War Thunder M22 “Idiots Driving Locusts”

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Source: Bo Time Gaming

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We figured it was time to have some fun and challenge ourselves with a bit of screaming and panic.

All Good In The Wood by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/æ)

Artist: http://audionautix.com


  1. Just a friendly heads up for all the Plane Collectors out there that the XP-38G will be disappearing from the store when the new patch drops. You have a very limited time to get this beast before it disappears. If you use the link that I am attaching it will support the channel, as well as a small discount for you. You also get the Bo Time Gaming Decal in-game. Thanks! https://store.gaijin.net/story.php?title=USA-Pacific-Campaign-%281941-1942%29&partner=BohicaIce&partner_val=e6sna5ff

    • @Fritz Enders Unfortunately Fritz i think Bo had to thing of the video content when he made the choice to turn off the chat. An unpredictable chat constantly on screen can ruin great content moments by someone spamming offensive (or worse) language in it. Makes the whole section of video unusable or you constantly have a blocked out square in the videos to cover up the chat area.

    • @Druzice If you’ve seen the stream he does on Twitch you can see it’s not always that he gets the ‘better’ enemies to fight. You have to realize that these are the highlights of a number of matches they run so while you’ll see some of the fails and matches that don’t fall the crew’s way it’s not going to make a good video if it’s all just frustration and insta-death/spawn-camped.

    • @Khanna Raha I get thet, but when he isn’t recording (I was in a game where this accursed with at least 10 of us on my team alone…).

    • @Fritz Enders I get what you mean but with the amount of time he plays the game i don’t think there’s much of it where he isn’t ‘working’. Problematic language can be censored on videos if it means some footage is dropped but it can’t be the same on Twitch streams, something happens on there and he could be banned from it.

    • nathaniel christensen

      Goddamnit gaijin

  2. I never thought a M-24 could look big.

  3. *me finds a panther in m22 nobody comes to help it*
    *second bo finds a panther in m22 everybody rushes to help it*

  4. Nobody:
    Wasps: 11:23

  5. Moh Ilham Rafli Jahja

    i want to see bo play withe p 51c

  6. A Locust, Tiger, and Panzer walk into a bar.

    The bartender asks the Locust what he will be having, the Locust asks for the menu.

    The bartender then walks over to the Tiger and Panzer and asks what they will be having.

    The Tiger says, don’t worry about us. The Locust will be enough.

  7. This was so damn hilarious! 😀
    Bo giving up on life and rising his barrel only to be saved by an ‘Avenger’ is some movie level shit!

  8. In today’s news:
    A swarm of locusts takes over a city and harasses local wildlife .

  9. Bo, the book’s called “Are You my Mother”

  10. The locusts never gets old 😆

  11. 0:46 – *Tank Harlem in a nutshell.*

  12. The Three Stooges in Locust mayhem

  13. This kind of gameplay is always funny ! Great one !

  14. no one expects the Locust inquisition

  15. Wiki: Locust has good maneuverability and low profile.
    Me: well those done seem to matter when I use it!

    I’m just bad at shooting games IG

  16. What settings do you use for the big map and showing fuel on planes?
    Also, you changed repair key to U? Is there a reason?

  17. lol bear turned into dutch with him having a plan

  18. I wish to experience a locust swarm .-.

  19. I like how literally every title is a quote

  20. They’re like bumper cars

  21. 1:30 is literally the actual footage of the T-Rex parents mauling the bald guy in Jurassic Park The Lost World LMAO


    toon in when next time when they use asu-57, zis-30, any russian spaa, and pumas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hell maybe they will even use ke-nis or m8 LACs

  23. 1:07 voice of terror

  24. Best video in quite some time

  25. A few seconds into the video I thought I was watching a Fail Montage. Now, after watching it all…still not convinced it WASN’T a Fail Montage.

  26. Member when the M22 had scouting? Those were the days…

  27. Why did the Locusts bullying KV-1 at the end, remind me of poolstick fight scene from Shaun of the Dead?


  28. ye sabaton stuff to this, it fits.

  29. I love the m22 videos feels like I’m watching duck tales or some childhood cartoon

  30. Ah, this brought a smile to my face

  31. Kv1 is like probably the most op Russian vehicle out there

  32. Patrick Rosendale Jr

    Ran into bear and another TBLF name that I didnt recognize last night hope they enjoyed the game!

  33. Has anyone considered the meme potential of a flakpanzer 1 squad?

  34. My favourite tank ever 😁 Baby Sherman

  35. Fantastic all wonderfull

  36. Nobody:

    Me and the bois:

  37. i remember Chi Ha Tan on this XDDD

  38. It’s times like these I really wish I could see the in game text chat. Beautiful vid, Bo. Love the locust swarm. :’)

  39. You told your grandchildren how you got smacked by a T34-85

  40. One m22 is nothing, but a group is the devil in person.

  41. I may be late to the video, but not to the party. Good to see that the Locust Swarming Tactic is still used.

  42. I love how the tiger at 1:29 is just so chill

  43. As an M22 user, we prefer the term “live bait” rather than idiots

  44. I was trying realistic for the first time and I saw a stuka diving and shot a light burst and the whole engine just caught I was using a P-40 I got a lucky shot

  45. Murcia f*** yeah going in a locust and were gana save the day yeah!!!!

  46. that long “NO” though!

  47. Best War Thunder footage, hands down.

  48. This is the greatest content ever

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