War Thunder M103 vs Maus Attack! (60fps Test Vid)

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War Thunder Tanks – M103 120mm Maus Heavy Tanks!
War Thunder 60fps Tank Request series! 5 US Tanks!

Thanks for watching!


  1. What tank should I play next? And if you like 60fps and want more vids like
    that, hit the like button to let me know!

  2. Sergeant Steve Jason

    M36 Jackson

  3. cassius aasav browning

    Could you do like phly and mix planes and tanks?

  4. love your vids :))

  5. rip gpu. atleast its easy to replace

  6. Baron can you please play the tiger two.

  7. Panzer II H!! ROMMELMEISTER!!!!

  8. Joe Google Plus User™

    looks like baron became sober since his last vid

  9. ZSU 57-2 … kill some leopards and bulldogs with it!

  10. Merry 9/11

  11. Do the Chaffee

  12. Tiger 2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Baron, what’s your favorite tank in War Thunder?

  14. playyyyy mauss plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  15. Is the game running on 60 fps? Because it doesn’t really seem so

  16. Surprise! Arcade again… :(

  17. War Thunder Italian Channel “Mr. bombardier” W.T.I.C

    what is the patch of this gameplay ?

  18. Hey Baron, have you ever seen the movie Mouse Hunt? It’s a pretty funny
    movie in my opinion

  19. lel my war thunder crashed like 7 times

  20. HERRO!

  21. War Thunder Italian Channel “Mr. bombardier” W.T.I.C

    because i haven’t the m60 with the 105 mm

  22. This video is as smooth as a baby’s butt

  23. does anybody know did baron already pick thw winners for the tirpitz

  24. the mouse

  25. The 60 fps does not appear to be any different to normal

  26. I recollect earlier 60fps-video’s?

  27. 11:22 it came from the bombing run you just mentioned! Couldn’t tell you in
    time :'(

  28. Actually I would like to see the German teir one PANZER II WITH PZR 40’s

  29. The last hit result in detrack comes form the bomber

  30. Mincraft Performance 101

    can you play the isu-152

  31. M46 (Tiger) please

  32. Baron. I have been waiting for you too do 60fps for a loooooooong time!

  33. baron do the m4 and the helldiver plz

  34. Hey Baron ! i dear you to take out the T-26-4 DERP BABY!! its needs its
    glory! or go to gulag!

  35. I love how tiger 2p get into rank5 game tiger2p vs all rank5 its not fun

  36. yaassss

  37. 11:37 Its a bomb to the left

  38. ugh dat stuttering

  39. Tiger 2 or Tiger H1

  40. blue baron36 aka jacob beach

    baron if u have a xbox360 play birds of steel with me blue baron36

  41. Oh,, it really doesn’t seem like 60fps video. It isn’t smooth and it
    killing my eyes.

  42. **** arcade

  43. m103 next

  44. Get the new Graphics card already..:///
    Next one Panther D plz…
    I played with it and I found it hard to survive with them lol

  45. plz Baron play rb arcade is boring !

  46. T 95, Baron. please, its the 3 time i ask you to go in “turtle of doom”

  47. T-95 DOOM TURTLE

  48. WHY why are you not playing with the panzer 35 t with a new name not the
    dildo tank but the sily shit tank whit a DILDO

  49. and you are playing whit the M103 the POTATO TURET TANK

  50. doom turtle plz baron

  51. Tier IV TIger 2’s!! especially the one with the Porsche turret!

  52. FluckDuckProductions

    Baron Whats your system specs?

  53. Elegant Elliot Offen

    BE ZEE MOUZE. Yeah drive the Maus plz.

  54. I seen the name of the video and reminded me what I would like to happen
    with me when I die and that is my ashes to be shot out of a Maus tank and
    go through someone like Kim jung un and I probably spelled his name wrong
    but whatever and I’d like to see you play as a panzer-2 or a Maus but
    whatever it is I’m sure it’ll be awesome.

  55. Hold my beer

  56. All the top tier tanks that have the 400m spam shells need to be BR9.0 so
    that the tiger2s (all three) don’t get to go against t10m m60 t541951 m103
    with the fucking 400m span shells cause it’s impossible to play EARLY t5
    Germans Russian and U.S. Cause 400m spam

  57. m47! in tank rb

  58. 60FPS looks SOOO much better… Normally vids are all blurry and hard to
    really see any detail. But the added bandwidth with 60FPS makes things look
    so much more crisp!

  59. German Shepard (MrGamePlayer3)

    10.5 cm tiger lets get all them likes for Germany!

  60. get a titan X 🙂 overkill card

  61. Play realistic battles.

  62. hay baron in responce to ” how did he get my track” @ 11.15 after the
    bomber dropped there was a bomb on the corner and when it went boom, you
    track said i surrender and ran away


  63. ZSU 57-2, BT-7 T-34-85(E), T-54, T-34(1942), T-34(1940), M3Lee

  64. Kv1-b from Germany

  65. that shot that detracked you at the end was actually damage from a bomb
    from the enemy bomber

  66. play Tiger H, i dont see diference from 1080p and 1080p60.

