War Thunder – M4A3 (76) “Emotional Wreck”

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Source: Bo Time Gaming

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We attempted to play the M4A3 Sherman. Boy was it a rough day. Casualties everywhere. Broken Emotions. Crashed Planes. At least the custom skins are pretty cool.

All Good In The Wood by Audionautix licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)
Artist: http://audionautix.com/


  1. Another Video not in my sub box but only found it on the home page. Thanks youtube. No I don’t want to hit the bell. lol

  2. “American Cheese”?! There are many thing your great nation has contributed to the world for you to be proud of. American Cheese is NOT one of them. That shit is mingin :p

  3. @8:27 you should learn, that enemys in spawn are marked on the minimap ^^

  4. I’m pretty sure there was a soviet humbo during the war then again I could be wrong u know

  5. play the jumbo

  6. Really shows how freaking useless apcr is in this game when a point blank shot to a Dicker’s thin, sloped front bounces. I can’t imagine it is this bad in real life for nations to keep developing it despite the increasing amount of sloped armored tanks.

    • FYI, APCR(or HVAP, as the US and I think the British called it) really *REALLY* does not do well against sloped surfaces… especially not at an angle like that. That sloped front is 30mm thick, so the 76mm shell wouldn’t have overmatched it either.

      And since APCR shells usually fire a light round at a high muzzle velocity, their penetration performance drops much more over distance than that of a regular APC/APCBC shell would.

      You want to use APCR shells at under 300-400 meters distance and only against mostly flat surfaces… and thick ones, so it spalls properly and doesn’t just overpenetrate. Side and rear shots against thin armor are a waste of an APCR shell.

      Also… APCR really fell out of fashion once fin stabilized HEAT shells/HEAT fired from a smoothbore gun got going. It was a dead end. APDS/APDSFS shells are something entirely different since their penetrator has a very thin profile that makes it much better suited to go through angled surfaces.

      For that matter, the same “waste of a shell” is true for APDS/APDSFS shells when fired against thin side and rear armor. When you have only APDS/APDSFS and HEAT shells, you use HEAT against sides and rear of more modern tanks, which all tend to have rather weak side and rear armor. Unless of course these are protected by reactive armor plates, then HEAT will do nothing on the first round and requires a follow up shot. In that case, it’s better to just use APDS/APDSFS.

    • +SD501st I thought the sabot of an APCR round sheared off upon impact leaving only the tungsten core to go through?

  7. The tiger ? always touches Shermans

  8. Dutch cheese is best

  9. Why are you shooting APCR at all? You might as well use foul language and empty threats.

  10. Cpt. Pejelagarto

    Oh Lord, this beings are a gift that we must treasure, excellent video, the Loli panic is priceless <3

    I want that skin so bad though... 🙁
    It’s a shame I can’t understand how the market thingy works, I received the chest but I need a key or something like that.

  11. “Kraft Singles is not quality cheese!” A truer statement has never been made.

  12. Interesting Facts

    1:43 Bo, You should say to that Tiger ,,stoped, get some help”

  13. 63.7mm or frontal armour of chassis, I still can’t pen with my 127mm pen

  14. loli at 2:07 was just like: and suddenly. Eurobeat.

  15. @2:08 Loli comes drifting around the corner like a boss in his m18.

  16. 2:07 cavalry !!! It was “d” Loli

  17. I have to ask… How many games do you routinely play to get enough material for a video? And as one who struggles to see the opponents in RB, what’s your secret?! Or is that you’re mostly in a platoon that helps?

  18. how do you get that skin

  19. The panicked screaming is my favorite

  20. What map was that at beginning

  21. Bo do you need a hug?

  22. Sebastian Halo Ahlo Eldo

    His voice is so gay….

  23. Wow good kills Bo, But oh what a drift Loli haha

  24. you should play the 105 XD

  25. The Xbox 1 of these are way to op. No matter where I shoot, it ricoches no no penetration

  26. CaptainConcerned Sr.

    you have no idea how much I wanted to scream at you for not noticing the armor to your 4 o’clock on the damn map

  27. Wing Commander Buggles

    Almost some Fury stuff going on with that first Tiger.

  28. MrRenegadeshinobi


  29. Luiz Vinícius Vieira Alexandre

    2:07 damn deja vu

  30. Meh APCR rounds need fixing anyway they bounce off of everything even against flat armor that it should not have any troubles going through.

  31. Do the Su 122

  32. You should play with subs and if you already do srry I didn’t know about it

  33. The First Clip was realy Funny.

  34. “There is..no..jeez..nonono Danger! no touch!”
    “What did you see?”
    “Death. I saw Death”
    “They dont make a tank calles ‘Death’… – oh i see what you talk”

  35. Do more BoS with Bismarck

  36. Ok, there always seems to be a few dislikes on almost every video. What is there to dislike about this. I guess some people are determined to dislike everything.

  37. I want that e8 skin

  38. Nutter On Butter

    Damn you fucks are annoying

  39. *Running in the 90s intensifies*

  40. That drift at 2:08 tho

  41. This is why I hope they don’t go with American filler tanks for Italy. We will end up with a battlefield of Shermans.

  42. I went to the beach ROFL XDDDD

  43. carlos hernandez

    The first 3 minutes were GOLD

  44. Bo, you guys never cease to amuse me.

  45. Winston Churchill

    Why do you sound so much like morty?

  46. M4A3 is my top tank

  47. So cool

  48. Loli drifting a tank like he was coming in for the rescue

  49. I like this tank if you play right and luck on your side you can torn apart enemy team ^^

  50. That very first clip was a Discount Fury Tiger scene

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