War Thunder – Lost in the Desert

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Source: Squire

Tally-ho! Today I bring you something completely different. I’d like to thank everyone who took part in this project, especially co-writer DigitalDigging, and I sincerely hope you enjoy the video!
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  1. “Didn’t you see the bloody bombs!?”- Demoman, 2007. lol

  2. ahjhhhhhhhhhhhh!

  3. I’m angered Squire!

  4. why so u have to have so much mail! bloody hell mate

  5. Königgrätzer march is so cool.

  6. i am pretty sure commentary would be more like ” fuck me…. its so god
    damn hot… fuck…. fucking tank keeps breaking down….. Driver move
    out…. fuck me more driving… its so god damn hot” im a marine tanker…
    i know these things.

  7. You’re excused for not making videos quick

  8. Bloody well amazing sir

  9. Congratulations indeed yes yeeees, it almost look like from a video game.

  10. Thought I recognized DD’s voice. Splendid fun, both of you. Thanks a
    MmmYeeeeeeessss, do another one, or several.

  11. More of these small movies please

  12. That was awesome! YEEEES

  13. beautiful !

  14. These videos are indeed hilarious!

  15. Well good Sir, that was jolly good!

  16. Quite exquisite Squire, yeeeeeeeees

  17. Typical Italians. Switching sides halfway!

  18. More like this please! Absolutely brilliant stuff! Reminds me back when you
    still had a smaller channel.

  19. 4:45 im like the only one here that knows that song is königgrätzer marsch?
    and at 5:04 hohenfriedberger marsch thats part of königgrätzer marsch and
    wow i think i feel to smart now….

  20. Face reveal

  21. The damn Germans destroyed the tea maker again.

  22. Funny ..so funny…………

  23. best war thunder video i have seen in a long time xD

  24. Do u got emergency tea

  25. Bloody Fritz stealing Ruski tanks. Despicable.

  26. more please

  27. Ser Squire of Flyer, can you try some Hearts of Iron IV as the Brritish
    Empire, and give all of those chumps a good old British thrashing 6 all
    bottoms to one. It would be well appreciated as you, can turn the posh
    British Empire, into something greater, the SQUIDONIAN EMPIRE.

  28. Hmm seems the operation desert “cunning” fox did not go so well for the

  29. Talented work, enjoyed every minute.. Thanks for making me laugh.. I’ts
    been awhile..

  30. Noah Ratcliff (TheGamerGrape)

    The very first word you said I instantly subscribed. The best bloody
    channel on YouTube already lol

  31. Wonderful video! Just lacking some uh… Nigel’s don’t you think? Anyway a
    carrier pigeon shall be on your way and will keep coming as long as you
    keep posting!

  32. Leonardo Flamminio

    What song is when the A 13 shoots at the KV2?

  33. “A rather convincing camouflage ” LMAO

  34. What happend with the top 5?

  35. You should do some gameplay as the Japanese :p

  36. Breaking the forth wall

  37. “What side is he on?”
    “What year is it!?”


  38. And so ever so ever so close with almost getting blown up by the while
    teams going:

    MK I driver: repairman whats the status?
    Repairman: 4 mins
    Driver: Their getting close.
    Repairman:I’m trying!

    German driver of box Tank: We have you surrounded come out with your hands
    Driver And repairman: Well shit damn jerries got us!
    American Bomber arrives blows the living shit out of their Convoy But then
    misscalucates and KABOOM!
    American pilot: Did we just…?
    Gunner: Yep we did.
    2nd gunner: well lets hope they don’t find out.

  39. My good man, Can you make some videos with slick, Definetly my two favorite
    youtubers, yessss. Scincerely, Dolphin

  40. i cant believe its been over a year and a half since i subscribed and in
    honor of the time i enjoyed im going to use my cologne accent for the
    occasion *hem hem* “well goffanah that was the best video iff effer saw pip
    pip chero and all that rot” how was by butchered accent king of sqidonia

  41. tally ho lads, i’m afraid i need your help here. soon i will be able to fly
    jets, and i want to know which one is better to start with: the f2h-2
    banshee or the p80 shooting star? i dont want to research 120000rp and end
    up with a bad plane. soo… would y’all mind helping me out?

  42. part 2!

  43. Squire I love your videos there really awesome and funny.

  44. I thought the Germans didn’t have kv2s

  45. Please play Fnaf

  46. HAHA! THis was honestly great. Love to see more of these. Maybe make it a

  47. what song is in the A 13 at 5:03 part of the video?

  48. This one REALLY made me laugh, love the sound when the shell hits the KV-2

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