this
    10-15 min video shit.

  127. A war thunder video? Christmas has come early!

  128. When will you be updating you PC?

  129. I think there was no hope of getting that StuH upright. Notice how he was
    kind of bouncing and rocking a little bit even when he was not being towed.
    This means it was an obvious glitch and he was not meant to do that. It’s
    almost to me like he somehow got himself flipped, the casemate passed
    through the ground somehow and then the ground closed back up with half of
    his tank’s model still inside, meaning it was impossible to pull him out of

  130. Jingles when are you and Rita gonna go and have a good old fashioned
    scuffle in World of Tanks with other famous YouTube stars to entertain us?

  131. Yes yes yes do more war Thunder plse

  132. In Poland roads are so horrible that single hollow can eat whole tank 🙂
    That’s way Im staying with WOT, at least it’s physics are siple and
    harmless most of time.

  133. wot=health bar
    WT=realistic death

  134. Lol all the WoT faggots are here hating

  135. There is a steam achivement, to shoot a tank on a cable, so worth it :)

  136. i see…. ground forces physics are still a mess. thats actually why i left
    WT over a year ago. to be more accurate: i left because gajin dont fix
    their product. they keep adding and adding new stuff on a broken
    foundation, instead of fixing whats wrong with it. the replay-system is
    still a mess too. the community is begging for fixes, and gajin’s just
    shutting them up. and now they are crying about losing customers. lmao. too
    bad. it could be great.

  137. Sir Adam First Class Potato Cross holder

    1. What if the KV 2 had no repair kit?
    2. I guess its not just WT’s problem that the players want to kill the easy
    targets. But please tell me in WoT there are a more mature and
    “intelligent” players base.
    3. Why the heck you mock about the nations in the teams? In my opinion its
    better play on the side with KV while I play as Germans instead of waiting
    10+ min in the que for a “Historically accurate” mach. Btw there are events
    for this if you want those. Oh and these type of cooperation missons called
    alternate history so yea. In an alterante history I cant see the problem
    with this GermansxRusssians mess. Molotov-Ribbentop?
    Sorry Jingels but this video just feels like you want to hate on a game cos
    of WG. You can hate on whatever you want if you want to hate, but this
    video was just forced for me. Yea this game has a LOT of issues and thats
    why I stopped playing it months ago, but still its a 100 times more fun to
    play than that shitty RC tank/car game.
    But thats just my opinion and I love your vids since you had around 40k
    subs! I just wanted to point out a few thing that you might have missed in
    your blind hating.

  138. very amusing, if the guy flipped over had any brains he would have suicided
    and got a new tank after 5 min….

  139. War Thunder Bug Forces.

  140. omg jingels, hes not called feur like a frenchie, hes called “feuer” what
    means fire, u could know how to pronounce it, because girls and panzer :D

  141. Brannan Darmawi-Iskandar

    tow cables work for half flipped tanks, but not completely flipped

  142. That music towards the end put me in the mind of the music to SMB 2.

  143. Could be worse….they could have Hit Points.

  144. Jingles, any chance youll give WarThunder another chance? They adressed the
    dissapearring cover in a semirecent patch

  145. MY GOD JINGLES MAKES A WAR THUNDER VID. dont beleave it. one of the cats
    has replaced him and sounds just like him. Jingles is now working in a cat
    litter mine. the horror of it. we must get him to the safety of a salt
    mine. rally to me jingles fighters we must save the leader of the new world

  146. The quickest way to fix that upside down tank glitch is a 120mm HE round to
    the belly.

  147. I don’t see the point of argument over Wot/WT. I play Wot for arcade
    experience and it’s awesome, WT for RB and it’s really cool

  148. How to make a joke with War Thunder……

    Tiger I with 5.7 BR

  149. Jingles, I don’t get why your so down on war thunder, you’ve shown a couple
    of glitches in probably thousands of games, big deal. I’m no expert but i
    reckon It’s a far superior game to world of tanks.

  150. Maybe he wanted a tummy rub.

  151. Should’ve titled the video “Gailined.” Love the content, though, Keep it

  152. Ah the salty tears of rage from WoT players.
    If you can’t take getting one hit wrecked, get better~

  153. Please for the love of God stopping playing wot

  154. I really do wish that Armoured Warfare would use the damage model styling
    used in War Thunder. Would make battles alot more engaging.

