War Thunder M18 Black Cat, The Super Hellcat?

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Source: BaronVonGamez

Super Hellcat? Blackcat M18 Hellcat Gameplay
War Thunder M18 Hellcat Tank Request Series!

Thanks for watching!


  1. Paulo Henrique Rocha Rodrigues


  2. 15th view!

  3. IS-3, Stalin’s snow plow, Baron!

  4. so close!

  5. Well then 3rd?

  6. baron can u invite me to one of ur games one day my twitter is GracedDig3
    im already folloeing u plz baron ur amazing. at war thunder plzzzz

  7. T44 BARON

  8. What the titties is this!

  9. Gib Grant Mk.1 :3 (It’s the First British tonk!, It’s even a ‘Cruiser’)

  10. PotatoMasher Productions

    Psshhh, play the m2a2 and try to get an ace

  11. I want to see the super rare m8 scott (mini hellcat) again.

  12. Use the German captured KV-1b.

  13. Dayanara Fiorentine

    hi baron you tit ?

  14. I like you bro

  15. streaming scheduel or Gulag

  16. Andrew Wagenknecht

    M22 Locust.

  17. Stalins battlewagon t-35!!!

  18. Under 312 club, would you like a drink from the extensive bar? Or maybe a
    sit in our libraries. A game on our tennis and badminton course? Maybe some
    holes on the green. All possible with the Under 312 club. wink

  19. Brother Ptolemaios

    Panzer V Panther. (any earlier one, paired with a Tiger 1)

    Do it or else the Fuhrer will be sehr verärgert (might have screwed that
    <--- up)

  20. do the MAUS please just about the seventh time I’ve asked

  21. Used to play war thunder, then I realized How fucking op the Russians are

  22. Baron I love you

  23. Play za M3 Lee!!

  24. I need wsr thunder ground forces friends. add my steam: SentinelFPS

  25. Do the M36 and F7F!!! FTW 4 american 20s and 4 12.7s ftw!!!!

  26. kamolpat ธนะนพวรรณ

    f2h plspls

  27. Lol

  28. kamolpat ธนะนพวรรณ

    t44 VS tiger 2

  29. The lightest, fastest tank you’ve got.

    In a BR 6.0 to 8.0 Match.

  30. Seen it on slicks first, get faster baron.

  31. Tiger two white camo jungle map

  32. Brannan Darmawi-Iskandar

    super hellcat next time plz?

  33. I got 5 Multistrikes in one match today. ._. in my Tiger 2 H and
    Jadgpanther with 12 kills at the end. And got a triple kill with one
    bombing run.

  34. Is my name too long for you to read because I know it's annoying to you who is reading this comment

    Neat, watching phly’s vid on the M36 showed me the tech tree, I saw the
    black cat and I looked it up. Perfect timing :D

  35. T44 baron :)

  36. Tiger II (P) Porshe Turret

  37. slick always says something dumb

  38. how bout one of those 105 something or others

  39. pls t34e stz

  40. b0ss pls gibe KV-1E with extra stronk Stalinium armor

  41. Baron, are we ever going to see infantry running around in WT? Misa needs

  42. TIGER 2 p pls

  43. Tiger P

  44. m18 isnt a tank. its a tank destroyer

  45. Oyen Khalifa Brofist


  46. T44 plez baron

  47. Baron what’s the use of tank request when we ask a tank, but you play
    something else?

  48. play the panther f

  49. _Cpt_Oblivious_36 _

    That tree reminded me of Snake’s Box LMAO

  50. Play any BR 6.7 tank…

  51. Baron revisit the SU-122-54 now that the BR’s are al over the place or the
    M103. Thanks.

  52. stop being dumb dumb! you parked your tank on sloped hill

  53. Where did you get so many of these golden eagles? This is some special
    account (similar to press account in WoT) or you bought all this?

  54. you use ballistic capped on arcade and its this hard o get a kill for

  55. Baron use tiger 2 with slick thanks

  56. “SUCK ME WAR THUNDER!” – SlickBee 2015

  57. Get the Lego m18 hellcat for another build

  58. So, this is the tank request series… Play the IL-2 line?

  59. Panther 2!

  60. Actually play what the people ask for… That’s what this tank request
    series is about.

  61. leopard 1

  62. or m103

  63. Baron you’re a very powerful advertiser for war thunder, can you not see
    how badly they’re ruining the BR’s and the game in general. Please speak
    out, don’t sit idly by just because they’re your main game, we’ll watch
    whatever you play. 

  64. Ludorije Duda Srbijagames

    is 3

  65. your tank has a Gilly suit

  66. you really annoy me

    why the fuck dont you take all the ammo you can?

    like really

    its super annoying

  67. Then the M10 wolverine

  68. T-44 plz

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