War Thunder – M26 “She’s All About Comfort”

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Source: Bo Time

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It has been over somewhere around half a decade since I have uploaded a dedicated video with the M26! I hope you enjoy these American 6.3 ground matches as always beware of the Pe-8s…

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  1. Okay, so quick poll! “Close Air Support” and their bombs have gotten a little out of control in Ground Forces since the overpressure buff, right? Back in my day tanks used to kill tanks!

    • Empirical panzer VII

      A little bit I’d say, although I’ve not been able to play much in the last couple of weeks.

    • Maximillian Wylde

      @Keith Rogers Yeah, I’d say that this is annoying, especially if you’re behind a hill because the ground ought to absorb some of that shockwave. It certainly shouldn’t flip you over like a toy. I just had this happen to me recently when I was in a King Tiger, and a bomb (I’m thinking a 500lbs one) detonated in a building on my friends and it flipped me over on my turret. So, now I rethink my initial assessment and say that they have to do something about this.

    • alexander morgan

      Germany suffers

    • Austria Hungary


  2. Don’t let Pe-8 distract you from the fact that Bo played Helicopter Dating Sim on stream

  3. Did bombs get buffed or something?

  4. I appreciate Jim’s tone loc reference and everyone needs to hear funky cold medina

  5. Antisocial Engineering

    warthunder? more like CAS simulator

  6. I swear. The way that IS-6 moved. Felt like i was watching RTX Girls und Panzer

  7. Okay, this exchange was funny.

    Bo: “My head blew off!”
    To which Stickboy countered with: “I’m upside down.”

    It seems that the game will flip you right-side up if enough time passes. At least it did for me about forty battles ago.

  8. Stickboy: “I’m….” “Booooooooooooooooooommmm”

    Tiger II-H “Ded, you’re ded” 😈

  9. OhhHhh NooOoOo, “Their in the *TREES* ” Stickboy, I see you found the Vietnamese? They we’re looking for their Sticks to build stuff.

  10. Das conk creet baby

  11. *So. Many. Bombs!*

  12. The M26 will always be one of my favorite tanks. It’s such a good tank in WT if you can get a down tier. It’s a shame it cost so much to repair though

  13. Jiddbeon Mauricioang

    You receive death

    I receive Kills

    Bo time gaming:

  14. “We’re losing. There’s a bomb behind you”

    Famous last words before tragedy

  15. Kaiser Willhelm II

    i love war thunderi used a 500% research booster and i used my bv238 i was about to bomb a base and a fucking xp50 comes out of nowhere and kills me i was lucky that i got the tip of his wing and he died

  16. That IS-6 made Putin proud.

  17. it’s so awesome for you to put out this many content recently!
    also looking forward to the anniversary stream!!!

  18. 19:47 That scream of surprise from Jim 😂😂😂 Good stuff as always Bo and team.

  19. how dare you not let us see the end of that surprise IS-6 solo forest attack…


  21. Joseph Satri Cleofe Villanueva

    Please play AVRE Lavigne in a squad, again! It’s not Complicated.

  22. 18:39
    They’re in the trees, get the flame thrower-Nam

  23. Ahhh THX bo my mum has made my day one realy crap day so you’ve made it much better

  24. Im fairpy certain that IS6 was hacking.

    Way too fast for a heavy tank,and that side shot CANNOT be deflected

  25. Enemy tank: tanks
    TBLF in a plane: FREEENNNS

  26. Local drug seller

    18:38 An american tanker said that in a pershing in 1980s as well

  27. 1:24 I wanna drink I wanna drink (me why)

  28. Helicopter what now?

  29. M26 is my favourite tank in the game. Such an underrated vehicle.

  30. Bomb drops really take the fun out of warthunder realistic.

  31. I’m a day late but i always enjoy the video’s thank you.
    Bo and the TBLF crew and i got my TBLF T-shirts today

  32. 2:30 everything all destroyed while Bo still intact

  33. how do you guys gt such good matches? i just always get matches with spawn campers and snipers and it always sucks

  34. Holy shit that is6 lmao

  35. 18:15 I was waiting for a bomb to drop on them while in that cap circle 🤣🤣🤣

  36. Dang that Pe-8 Yeeted you guys. Great video Bo. Thank you all for making this a wonderful little gift. 07 and <3

  37. Leong Wai Khong

    what the hell the IS6 is fast

  38. firstname lastname

    i see the t26 as a moose
    now i cant unsee it

  39. Jackson Stewart

    “I put a shell in his shells and it exploded”

    Isn’t that where shells come from?

  40. KZ - 06VF 864458 Thomas Street MS


    i cant stop please help me

  41. 真幽靜鬼王

    Is italian m26a1 better than the American m26 with same br?

  42. I had the honour to be in a match with some of you, really made my day, I was just sittting there like “Wai- Wait a moment- WAIT” I so happy shfbrjd

  43. Plane: today, I’m gonna teach you a lesson about spacing… And again

  44. Bo has played Attack Helicopter Dating Simulator confirmed by Stick.

  45. The Tank Commander

    First, Stickboy says, “Diving”

    Second, Stickboy says, “Bombs out”

    Third, Stickboy says, “OH NO!!!”

    Annnnnnnnnd then we see what we call “A Stickboy Face-plant”

  46. Good to see that IS-6 is as much cancer as it was when I uninstalled this clown parade of a tank sim, even before they started injecting post war tanks into low BRs.

  47. That IS-6 bit was like something out of GuP

  48. 9:30
    Scorpion tank !

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