War Thunder – M4A2 “w/ Locust Power!!!”

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Source: Bo Time Gaming

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The M4A2 recently had a new skin added to the trade store and I had to have it. Yup, that is about all the reason I need to play this Sherman! Also, that was too much in the m22.

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  1. The M22 is just too much fun!

  2. M22 will never go out of style

  3. Christian Johnson

    I got an idea, but you are probably gonna either hate me or love me

    Play The USS Arizona

  4. Bonjour watchers of videos

    So funny to know that as a t34 1941 main, most of the things I fight have stabilizers while bouncy up and down

  5. 18:18 That laugh…

    The Riddler has joined the chat!

    Riddle me this, BoTime: what has hands but no arms, and cannot speak yet still tells?

  6. Christopher Moreland

    Hey, Im in this video! A buddy just sent it to me and told me about it. Im the one who got the artillery kill on Stick near the beginning. TOX-GrimmRayne is my ign. I thought I got lucky with that arty kill, as I have found Arty isnt as effective as it used to be.

  7. Hey no I got a request can you guys do the new plane, the b26 marauder. It’s a nice plane but here’s a catch it’s slower than the b25 (even tho is a upgrade of it in real life) and it’s bomb load kinda is the same as the b25 but anyways nice looking aircraft and if you did play it can you link me the vid?

  8. and the laughs start seconds into the video. and somehow educational, I now know I should never taunt KV-2s. lol

  9. Gotta love the shermans

  10. 11:14 “Get him Sherman” lol
    21:45 Sturmling slowly taken apart
    25:39 flyby distraction

  11. Loved the video @Bo Time Gaming! Can’t wait for the next video man! The M4A2 Sherman in British Service was known as the Sherman III and was used in the Independent Armoured Brigades of the British Army. The Most Prominent Example of Sherman III’s in the Second World War was the 4th Armoured Brigade more commonly known as “The Black Rats” after their Emblem being a Black and White version of the British 7th Armored Division and the Tail curling around the back instead of the front. They Fought in the Normandy Campaign during the Battle for Caen. They would later be the first to cross the Rhine into Germany near the end of the war. Like with all Sherman Tank Formations, they had a Sherman Firefly Vc (M4A4 Sherman with the 17pdr Gun) for each platoon, or in some Cases starting at this point in the war, 2 Shermans and 2 Sherman Firefly Tanks in each Platoon. The Following Organization is at the Squadron/Company Level and will have a Few choices should things get a bit tight for the Discord, yes that’s right, this is with having the Community via Discord in mind…. As best possible!

    Squadron HQ: 2 M4A2 Tanks (Sherman III’s) (You)

    Combat Platoons: 2 to 4 Troops/Platoons of either:
    • 3 M4A2 Sherman Tanks and 1 Sherman Vc Firefly or
    • 2 M4A2 Sherman Tanks and 2 Sherman Vc Firefly
    With Sturmling and Stickboi in command of 1 Troop each

    Weapons Platoons: 1 Reconnaissance Troop of either:
    • 3 M5A1 Stuarts (Known to the British as Stuart VI’s),
    • 3 M22 Locusts or
    • 2 Daimler Armoured Cars and 2 Humber Scout Cars
    With Hambone in command

    Support Platoons:
    • 1 Anti-Tank, Self-propelled Troop of either:
    • 4 M-10 Wolverines or
    • 4 M-10c 17pdr SPRA Achilles
    With Bear in command

    And Air Support in the Form of Either:
    • The Royal Air Force with Spitfire Mk. IXc’s, Mosquito FB (Fighter-Bomber) Mk. VI, and the Typhoon Mk. Ib or
    • The Fleet Air Arm with the British Pacific Fleet with Lend-Lease Corsair Mk. II’s (F4U-1D’s), Hellcat Mk. II’s (F6F-5’s) and Avenger Mk. II’s (TBM-1C’s) Backed up by Firefly Mk. I’s
    With Mike in command.

    Hope we get to see the Community Discord play a few matches with you guys soon! I spent a Decent amount of time trying to get everything right for you guys as best possible, like at least an hour. Like I said before, Loved the video man and can’t wait for the next one!

  12. Locust: appears on battlefield

    Enemies: *flee in abject terror*

  13. Is that a user skin?

  14. Laughed out loud multiple times, great vid

  15. Did Herman the German Sherman shoot Stick on the slopes of Turin, where Jesus gave his Sermon?!?

  16. I wonder what would happen if the squad plays with some Italian cars

  17. I want head pats. -w-

  18. Ooo gigantosorus

  19. ‘What’s a Packie”….. British racial slur for Pakistani…..

  20. 4.0 is best BR change my mind

  21. you should play the conqueror mk2 again really good tank and you know how to use it

  22. Yay team!

  23. NICE, swimming tactics

  24. Day 2 of asking Bo to play the F2H-2

  25. SovietToastCrunch

    And today’s lesson from 11:15 is: never trust your teammates

  26. Nice video again!!

  27. William Brantley

    i saw you in my redcommended dont know why and you giot me to reinstall war thunder

  28. DragonScar Games

    Seems like he was having so much fun in the P-47 before he crashed…. Then that upset voice came out 🤣

  29. Geostream Animations

    Beginning of round two is just a Sherman squad lol

  30. You don’t think any panzer is friendly?
    But what about the famous panzer of the lake?

  31. magicman -Un4GV-

    You should play enlisted 😂

  32. Thats alot more of you crashing latley, then usual. U ok hon? 😀

  33. props to Sturms on the dino names and the Trex/raptor analogy

  34. Bo: “You mean two tanks, one hole?”
    Sturmling: “I’m just gonna drive into the river now.” XD

  35. That friendly Sherman had no situational awareness

  36. Definite hot mess at 16ish mins

  37. I feel your frustration and pain at the end Bo

  38. Why does Stermling sound like Sheldon from the big bang theory?

  39. 8:23 U A G H

  40. what happened to Bear

  41. peru hunter wade

    any they say the germans are blind

  42. https://youtu.be/lwl11hdYwA0?t=21 – Sturm: “I think it was, it was like an inflatable one” – not really, or the shells would BOUNCE… But it was made of adolfium, apparently.

  43. “But sir, whats the tactical advantage of hips?”
    “……tank front!”

  44. Locust power? More like tiny tank supremacy

  45. Captain Remington

    “The M10 has Wide Hips” – Average Daebom Enjoyer.

  46. You people just massacred that poor T34

  47. A fairly simple way of recognizing Churchill types is: the bigger the barrel, the later the version. The Mk. I has a skinny 40mm, the Mk. III has a somewhat bigger 57mm, and the Mk. VII has an even bigger 75mm (plus a muzzle break). Also, the Mk. I has exposed tracks and a hull gun, while the Mk. III and Mk. VII have covered tracks and no hull gun.

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