War Thunder – M4A3 (105) “Hungry Hungry Hippo!”

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Source: Bo Time Gaming

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The M4A3 105mm Sherman has been on my favorite go-to tanks when I need a War Thunder to pick me up. I hope you enjoy some Sherman shenanigans and some corsair action.

All Good In The Wood by Audionautix licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/…)

Artist: http://audionautix.com


  1. I love my M4A3 (105). My second most profitable tank after the VFW. (Admittedly the VFW still has a strong lead despite not getting used anymore)

  2. The M4A3 (105) is even better now that you can use the buffed 50 cal to kill things while the gun is loading.

  3. Good job Mr Bear & Mr Retro!

  4. That Corsair kill was nuts. I thought that 120 bullets spread between 6 guns would just make Bo a nuisance. I stand corrected. And slightly erected. Lol jk but that really was awesome. 👍👍

  5. Seriously, a negative 4? That’s harsh Bear.

  6. That rating was BS, the power slide was a cool 7.

  7. Bo is always on the screen! Push little ones !

  8. Man I love that tank I might play it today

  9. **distant screaming**

  10. Thanks for pulling out the Corsair too! These vehicles together are one of my favorite combos in the game

  11. Love this tank (other than its HE shells)

  12. I hadn’t played the 105 since the update is it better? It’s was great at its br before the update.

  13. Waow. I didn’t know bear knew Nietzsche something like: If you stare into the abyss, the abyss stares back at you. Nice. Would fit Deep Rock.

    • He who fights with monster might take care lest thereby becomes a monster. And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss also gazes into you.

  14. lmao you got so lucky that T-34 Mod.1942 didnt kill you in that 1st clip.

  15. Watching Top gun 5 times ? That’s more than 8 hours; u can’t fit in 1 night.
    Anyway there should be an achievement, or medal for last (few) round kills!

  16. Anybody else immediately think of Monty Python when Retro said “I’m Not Dead Yet”?

  17. Lincoln Ritterhouse

    My Brother was in the vid 🤣😂🤣😂 he was in a Spj fm/43-44!!!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 he was super happy to know he was in a vid

    Like plssssss

  18. Ethan Lockwood-Morris

    Omg I was in this video. I was the ho-ni II that was killed by bo at 1:48

  19. You do realize there’s not only multiplayer there’s also a campaign mode

  20. gotta love how the last .50 cal in the whole plane, is the one to start the fire. props to the Magic-cals

  21. I thought that red plane was Ruskie9000 you encounter

  22. How does bo mark locations or targets? Like at 6:21

  23. Man, I really wish I could get shot and not just fall over and die.

  24. Bo can you do an Amx m4 video, I really like your videos please keep doing what you do.

    • A month ago they were playing the Amx m4, but they never made a video. They were playing on Jungle, and I killed bear with a panzer 4 only to get ammo racked by ham. Best experience of my War Thunder career.

  25. Have u done a dicker max vid or no also good vids 😀

  26. Negative 4? WTF, are you the Russian judge?

  27. Hey bo. Quick question. What are your hardware specs and your average temps. I run on max setting and get up to almost 60 degrees c on my rtx 2080 ti with quite a bit of coil whine… is whine normal with war thunder at all with some cards…?

  28. Please, play P 108

  29. Im waiting for the day a typhoon 1a video pops into my feed from either bo or phly

  30. Juan Ordóñez Galbán

    The 76mm M4A3 W got nerfed now that it is 5.7. It now has 450hp instead of 500hp. That’s a 10% decrease, while other american tanks with the same engine still has 500. That is an arbitrary nonsensical nerf that has turned an ok vehicle into a rather bad one.

  31. I’ll give an 8 on the power slide.

  32. What happened to stummling? We don’t see him that often now

  33. When u guys doing those podcasts again? Been waiting for a while now

  34. And this is y I don’t play war thunder. Half the time I can’t c the enemy that u spotted in the distance and the other half I can’t tell whether it’s friendly or enemy in the distance…

  35. the 105/f4u combo might be my favourite in the game

  36. I’m a bit late to the party. But I can’t believe I was in the final match with them. I just about had a heart attack. Still a really big fan of this channel. Hope you have a good day!
    The reason why I myself got into the game was watching you and your clan having a good time and making me laugh.

  37. Bo, don’t listen to Bear, that was a lovely powerslide.

  38. I really enjoyed the more complete battle that you started with. I would love to see more full battle videos over your usual clip style of content.

  39. How does your shot go directly in the middle of the crosshairs? When I do it, it’s always somewhat offset.

  40. Ah yes my favorite meme machine

  41. So you do indeed still play on mid BRs? Maybe I’ll see you guys in action one of these times. I’ll be keeping an eye above me for TBLF bombers if that’s the case.

  42. Try the T14

  43. 13:23 Did anyone else think he was gonna say “the seeing eye tank”?

  44. Did the volumetric shell update affect the game much? It doesn’t seem like it has…

  45. Hey Bo! Is there a way to turn off the plane tracking added last patch? Its lost me many, many kills.


  47. Could you do a few more plane battles

  48. 3234 Manitoba Horse RCACC: Classes and more

    Hey Bo you should include the clip of my shooting you down in your do219, which just happened. 🙂 love your vids man!

  49. Love your videos (especially the human fall flat ones), have you thought about playing Among Us?

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