War Thunder Let’s Talk (Phly Rant)

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KV-2 Nuke Artillery VS TANKS (War Tanks Gameplay)


  1. Game mode haven’t been the same really. Gaijin are actively destroying everything that’s fun.

    Arcade GF battle is horrible now. No way to play just tanks against tanks.
    You rarely (never) see other than domination in AB GF.

    Bombers are useless in Air Battles.

  2. At this point new game modes would revitalise War Thunder, when it’s felt stagnant for ages now.

  3. I play 99% AB, I simply want to keep everything even the annoying kamikaze planes but the enemy markers should be disabled.

  4. Having a map where I don’t get shot in spawn at the start of a map and 1 shotted by an Object 120 when I’m in my maus would he nice, thanks.

  5. If we are really honest with ourselves: War Thunder is just a giant mess of a game. There are so many problems with gameplay and balancing. The fact that you can not even chose what map/gamemode you want to play is just the tip of the iceberg

  6. What about game mode where you have to steal a tank, Lets say allies will have to steal Tiger 2 or Maus and escort it to their base.

  7. I agree with your sentiment entirely. A symmetric map would be nice too; no terrain advantages, just two teams giving it their all on equal footing.
    A map voting system is needed, at least a trial run to see the effect.

    Game modes are what made BF:BC2 great, and these Slavs can sure as shit glean glory from one of tge best games ever! “World War” mode has been festering for years now. It could be made great, as could any number of modes which the playerbase can influence. Heck, we have the CDK, and plenty of experience to know the layout of a beautiful battlefield!

    Depose the trash-tier gameplay devs and Make WT Great Again!

  8. instead of dragging documents, it should be prototype machinery

  9. You should doing podcast with another warthunder YouTubers. theOrangeDoom ever invite you to their podcast

  10. protect the convoy would be a cool gamemode

  11. Why do they not just cycle through the map list? Other games do. Also as there are different versions of the maps between AB and RB. If Gajin put all the versions of the maps in, then the chances of getting Japan etc., 4 times in a row would be lessened and and also it would introduce AB players to such maps as Kursk etc. There are some maps I personally have not seen for weeks and I play daily. Yes I agree it gets boring and frustrating doing the same maps time after time. Let’s hope Gajin listens to us.

  12. They need to change the assault PVE mode if you ask me. You need to do very very well to get close to the research and currency from a regular match against players, while they last much longer. You may even run a loss if you die a lot.

    As a result, few people play it, while it’s a lot less pressure and thus more relaxed to play, than PvP.
    This could be a major thing, players vs computer. The concept of the computer being massively more powerful and teams overcoming that steadily is very old and very effective, because the computer doesn’t mind losing, but players sometimes do.

    I ussually play just one match a day for the reward, then go PvP because it pays more, but some matches end up being horrible and frustrating. 9 consecutive uptiers on American 4.7 where you always get one-shotted out of nowhere without being able to do anything, just makes you angry.

  13. I always wanted an AAS style gamemode like in squad, complete with slots and max amount of a certain role. For example a 7.7 or so game… 2/3 of the team consists of mediums and the other third, support tanks such as AA SPgs or heavies. All spawn at once (as in tanks and air) the aircraft have the job of support, they’re in that 3rd (or half idk) this would give a use to aa at the beginning. So this 7.7 being a team of leos with a few maus heavies, gepards, raketens, migs, sabres and arados. The alternative is going fully like squad with roles and restrictions with bonuses given to players who play multiple roles… Everyone spawns in a wave giving the opportunity for changing roles.