  155. Hijack Maniac (CowMan)

    maybe that KV2 was completely stock 😛 and with no spare parts researched

  156. loved the video

  157. Gaijin needs to wake the **** up and fix their cables. it’s been well over
    a year since I submitted multiple bug reports about cables failing to work
    due to lack of ground resistance.
    I love WT but it’s so so damn broken that I can’t come back atm.

  158. People are right war thunder is way more realistic :/

  159. Mike Hunt ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    For all those complaining about it being called realistic… it IS
    realistic. War Thunder is realistic, Battlefield is realistic. ArmA is a
    simulator. Call of Duty and World of Tanks are arcade. Realism doesn’t mean
    that it has to completely simulate real life, it merely needs to have a
    large amount of realism within it.

  160. WT has better graphics than WoT ? Have you seen that snow map ? OMG that
    was very ugly even on Jingles’s PC

  161. Ok, even WOT’s new Physics are gonna be more realistic than this…

  162. Poor StuH

  163. bart van herrewegen

    didn’t Russia and Germany invade Poland as allies? and didn’t the allies
    allow germany to do so? pretty acurate to me :P

  164. Don’t play it,….never will,….not affected.

  165. I began playing war thunder but after i began playing world of tanks and
    later on world of warships, i wouldn’t reinstall war thunder with a gun to
    my head. Wot and wows beats wt easily when it comes to…well everything.

  166. I was in hysterics watching this really I will have to remind myself to put
    up an advertising slogan using the decals for my tanks promoting 24 hour
    recovery !! Great video jingles ;)

  167. War Thunder isn’t even a bad game? Why do some people dislike it.

  168. People still play War Thunder? THis is 2016 people not 2014! Get with the

  169. How could the Pz III turn his turret around if his turret ring got knocked
    out? Jangles pls

  170. Those guys might have had a much bigger chance of flipping that Stug back
    on tracks if they’d attach the towing cable to the track on the farther
    side. And to that Cromwell part… 90% of guys playing German tanks play
    like those in the battle and keep crying about Russian bias…

  171. Ah Jingles, I don’t think that KV 2 had the parts modifcation and I don’t
    think he/she knew that they could just drive to the base and repair. I
    dunno maybe its just me

  172. that was first class entertainment, good job jingles!

  173. You couldn’t make your intro any longer if you tried Jingles.

  174. Why don’t you point out the real issues jingles? The Br compression, making
    high tiers unbalanced for aircraft and tanks, how they don’t listen to us
    about the Br issues, and how they say “the statistics show/prove something,
    but don’t show us any statistics making us believe there are none.

  175. I saw a similar thing in an arcade battle. An M3(?) on the enemy team dove
    off a bridge and flipped himself upside down. I tried to kill him but I
    just couldn’t get my gun depressed low enough and he was using his machine
    gun to shoot at my belly. All I could do was blow his tracks off and keep
    pushing him around which in itself was pretty amusing. :D

  176. ’bout fucking time!!

  177. 007-goldeneye-N64 James Bond

    Jingles great war thunder Vid that was funny as FUK!! keep up the good

  178. I missed this… so good :D

  179. HAHA,what that

  180. Jingles, I’ve already seen early access footage of Wargamings Master of
    Orion. How come will all those strings, you have not played this yet?

  181. Probably the most buggy thing in War Thunder I had was throwing my tank off
    a cliff, going into the ground and back out and explode.

  182. I hate spaa guns in wt ground forces

  183. You’ve got the wrong end of the stick, those tanks were simply taking the
    stuh 42 G for a walk.


  185. This Was Fun Thanks :D

  186. The tow cable is only as effective as the monkey that is using it!
    As with most things in war thunder, its physics driven so you need to
    choose your anchor point and towing direction with care (3 people pulling
    in different directions will achieve nothing), but with a tank that is half
    underground, its not that likely to work anyway.

    Also the mk 1 Cromwell has the 6-pounder (57mm) gun not a 75mm one.

