War Thunder – M163 Vulcan

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Source: TheDevildogGamer

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  1. Gurtrude Sky hopper

    You know if you actually played an aaa role you wouldn’t die as much

  2. This vehicle seems out of place in comparison to the other vehicles that
    get tiered up against it.
    I sure as hell wouldn’t appreciate going up against an M113 in an aircraft
    from World War 2.

  3. 10/10 would MREEEEEEEEEEEE again.

  4. You hear that? The sound of freedom! “BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRT!”



  7. hey guys I’m cassey ho (HO)

  8. meeeeeehhhhhhhhh

  9. The VADS (Vulcan Air Defense System) entered service in 1968.

  10. “Hello! Is it me you’re looking for! I can see it in you’re eyes!

  11. wtf war thunder has turned from ww2 era to modern day era

  12. you got that song from hunter honda didnt you

  13. They should add infantry to this.

  14. hey dev these are the vids that make your Chanel great keep up the good

  15. so this is the first video I’ve watched since getting home from parris
    island. OORAH brother

  16. Stop saying rip its fucking annoying

  17. Lmfao funny video

  18. Legalize Miami (Dize)

    would you ever do a meet and greet?? i would really want to meet up with
    you bro

  19. Hey Devil, remember that advice you gave in a video a while back about
    picking up numbers?

    It doesn’t work

  20. I swear I heard kamikaze

  21. marco “t500” jonker

    dont you call it a GAU

  22. I better fucking see a squad up episode with this thing rofl

  23. when is the 1.63 out?

  24. 6 barrels? How about 6 MG42s?

  25. Devil is f**king awesome!!!!!

  26. Hey Phlydaily ! How can you get so much gold?

  27. All I really see is Devil absolutely spanking low-level aircraft using a
    well-designed glass cannon. There’s definitely ways to counter these new
    AA, people just need to find them.

  28. Now I want this game

  29. Also I do the same as devil when I shoot I just make the gun sound and act
    like I am doing stuff

  30. Good stuff. Glad to see you back in War Thunder games.

  31. A Russian soldier Invading Ukraine

    if this was wargame
    all the tanks would get really annoyed and rout

  32. I hope that one day they go further and make modern day jets and bombers.

  33. Phly sent me

  34. So is this a mod or an update?

  35. And here we see, the DevilDog in it’s natural habitat… and it’s here
    where, we get to hear it’s majestic mating call…


  36. the vulcan vs ww2 tanks???? nice work stupid gaijin devs

  37. Had a chance to see these things vaporizing targets on an exercise, just
    before the IDF phased them out. No sound quite like that gun :)

  38. that person on every channel

    is this update out yet?

  39. Lol rip ad2 now u can’t even use it in tank rb or air rb

  40. can you do hearts of iron 4 again

  41. we need this in arma 3

  42. custom battle-vulcan only.he he he #lagthunder

  43. only matter of time until the m1 abrams is on war thunder too XD

  44. We’re just gonna roll on down Main Street, fuck it. Queue it boys, cruisin
    on down mainstreet

  45. Not that this is in the game, Gaijin now has an excuse to add an op Russian
    vehicle. Watch out, the mig 29 is coming.

  46. this thing is so cool

  47. Cruisin down the street in my 6-3

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