  14. Just spin the maps slightly around so you spawn in different locations and that way the maps are different every time

    • We need different weapons. Why can’t we drop napalm. Why can’t we drop landmines. Why can’t they put in Infantry so it gives us something else to shoot at

  15. How about spawn camping sucking the fun out of everything

  16. If youd like to share your opinions on things that need to be fixed in game please do so by checking out this on going forum topic, this topic is trying to tackle the issues that players are seeing in the game, and supporting it may just show the devs that it is a popular opinion amoungst players that things need to changed and fixed. https://forum.warthunder.com/index.php?/topic/397949-fixing-ground-rb-community-opinion/&

  17. Hide and seek! would be a fun gamemode, me and my friends play mostly custom because we know we kan have more fun that way. We don’t play like the normal hide and seek, we play a own version of it so it gets more fun

  18. We both have a castle at each end or a base and the first one there gets destroyed loses. Kind of like defence Tower. So you can either attack them or defend your Tower

  19. Be really cool if there was something where one team has to play an object based objective and the other defends. For example, one team rocks up and has to kill an armoured train before it is refueled and steams off or their numbers are depleted by the enemy, or one team has to take an airfield and kill all the planes that are on the ground. That would be really cool in my opinion.

  20. why not have all types of vehicles in a RB match where the only AI on the field are infantry, would be awesome !

  21. Wasting your breath, fuck the pos game

  22. 8:30 comrade))))

  23. Instead of game modes, add a more realistic mechanic based on morale and weight of fire.
    In war, you typically don’t destroy the enemy. Collective weight of fire, losses etc make sure one side loses resolve and retreats. So, make capture points bigger and score tickets for simply firing into them. Preferably with artillery-like things that currently do very badly ingame, like the Sturmpanzer.

    Result: It’s impossible to play ambush and utterly dominate like happens now. Rushing caps becomes undoable. Area denial is no longer a thing, while now area denial is utterly decisive.

    There will be pressure on finding and taking out the other team regardless of location, and providing weight of fire becomes more important. So a team has four tasks instead of just 2 as it is now.

    1 – Attack/defend caps
    2 – Attack/defend players

    1 – Attack/defend players
    2 – Find firing locations and provide weight of fire into a zone
    3 – Secure and defend such fire locations
    4 – Attack/defend caps
    and maybe 5 – provide area denial of potential firing locations

    It just needs a scoring and targeting system that ensures it’s not simply pumping shells into a zone blindly while staying as hidden as possible. Maybe gradually change firing zones or score specific points within them differently, and dynamically.

  24. You should design some merch phly!

  25. I just want enduring confrontation to be a year round thing like sim battles or at least have it be more common than it is.

  26. Make a tank realistic mode with out planes please! For the love of god!!!

  27. BRs / MM, Map rotation etc. problems in the game are related to the number of players!
    Well, we divide all players as well as possible (Air / Ground AB / RB / SB, Squadron Battles, Custom Matches soon WWII and ships) – so the possible candidates are getting smaller for each mode! Gaijin should try to counteract this!

    I would suggest bigger combined matches, e.g.:
    AIR RB and Ground RB meet together!

    Actually, what we know in the game from AIR Battles, only with real AAA and vehicles instead of bots, WITHOUT MARKERS(like Ground RB)! Fights take place between both airfields, there are also points of reinforcement available. Airfields and supplies can be destroyed (no replenishment or air strike anymore). True AAA defend the bases, light tanks scouting for air strikes and own ground units, tanks advancing and taking strategic points and push!

    More Caps/ dynamic Caps are now important bridges, factories, etc. These give the owner different advantages in the game (no easy ticket bleed anymore)!
    As the rounds take longer, the players are rewarded based on their time of engagement! You can decide for short game rounds (small submissions), you can also play it through, the big picture counts !!!

  28. just fix the BR Balance for a start..

  29. Dunno about everyone else but I would love a mode like authentic or something where ww2 face ww2 tanks say everyone goes tiger 2 then limit those number of tanks per game give the us uk ussr more players to counter more or less have 2 or 3 times more allied tanks facing a smaller axis force. Something along those lines just an idea. I just hate taking out my tiger 2 and 80% of my team are in ru or Leo’s. Keep the br system but have an option for people who want a more authentic battle.

  30. Battle mode is best. Playing once every 15th match and is always best match. It lasts long, it rewards more, there is no abuse of cap with cheap light tank and then bomb. It makes sense to play SPGs and defend your objective. Guy had 9 kills as jagdtiger defending his B yetarday. etc.

    Its classic mode and makes best mode for me, i am most used to it.

