War Thunder – M4 Tipo IC “I Feel Less Lonely Now”

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Source: Bo Time Gaming

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More new vehicles from Italian Tech Tree! The 17lb firing Sherman! Very similar to the Firefly but different construction and modifications. Hope you enjoy these rounds with myself, Sir Chrisalot, Sturmling, and Bear!

All Good In Wood by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)
Artist: http://audionautix.com/


  1. when saw how sturmling was driving the 234/4 my mind instantly thought of zoiberg runaway whooping.

  2. wish I had teammates like you do, would make this game even better

  3. Bo play shell shocked

  4. 10:52 “What I’m in and ur-ine” Anyone else here that? XD

  5. “Chris, you’re getting shot my a friendly. Don’t worry about it.” LOL

  6. I see you didn’t add the Stalingrad game from last night BO… I was wondering how you crashed while trying to shoot me down in my plane.

  7. Bo, they just said your were special tank destroying forces, not elite.

  8. Sturmlings motto “If you don’t think about consequences there aren’t any” “do ta do”.

  9. when you were firing at the dauntless that killed bear, the sm 91 passed in front of you and must have took som 30 cal fire and went down or crashed

  10. The Random Dude XD

    @bohica ice One dumb misunderstanding that lead to an uneccessary arguement lead to a loss of a subscriber. Been watching your vids for years and this is what it lead to. Lad, next time maybye ask what I was showing the comment for instead of going full ham. Sorry but you did this to yourself.

  11. dogfights history chanel monchokayin

    Is this a premium

  12. Americans and Germans or is that a captured version of a Sherman


  14. that was good. Glad to see SirChrisalot in a vid again

  15. There are old pilots and there are bold pilots but there are no old, bold pilots.

  16. Sturmling is so cool

  17. 15:58 I don’t think the KV-1 is part of the monument either, Bo.

  18. AbdelKarim BenAbdallah

    The secret about this awesome daily dose of happiness is the gang behind the making, keep rolling guys ?

  19. Dout dout doing ….

  20. Bo bo you are one funny guy like Rubix raptor, soviet womble the list goes on. I have but one request get back in to air combat plz

  21. 0:21
    “There’s two shooters”
    *ahh, another day in America*

  22. An American tank, modified with a British gun, then either stolen by the Italians or given to them post-mussolini. Wonderful.

  23. Not kidding I just played in a match with Sturmling and Bo. They were playing in two jumbos

  24. Nike: Just do-do-do-do it.

  25. 16:55
    Only Bo could find a way to trip, in a tank, and fall down the steps. ?

  26. Is this Arcade mode?

  27. Сергей Гаврилов

    4 жалких додика

  28. Chris’ accent just adds another element to these videos that makes them just that much better

  29. **Aircraft watching the ground, sees Bo**
    “Man that tank is thick man !!”
    **Dives on him and crash**

  30. Bo you and your friends genuionely make my day better every time I watch your videos. I cant stop laughing at your commentary and want you to know you are by in far one of the greatest funny youtubers ever.

  31. Is that Chris? Welcome back! We missed you.

  32. Bo is the only turreted fellow in the group

  33. Wait a second ! There is 5 crew members in your tank and the game says that there is 4 of them oO’

  34. 10:46 avenger-discount comet lol Sturmling rocks

  35. Tactical Tater tot

    La Donna è mobile, but in English

  36. Which country’s tanks is better?I don’t know what tanks should I play. Can someone give me some advice?

  37. Wer thonder

  38. Dude i love this video but these guys sound like the one dude from the big theory and thats what i think they all look like to ?

  39. 1:34 Now THATS the Italian spirit! ?

  40. The game play and commentary were hilarious

  41. I wish I had friends that played war thunder ?

  42. “Value Stug” ROFL

  43. Limbo is hard!

  44. Ребята подписываемся на мой канал,я тоже делаю обзоры техники

  45. Excellent.

  46. pickles in nipples like a cripple

    oh dios mio

  47. please tell me how did you sommon this map?

  48. “Can someone go first that has a pair of pants that aren’t soiled?”
    “We’ll have to source try to source one from battlefield…”

    Holy shit this is funny. When do your guys’ HBO comedy central special come out?

  49. Sherman tanks are so aesthetic

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