War Thunder – M4A3 105 “Danger Cuddles?”

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Source: Bo Time

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I wanted to revisit the M4A3 105 Sherman for some as well as it with the HE re-work. I hope you enjoy these collections of strange, fail, and epic moments from our adventures.

All Good In The Wood by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/…)

Artist: http://audionautix.com


  1. Your team is incredible together and so much fun to watch and listen to. Keep up the great work and stay safe out there

  2. nobody:


  3. Bo gets into more trouble with HR…seems like there’s a theme going on lately!

  4. This is not a tank. This is an armored mobile ARTILLERY unit

  5. youtube face reveal pls?

  6. at 10:04 instead of killing the sau you should have pushed it off the point and then when he got back on he would see bunch of question marks

  7. hey Bo, I love your video, and keep it up.

  8. Always great when you take the M4A3 (105) out for a spin. The effect of killing with HE was a good laugh

  9. how do you turn the camera

  10. Watcher of the Lost

    4:54 Hey mom I’m on TV ! (That’s me btw.. In my speed demon.)

  11. 1:20 Man Bear taking no prisoners this time around. 😂😂

    Another great video Bo and team.

  12. enlisted plsss

  13. Test the HE on the Bm8-24

  14. That’s rude knocking like that, let’s play in one team, follow me 🙂

  15. Bear, thank you for the Letterkenny references, keep them up 👍

  16. here is mu dsicord war thunder server

  17. M4A3?
    No it’s a crew meat grinder.

  18. Sherman is such an incredibly good looking vehicle.

  19. Did you get the puma

  20. I am here to save you with HE, said nobody facing armor in WW2.

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  22. Aaron Friedlander

    could someone please real quick explain the re-work for the HE? (great vid bo and crew!)

  23. My dad past away after loosing his cancer battle on Thursday in the early house so it’s nice to have some of your vids Bo to distract me and cheer me up a bit. Thank you Bo

  24. I don’t see Rob Zombie’s Dragula so you can’t slam in the back of it. Sorry! 😛

  25. 2:33 “Ninja Sherman” … said no actual M4 crew ever.

  26. In every video now I will be waiting to hear Sturmling communicate with quacks…

  27. You should do the vt1-2 next vid 🙂

  28. Jonathan Amsberry

    you did the thing!

  29. Gosh I saw this vid so I tried it and got 3 kills my first game with the he

  30. You should play the exit toaster/ Locusts at hy ber

  31. How has the HE tests been going Bo? I hope the next tank you test has a faster traverse or is a TD or something cause that sherman traverse was terrible…

    • Because the 105 sherman didn’t have power traverse because they weren’t used in the role that’s in the game. In real life yes they could defend themselves because of the heat round but they were used for artillery porpoises.

  32. The M4A3 is so fun, 105mm HE or HEAT feels like dropping a small bomb on the enemy every time you fire.

  33. 1k away from 300k

  34. Is it worth it to buy the Turms T? Because i Heard that Ussr Tanks Arent very good, especially at top tier… I already Grinded Germany and wondered, what Nation next. Can you Help me in what Nation i should Grind?

  35. 12:40 Should have claimed that as a maneuver kill Bo.

  36. How do you MARKER halp

  37. not funny didnt laugh

  38. Bo: all the arty they dropped is now landing on me
    Bear: Chuckles menacingly

  39. me in a tiger 2 hearing american eng saund: here we go again

  40. Does anybody know why it doesn’t look like he has any sort of sight offset? I play as a Hetzer, stug, Sherman, and even the Tiger all have some unhelpful sight offsetting.

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  42. Malayalam hardbaass gamer T

    Imagine IS 7 in war thunder

  43. 0:25 how to use that marker?

  44. 0:5 ‘there you go little one don’t fight it, don’t fight it ‘ *contacts authorities*

  45. Love how he even got the kill at the start.

  46. Where’s Hambone? Always better with his screaming lol.

  47. ahh lovely the most bs vehicle that needs a br adjustment after the overpressure update

  48. Oi mate u want some tea?

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