War Thunder – M36 GMC “Speed Is The Key!”

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Source: Bo Time Gaming

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I have been getting non stop requests for this American for months. Now with the introduction of the AM-1 Mauler at 5.7 as well I thought it would be a good combo to try out. I hope you enjoy these rounds of 90mm rounds being sent down range and bombs from the skies.

All Good In The Wood by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)
Artist: http://audionautix.com/


  1. The atrocious MM with Germans and Russians together, covering their weaknesses nicely and just generally being Easy Mode shit. But instead, as a big you tuber, speaking out against that absolute bullshit – you suck Gayjins dick hard, swallows and gobbles on it..

    Your parents must be so proud, you fucking sell out.

  2. This episode should have been called “they take sheep in the night”

  3. Do you have the type 62. I haven’t seen that thing for ages

  4. Hey Bo i really appreciate your content not having any intros! i sit down to eat while watching your videos, just me, the sandwich and BOOM! contents right there!

  5. Gabriel Nicholas Caparas

    Pls do. The m60a2 starship

  6. You guys are HILARIOUS!
    It’s like watching the cast of “Big Bang Theory” play WT, but it’s actually FUNNY!

  7. I’d love to see y’all do a sim video even if it’s just once

  8. 7:20

  9. Does anyone else hate when you see someone and you got a good shot and stop the tank and the camera bounces and you shoot the ground or air

  10. Martim Nunes Martinho

    Finally you play this bo

  11. I love the M36 GMC.

    “They also take sheep in the night.”

  12. Good to know that now on 1.89 you can shoot bombs from the air.
    So FUCK YOU PE-8

  13. Jacksepticeye reference in title

  14. Sturmling created a cursed image

  15. 11:48 B25 gets destroyed, Bo kills the enemy that did it and gets BOMBER RESCUER?? OK, he got Avenger, also, but still… War Thunder, really?

  16. we gotta go!

  17. 18:05 lol

  18. ISU152 PLEASE

  19. I love how you always sound slightly worried, no matter the context.

  20. 5:13 Mauler dropping 3 unbridled 1000-pound movie reviews

  21. Juan De Los Santos

    Play the unloved M3 Lee

  22. Everyone: “bro just angle your armor, it will bounce shots”
    M36: 00:49

  23. Ghost of Razgriz

    So the enemy found new ways to eradicate the TBLF…they should try not dying

  24. 7:16 at this point Bo has lost his s**t

  25. 17:12 peeeeeeyaaay

  26. Bavarian Motor Works 37

    If anyone could tell me, what happened to Mo and Cobey, I miss them.

  27. Bo, love the game but whats your take on the number cheaters lately. Example https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Bk5umc48so. ??

  28. Alaskan Maverick1

    Yes there are sheep here in Alaska but they aren’t a species thats here naturally but we do have rams there like sheep but there a little mean and most of the time people hunt them up in the mountains

  29. When you’re about to charge across no mans land:
    I vote that the special boy goes 1st!

  30. Great Video Bo and crew! Keep them coming!!

  31. Rise Revelation

    One of the best ones ever

  32. Charles Emerson

    Question: Why does Sturmling always play a different tank from the rest of you. Is he one of the “special” kids 🙂

  33. do you use a joystick or the keyboard? an if you use a joystick what kind do u recomend? i know i cant spell. lol.

  34. Wilhelm Scream by loil at 3:05

  35. Bo can you make a Stuka video?

  36. Could you please make a video on the ISU-152, Bo?

  37. Love it long time watcher keep up the awesomeness

  38. Never liked the M36 when I first got it…good gun, but I always struggled to actually stay alive long enough to use the damn thing. eventually I just bypassed it for the T95 (which, ironically, loses its gun constantly and I found myself just using it as a slow-moving shield wall) and the M26…the latter of which is possibly my favorite tank in game.

  39. Giancarlo Gavotto

    Hey Bo, I believe that we fought against one another yesterday. On Stalingrad. My team tag was JTF 76. Name is Eagle_Descent. I recognized your clan tag and your name did you play there yesterday?

  40. I wish I had friends to play with on war thunder :/

  41. “Oh no thats a wall!”

  42. Hey bo it’s me again you should take out the Maus with your friends into high tier MBT’s (try #15)

  43. Giancarlo Gavotto

    Played you guys again tonight

  44. 7:04 The moment Shadow became Hodor!

  45. Congrats… you and your team are the best… looking forward to see your next video !

  46. Yes, there are dall sheep in Alaska. People also own sheep in Palmer and Wasilla.

  47. Ice Wallow Come Chico

    Remove the wolverine turret off, then put the super hellcat turret on the wolverine body and it turned into an M36 GMC.

  48. *victory coin* lel

  49. the game is a rip off each game is pre-determined before you play to appease the wallet warriors

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