War Thunder – M22 Locust “Mom And Dad Stop Fighting!”

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Source: Bo Time

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Sometimes you just need take a Locust out create some havoc. I hope you enjoy these clips of screaming, shooting, and bleeping.

All Good In The Wood by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/…)

Artist: http://audionautix.com


  1. Best Light Tank in the game?

  2. I think we know what moment is going to be in best of 2020

  3. What camo is he using on the M4?

  4. 😀 😀 😀

  5. Welcom to TBLF: The Series. Today, mom and dad fight and scare the kids; a swarm of locusts appear and wreak havok; teamwork wins the day, and Bo gets massive air.

  6. Keep on scrolling down. I have nothing to say.

  7. KV-2 is the best light tank, because you dare not tell it otherwise.

  8. The censor beeps make it better.

  9. It’s the homie bo

  10. I’ll be honest, the censorship was really funny, especially with the mom and dad part

  11. Perhaps only a Locust could say, “I am being mauled by a Chaffee”.

  12. This has been the funniest video loli and hambone arguing is the funniest this ever

  13. Preview of Bo’s 2nd channel…”Whisperin’ Bo ASMR” 😀

  14. that scream at 13:37 was amazing, sounded like a grunt from halo.

  15. For a second I thought YouTube got all up on your d***…

  16. Air-headed Aviator

    This must be what its like to drive a Smart Car on the highway

  17. Bo and crew well done. This was such a fun video to watch. Thank you all for the time and effort you put into these videos. 07 gents

  18. Locust time

  19. Ive never heard them curse before that’s crazy xD

  20. Bo, I would love it if you could challenge squire (a fellow professional war thunder player like you) to a battle in war thunder. You could fight on all 3 turfs and decide who is really the best war thunder Ace.

  21. I didnt think Loli could curse.

  22. Hey anyone wanna play warrhunder with me I just moved to pc from console and I don’t have any friends

  23. Best scene for me: https://youtu.be/e0oSTo7yKas?t=733
    “Haha, look how we killed that Pz III with ease, guys!”
    – all are giggling –
    – StuG comes around the corner –
    So great xD

  24. 5:47
    Bear: BO! Your left!

    Bo: instinctively looks right

    That kills me every single time.

  25. My favorite light tank I have dale jr’s nascar skin on mine

  26. 2:04 or what about 3.7 cent

  27. The locust is one of those vehicles where rank _really doesn’t matter too much_

  28. Well Bo, you and the guys did it again, tried to take a drink just as the beeping started and sprayed beer on my monitor…how the hell this thing is still alive, I’ll never know

  29. You should play the dicker max, recently got it and don’t have tips so but I usually use your gameplay as tips

  30. Can you do a video with the PG-02 boat it is really fun to play ^~^

  31. 2:10 it’s a f**ken truck. YOU HAVE ARMOR.

  32. American tankers at the time called the 37 mm a ‘squirrel gun’. Sounds about right.

  33. Right before he tried to cross the river I yelled “Nooooo!” out loud lol. Good save. ?

  34. Where is Sturmling?

  35. Haven’t heard the censorship before. Adds a certain flavor…

  36. Dude! I love this channel!

  37. That’s the first time I herd a bleeep on this channel

  38. Hey Bo you should try the recently added French vehicles and maps for Post Scriptum


  39. 2:58 Mmm a fellow man of culture

  40. I haven’t heard Loli get that made in a while. Spin Tires must have unnerved him some how.

  41. *Viewer Discretion Advised*

  42. Man killing Tigers with the M-22 is always so satisfying

  43. Bleeping the profanity just made it so much funnier!

  44. Patrick Rosendale Jr

    Lmao if I could like this twice I would just because of the *beeeeep*

  45. 13:49
    Dem bo boys be at it again

  46. Hambone: “I can’t see him!”
    Loli Dragon: “Its a [BLEEEEEEEEP] truck, drive out!”

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