  31. eastern europe just annoys the fuck out of me

  32. We just need a big circle on map and the team kills every tank in that circle should win.

  33. how about a simple deathmatch so you dont have to go for objectives and annoying caps

  34. I’m still waiting for AI troops so mg and HE shells will be used more like escorts or help the troops escape and to win kill all troops to win and they carry hmg and rpg to defend themselves with

  35. New game mode idea, Front Line. Teams start north and south of the map. The further your team pushes towards the enemy end, you move an imaginary line. When that line gets to the enemy end zone ur team wins. But the line can’t go past the furthest south enemy, think of the offside rule in soccer. This means you need to maintain a rear defence to stop the enemy pushing but also have a sufficient attack force pushing the enemy line. I feel this would be a little more realistic than standard game modes. Obviously you can push past this line and flank enemy positions from behind to further you lines progression.

  36. I only returned to play up to the end of tier 3-4 of UK, Japan and France, high tier takes too much time to grind and the gameplay is so boring. Capture intel should be capture prototype tank and escort it out to like a harbour or airfield like the maus or P100 etc. like its always something 1-2 tiers higher like tier 2-3 are capturing an early panther and so on. I wish there were more good tank games, like maybe Fantasy tiers? just use the towers/turrets from naval on tanks and maybe end it with insane tiers with battleships sized tanks manned by like 5 players and perhaps a mix of smaller tanks, also with full mortar crews and runways etc. just go nuts

  37. tenk deily

  38. Game Mode: protect or attack a convoy. one team babysits an AI group of trucks or something with the use of flags. cap a flag, they move to that flag and stop, cap next flag and they move again. other team trys to stop them.

  39. If by “dominating” you mean editing out all your bad games to make it seem like you go on a rampage every game, then okay bud ??

  40. Infantry escort, Vietnam maps, flamethrowers, troop models, more destructible environments

  41. How about gamemodes that are heavily influenced by operations of ww 2 for example from op market garden on a big map plane fighting to achieve superiority and protect transport planes so at somepoint maybe at mid end game the paratroopers can safely land. In the meantime ground forces would have to fight for the landing grounds and have them secured and locked down and the fight for dominance goes on untill the last minute with the point being in a safe distance between the spawns and being essentially a frontline (and spawn proyection and stuff to prevent spawncamping etc) end the constant threat of the massive airwar thats just above every side in the worse case of rushing to enemys spawn the players could me marked and harnessed by cas and stuff

  42. I wish they polished the PvE mode a bit. Most of the maps (in tanks) have no real cover (either because the enemy is coming from all sides, or because there is no usable cover at all). In the aircraft PvE the biggest problem are the players because they gang up on waves and don’t split for bomber AND attacker hunting.

  43. Heroes and generals have settings where you can choose exactly what maps you want and don’t want to play

  44. For air maps, destroying factory’s and better maps with actual locations set in the 1940’s I.e. Krupp steel factory

  45. What ever happened to the world war modes? Or the continuous campaign mode i really loved those and i think war thunder would be better if they had a system like world war online where nations fight over a massive map, allies on 1 side axis on the other. Maybe have the Russians on their own side for balance.

  46. A good game mode could be RO 2 style game mode where you have a perimeter that one team defends and one attacks. After it is lost a new perimeter is set up further and the spawns are pushed further. Both teams should have more spawn tickets, but the balance would mostly depend on the map (attacking fortified defenses through a open filed of mud would be suicide).
    This would remove spawn camping and make battles where the tanks actually push through and break the enemy lines instead of just sitting around the same circle the whole match

  47. Wiryan Tirtarahardja

    Oh so like Overwatch progression capture?
    2-3 cap zones attackers need to push through while the defenders spawn ahead of time? And then the further you go into the caps the harder it is because the closer to the defenders’ spawn is?

  48. A battle royale game mode, everyone spawns in a staff car or truck, and just like weapon pickups in shooters you drive through that pickup and get that tank so you can change vehicles during the match or get stronger or more agile tanks to suit you, while the playable area gets smaller, until last tank standing.

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