  187. War thunder? the hell you say ..

  188. Jingles its very realistic, you just have to trust the sekrit dokumints
    gaijin uses

  189. Use to hide in a glitched church steeple and shoot players passing by…the
    funny think was some one would type “hacker” and would bring more people by
    to kill..wolfeistien online ET

  190. So what results in a KV-2 and Cromwell? An FV215b 183?

  191. It’s that bloody armored world of thunder ships again!

  192. Jingles, Realistic is not the same as Historical, and I don’t know if this
    replay is old but in RB you CAN SEE TARGET MARKERS IN THE MAP. Get an
    update and thank you for uploading a WT video (Thank God also).

  193. TheAmityboopfliction

    Another fun lil thing to use the Tug line for is with buddies helping
    heavier tanks get up steep hills faster etc. But the most fun i’v ever had
    with the Tug lines was during one of the AA events when my engine on my
    Russia Flak truck got effed up a truck infront of me simply hooked me up
    and all I had to do was steer with my front wheels was a ton of fun and we
    looked so damn silly

  194. Warthunder…after all this time

  195. Hey jingles I miss your historical information chats set to WT replays will
    you ever do more of those?

  196. Yay it war thunder again!

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    battle and not people fucking around with bugs. One day.

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  200. If they made the entire tank unable to get buried in the ground flipping
    tanks would be easier as they would have to sit over to one side they would
    be a third of the way flipped over already.

  201. Jingles please play world of tanks in PE

  202. omg this is one of my replays im the undestroyed

  203. That’s heroism under fire if I’ve ever seen it. I’m imagining this as a
    glorious final stand scene in an action movie.

    The flipped Stug is lying there defenseless, when suddenly the Sherman
    shows up.

    “Boys… Just… Leave me, save yourselves!”


  204. what were you trying to show in this? A couple of glitches? .-. boo

  205. Jingles, in war thunder, ever been jumped by a Tiger on the normandy map?
    (P.S. Tiger landed upside-down)
    (P.P.S. Neither survived)

  206. Jingles you need to do more star citizen. theres a whole page about it in
    game informer

  207. KV-2 trying to have sex with a turret? brand new WT merchandise! KV-2

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    for soviet

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  215. World of Thanks is a fucking bad Game so Why Are you playing this bullshit.
    But the Main question is Why do you have 464.936 subscribers!!! You Are

  216. needs more video of this….MOAR I TELL YOU!!!

  217. lol even cs has WAY better graphics than this piece of shit

  218. Not your finest video I’m afraid… Firstly, that Cromwell was shaking
    about before, implying that he was suffering from pl (which will mostly be
    his fault probably, depending on his internet connection and which server
    he is using). The tow cable was to right tanks, completely flipped tanks
    are somewhat different rather than a stuck tank or a tank on it’s side,
    dragging a tank around upside down will not fix the issue.

  219. “Feuer” in my head it sounds more like “Fire” with a German accent 🙂
    der verden “the fear den”
    I know it’s not 100% spot on lol, more like 70%, but damn, it’s hard being
    not native to neither German nor English, and try to cross-pronounce it, in
    written form, across those languages xD

  220. This is honestly how I play WT for fun, WoT To fuck people over in arties
    and salt the world.

  221. The tow cables just get you unstuck off rocks and posts and such, it can’t
    help flip you.

    The Cromwell on the other hand is a bit easier to explain. Since there are
    no indications of enemies AND it doesn’t make faction specific teams the
    players just assumed it was a friendly fire incident and didn’t shoot back.
    I once chunked a Oswalt in a realistic battle because the only indication
    it was bad was it was coming from the other direction towards me…. turned
    out to be a friendly. Then later I got shot by a friendly as we went up the
    town and since I didn’t shoot back he figured out his mistake …. then I
    got blasted by an enemy that snuck up on us and I figured it was a
    friendly. So with the botched team making its super easy to see how the
    Cromwell did so well.

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    Who aren’t you and what haven’t you done with the real jingles

  224. Oh btw, THE most realistic tank sim is without a doubt Steel Beasts, but
    than again that is most certainly not in the category of games. That
    program is used to train real tank crews which is amazing. But all that
    aside, war thunder does do a good job.

  225. War thunder is shit and world of tanks is too Arcady. Is there not a proper
    tank game anywhere?

  226. one if the reasons I stopped playing warthunder is because of how badly
    they treat their players. the forums are a total joke.

  227. The Cromwells in War Thunder make shake my head. They are just so
    completely WRONG they may as well be hover tanks and shoot lasers.

  228. my best friend was on one of these games!

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