  67. stug 3
    or t 34 85

  68. At 0:59 did anyone notice the fence just nope the hell out of there?

  69. im the 450th liker

  70. play with thanks what you whant of lvl 1and 2.
    And i giwe you a chalange to kil 3 tigers or 1 maus.
    Good luck


  72. Moar 60fps

  73. Glorious 60fps gameplay. I approved whole-heartedly.

  74. Katz and Maus !!

  75. T95 please

  76. idky why I love Baron’s tank videos so much….must be the way he plays :D

  77. btw that was a bomb -.-

  78. do the t-34 1942 plz

  79. Tiger 2

  80. 0:58 running fence xD

  81. 60 frames is fine Brother, Lets see some T95 action. thanks

  82. Tiger 2!

  83. That fence got a little excited at 0:59

  84. plz “turtle of doom”

  85. Karolis Lukosevicius

    t 10 plzz man

  86. Plz no more webcams

  87. It sounds so awesome when you try to pronounce “Mäuse”.Maöüüüus :DD

  88. 11:18 Herp derp, no one shot you :p

  89. Did you give obsproject.com a try? I remember that it is way better with

  90. And again the King of Derp … the Badass KV-2 … For comrade STALIN!!!!!

  91. The bomb took your track at 11:18. M103 is almost useless until you get the

  92. please no 60 frames, then most of us needs to put it to 72 not in 1028

  93. Don’t think I’ll ever get to that tier. being waiting to unlock the is2 mod
    for 2 weeks ha

  94. Baron, Try to a new BETTER series with Phly where you both do a Combined
    Arms and take out ONE plane and ONE tank in Realistic Battles, or ask Phly
    if you can use that idea for your channel.

  95. M60 Patton with phly on realistic and arcade!!

  96. The last hit was from the bomb.

  97. baron, what ever happened to the epic flak vs bomber games?

  98. Francisco Ontiveros

    I hate calling in a bomber without any air support against 2 enemy

  99. Kv2
    king derp!

  100. Happy 9/11 day!

  101. whistle BOOM BOOM BOOM “geez the enemy bombing runs tho” looks left bomb
    timer 10ft away BOOM “WHERE DID THAT COME FROM”……i know commentary
    takes some focus away from the game but Baron your better than that

  102. Baron! Still no M4 105!!! What is this black magic?

  103. M60 please… 105mm of patriotism !!!

  104. Baron, you should get a 980 ti.

  105. 11:15
    That was a bomb baron.

  106. M5A1 plzzzzz

  107. Play the t54

  108. You didn’t say anything about 9/11

  109. ΚV85 plzplzplzplzplz

  110. Can you play hetzer ? Pls !

  111. Do a Panzer lineup or Dhakow

  112. Hey baron, please do the fw-190 a-1, that thing is a beast at its tier,
    have fun with all your kills.

  113. Baron, what GPU are you currently using, and what GPU are you getting?

  114. Videos like this really make me want to get tier 5 tanks.

  115. sounds like its time for a new PC baron…could go all out and not have any
    problems for a while..watercooled i7 5960x, watercooled GTX 980 Ti, 32gb
    DDR4, ROG Swift 144hz monitor..would give you the ability to make the
    videos look perfect, with some eyecandy for yourself :P

  116. Mr.Awesome Mr.AwesomeFace

    I don’t like the web cam…not that your face is ugly,just because there is
    no reason for it.

  117. tiger premium

  118. Or any British premium do it for prime minister Churchill

  119. +BaronVonGamez
    IS-3, Pleeaze!

  120. At 00:59 that gate went fucking flyin

  121. Do the Kv2 Stalin’s refrigerator

  122. sd.kfz 140 / 1 please I don’t think you ever played it


  124. Play tiger e

  125. maus!!!

  126. king tiger

  127. great video,,u make me sick,,lol,,, ur too good

  128. look 4:36.. a maus is right there!!!! BARON!!!!! XD

  129. daniel jaramillo (djc)

    Tiger two

  130. Hetzer gonna Hetz, right?

  131. play the t54 1949

  132. disliking to save baron’s gpu from annihilation
    jk i liked but PLEASE GOD SPARE THE GPU

  133. T-34

  134. Man I wish I had a press account. ;-;

  135. Airbrusher Games and art

    Keep up the 60fps for recording Baron. Some games just go that way bud.
    Bring in the T32!!

  136. Play SMK or The King Of Derp (KV-2)

  137. Doom tortelzzz. T95

  138. T95 Doom Turtle, The American Experimental TD Baron

  139. @BARON SO at 11:28, you were near a bomb. And it go boom.

  140. 11:35…

  141. 1:00 Dat fence do

  142. is the beta code for rainbow six for pc only

  143. and I saw a m3 grant tank the other day idk how though it was weird maybe a
    game dev?

  144. 11 min, it was the bomb

  145. I know the dying GPU problem, mine just make the computer to shut down
    without warning when i try to play WT …
    On sother games, it takes several seconds to load the textures on the
    models, so everything is grey for some seconds after a screen change.

  146. A bomb behind you blew your track.

  147. Maus in Zee house and baron better have a spouse.

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