War Thunder – M4A3 (105) “Tunnel of Love”

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Source: Bo Time Gaming

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What do you switch to when you have a frustrating night of War Thunder? A DERP GUN!

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  1. Help us decide what to make videos on! What vehicles would you like to see next?

  2. The 105mm of doom

  3. 9:28

  4. How the hell did a mid-air collision end up with you just acting like you bumped a shopping cart?

  5. What other videos is Redvondyke in? (that’s his War Thunder username)

  6. Roman 5:8 But God demonstrates his own love for us: while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

  7. Bo and Stick crashed in the tunnel of love, how cute

  8. I saw these same 3 ruffians come into the European server on Sunday night. using a Centurion 1, Jumbo and a Bulldog.

  9. you can just turn off your engine to stop the fire
    that’s what i usually do then land or not if your japanese plane

  10. Don’t play with your food Bo!

  11. Great tunnel flytrough!

  12. The many voices of Jim. I love it

  13. 13:10. 1940 BBC News reader was brilliant

  14. All I could hear at the end was…
    Russian milk truck: “Nyet nyet nyet!”
    Bo, the all American pro wrestler: *”HEAR IT COMES COMRADE, THE LEND LEASE EXPRESS!”*

  15. 13:41 The power of Bo-lief!

  16. Oh man, thank you guys for the great laughs in this video this morning! I needed that before going to work on a friend’s truck!

  17. Why_Did_I_Make_This Chanel

    10:09 If it’s cold then bear needs to sleep in a cave!

  18. i have to ask what your setup is that first you can communicate with each other and apparently see each other’s screens. is this a discord function? something custom? or is this part of war thunder?

  19. Military Aviation History

    If anyone still wonders why I have trust issues everytime I fly with Bo, I refer you to 12:47

  20. I have used this tank over and over . Have they fixed the round in it . because you would fire thinking your dead and it wouldn’t do shit

  21. Why do they have a count down for you to leave the plane . The amount of times I have been in full control of the plane and been ejected is bs . They need to remove that . And leave it up to you to decide. If they want to do something once you get a.. target destroyed . They should not beable to drop bombs fire rockets or keep flying the plane . Because the way it is now when you get a target destroyed I just keep on firing . Because it’s never destroyed it is still fully capable to killing you

  22. Sammich The Sandwich

    “I was trying to make an airplane joke, but that wouldn’t be prop-er!” Thats what you should have said lol

  23. That puma knows what he did.

  24. The 105 Sherman is always a win

  25. Sherman 105 is my fav tank in Arcade its gud 🙂

  26. Christopher Christmas

    I have this tank fully upgraded in my line up. But what is the HE used for.

  27. Christopher Christmas

    Also i was awake at the time as the video went up and thought dang i could have played war thunder

  28. Amazing smoosh

  29. Jims ‘british’ newscaster voice was spot on perfect

  30. 105CM is a massive cannon and should be added

  31. I gotta give him “props” for that plane pun. XD

    if you guys have them, I’d like to see some high tier tankery, M1 Abrams, T-72s and 80s, Leopards, etc… ^^

  32. bro Jim is the best in the top 3……next to loli and stick

  33. I play as this tank alot

  34. We need more tblf-yoga

  35. Slick-Piccolo (AKA Sliccolo)

    sticks “Downward Dog” comment made me laugh so hard that i barfed up my lunch!

  36. Wow! That WWI war radio correspondent voice’s just spot on!

  37. please more of radio jim
    and Ham Cam

  38. every time I see a vid title, I always wonder what the hell you are all doin this time. I gotta know the insanity lol

  39. I honestly do not understand the thumbs down folks on these videos… Keep up the great, clean content!

  40. My love its power!!!

  41. Is the title a nod to the dire straits song?

  42. Everybody gangsta till you see M4A1 (105) with a 2.0

  43. Hal ever notice how when you shoot the track when you are facing the tanks side it doesn’t cause as much damage as it suppose to the tracks absorbed all the damage

  44. I protecc the forgetful birb

    “I dont know Metric system, Im an American”
    this line got me lmao

  45. I’ve been playing this tank a lot over the past week and it’s phenomenal. So far, it feels more tough at its br than a Jumbo does at its. And its gun is really beefy, albeit with awful turret traverse and a lot of drop in the air. Loving it! Its HE ammo can one-shot a wide variety of vehicles, so is worth talking alongside its HEAT ammo (and some smoke shells). It’s nice to play br2.7 after having played br8.7 for so long.

  46. using high caliber HEAT instead of HE in 2021? Cant relate

  47. 11:38 goobob stick

  48. you guys remember when this was 4.3? absolute nightmare to play.

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