War Thunder – M48A1 Patton “Trust Issues!”

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Source: Bo Time Gaming

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Believe it or not, I have actually never done an M48 video before!

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  1. What is your favorite American Tank?

  2. “I need an adult”

  3. Michael McNaughton

    M18 Hellcat is my favorite in any game. If I won the lottery that’s what I’d buy.

  4. Day 32 of wondering why bo even carries Hesh when he never uses it.

  5. Bo I am sorry but I signed you up to buy popcorn

  6. “I believe in violence”

    Me too Bear

  7. 2:26 Bo OMG you had me dying. Phrasing is your friend sir. Great video guys. This one had me laughing from start to finish. Bear you have such a cute under belly 🙂 07 and <3

  8. I love the F3D favorite plane for ground RB.

  9. 11:34 how do you do that? when you pin a location.

  10. The M48A1 is a pretty good tank in WT. Personally I used it to grind the M60, but never came back to it since M60 was better and the same BR

  11. 0:26 – 0:50, 7:24 – 7:52, 18:29 – 19:07 “I’m showing my underbelly to the world, like a cat” – AGloriousBear 2021 😂😂😂😂

    A most amusing video Bo and team. Great work as always.

  12. It’s me or track pads “chevrons” on these tanks are pointing to the wrong direction?

  13. When your city (Houston) gets a shoutout for the horrific traffic!!

  14. Tarekonline Salama

    Thank U RamBO

  15. Joshua Miguel Baliola Ilogon

    Hey Bo now that you played the m48 how about the m47 just to complete your patton saga

  16. I want to do america but they have no armour because of battle ratings so if I get hit eny wer by eny think I die imidiatly

  17. You should play with Zis-30 on a 10.7 battle rating match it’s really fun!!

  18. Colonel_ Sanderrs

    AGloriousUnderbellyCat 😀

  19. M1-A2 Arams, real world. Used to have the M48A1 in our National Guard unit and if you flooded the engine on start it could catch fire while starting it. We would abandon the tank and tell the driver to floor the gas pedal hoping it would blow out the fire and it usually worked, usually.

    • Tankers used to say, “Whats the difference between an M48 and a zippo lighter? M48 lights on the first try.”

    • @Baghdaddy Mike During a big division wide exercise down in Ft. Stewart, GA in the 70’s they actually gave us M48A3’s like we had in Vietnam with diesel engines that were a lot better. Once I worked with an armored cavalry troop up in Camp Blanding when they were doing gunnery exercises and their M48-A5’s with the L7 105mm was also pretty sweet for an old upgraded tank.

    • I’ve always liked the design of the M48, it was one of the first tank models I built as a kid and there was one on static display in a nearby town where we used to get ice cream. Lol. You should join us on Bo’s discord, DM me if you do. Thanks for watching

  20. Poor Kuso, bombing everything by the targets.

  21. Another awesome video again for us to enjoy. Thanks again Texas team from a fan in Utah. Keep up the good work and stay safe

  22. Bear wanted to get away from Bo so he don’t get bombed XD

  23. World Of Tanks Gameplay

    Hey Bo time, since you like tank combat I would recommend a game called “World Of Tanks” its in my channel name too

  24. Leo Leighton - 9H1

    One a Leo
    Me: oh my never mind it dead

  25. World War: 2 electric boogaloo

  26. It’s pronounced “Eel-land”

  27. M82 is like “why have you forsaken me?!”

  28. 3:37 That was smooth af

  29. 2:41 How do you mark like that?

  30. пока такой контент есть, игра не мёртвая.

  31. Is the bismark in warthunder? (German ship) i dont think it is… but not sure.

  32. what was that red thing with a timer on it and what does it do why does it go up when tank move

    • Battery backup. It comes in to keep the tank working when the engine is knocked out or turned off. When it’s counting DOWN it’s showing how much time you’ve got until the batteries die, UP shows that the batteries are recharging.

    • dude thank you so much ive been wondering for so long now

  33. Can someone please explain to me BR? (Battle rating) for tanks? I have like 3.2 BR tanks and lower and I get put into 4.0 and higher BR and get destroyed, how does battle rating work?

  34. Tiger 2 so powerfull that fighting against m48 😅

  35. wait uh bo, since you’re from texas (or so i assume) im sure you learnt the bibles story of animals creation and never the scientific evolution stuff. Do you believe in the bibles story or scientific evolution stuff?

  36. Respect to my Houston friend talking about 290 and 410

  37. 2:30 that ho-ro is me

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  39. bird: *flips bo*

  40. M22 or Cobra king! 😉

  41. Bo: why is there lasers going over my head?

    Me: its not lasers, its dakka

  42. Bo: im stuck in bodies

    Me: its one of bears fortifications

  43. It’s not delivery, it’s HeatFS!

  44. あなたに寄り添うカーネーション


    • このビデオを見てくれてありがとう
      (thanks for watching the video)

  45. Now that Phly is doing edits targeted at middle schoolers, you are the go to for WarThunder.
    Would have been anyways but you know.

  46. Noah’s awesome vids

    Luv u bo time gaming and once I get a computer for war thunder I may attempt to join u since I always wanted to play with u for my YouTube channel

  47. It’s gonna be a good day when we hear bo scream: “IM FINE IM FINE” (bombs) “IN NOT FINE”

  48. DiscreetPrism53 YT

    Pro gamer tactic is winch to a dead tank and it will roll easier

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