War Thunder – M4 748 (a) “Hi! I’m Herman!”

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Source: Bo Time Gaming

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  1. Does anybody else just seem to get into a slump of bad matches in War Thunder?

  2. I had that weird ground texture glitch the other day too. It was very distracting.

  3. Hey Mike I really enjoy those dad jokes keep them coming. 👍

  4. Always good fun seeing the Sherman. Even better is a Sherman that’s also a plumber tank. It’s off to unclog drains and rescue a princess of some sort

  5. Me who just finished watching the old Herman the German Sherman with orange

  6. Out of every tank in the game, this is the number one tank I want for the German tech tree.

  7. Hey bo you should revisit subnautica

  8. german+sherman equals herman

  9. Mike’s dad jokes are the highlight of every video. Lol

  10. 9:01 didn’t expect a little bit of ed, edd, n eddy

  11. 4:40 when the kamikaze misses:

  12. THEREAL JoshuaCaleb

    can confirm: Zenith is pronounced (zee*nith )

  13. It’s hermen the German Sherman

  14. The irony of Bo literally talking about how dominos pizza constipates you while i am on the crapper, constipated, after eating a dominos pizza

  15. man i want the german sherman

  16. Noah’s awesome vids


  17. “I do not see where he be so i cannot shoot with my d-” -Stickboy24

  18. Ooof, how i want that sherman so bad.

  19. yes Bo !!! low tier fun !!! woooo

  20. Mike: That was Barney!

  21. I need one of these

  22. Hi Herman, I’m Dad – Bagdaddy Mike joke (probably)

  23. 1. can’t find you on steam
    2. how did i magically get 2 subs without videos or great content or something
    3. can i find you in Facebook, i don’t have Discord cuz i’m not american

  24. I have a minor issue with Herman the German Sherman; for some reason, sometimes, it just doesn’t want to turn it’s turret, and I’m not damaged or anything, but I wonder if anyone else had the same issue. I don’t have this issue with other Shermans, or tanks for that matter. Otherwise this is a fun tank to play with.

  25. Original Mario was 8 worlds, but it was a hidden 9th one in later games.

  26. Loved the video @Bo Time Gaming! How long has it been since you and the TBLF crew played War Thunder: Naval Forces? If that is now on the table, please try the British Tribal-class Destroyer, American Fletcher or Sumner-class Destroyers, or the Japanese Fubuki/Ayanami, Kagerō, or Yūgumō-class Destroyers!

  27. The big ammo rack in the middle of the smk never explodes.

  28. Is this game PC?

  29. Bo drops arti and gets 2 kills

  30. Mike going in for the kill at the end there

  31. Man sounds like the YouTuber rangerdave

  32. Herman the German Sherman

  33. Can u play “panther” premium tank from USSR pls?

  34. Hey Bo, I’ve been watching phlydad’s stream and am wondering if we could get the Collab of the century?

  35. another solid entry in the story of TBLF. keep it up, couldnt stop laughing

  36. hello i would like to join you’re clan and i am in the discord under the name snakedoodle#0979 and i am snakedoodle in war thunder, thank you

  37. Stick being shocked when the French showed up made me chuckle

  38. Speaking of Mario, I bet Chris Pratt will do a very bad Mario accent

  39. Stick and his unconvincing “rawr”

  40. Sherman but the S is actually silent !

  41. Wait, so is open concept bad now?

  42. I once fought with a player whose username was Herman the German Sherman and he was driving this tank

  43. As a former artilleryman, your use of hellfire pleases me

  44. “I need triple a.”

  45. Almost always

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