War Thunder – M551 Sheridan “It’s Not Amphibious!”

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Source: Bo Time Gaming

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The Sheridan a tank I have always wanted to do a video on just never got around to doing it. That changes today! This light tank absolutely impresses me match and then on the next map, I am running around with my hair on fire trying to survive. Regardless this thing hits like a freight train even if it can’t cross a river in game.

All Good In The Wood by Audionautix licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/​…)

Artist: http://audionautix.com


  1. What is your favorite War Thunder video we have made? Maybe we will revisit it!

    • [Fail Montage #38] 4:34 3 locust Fail to stop a Tiger P
      [Comet I Iron Duke IV “We Gonna Die? Not Me…”] 26:00 the timing
      [Be-6 “I Can’t Aviate With Tears In My Eyes!”] 3:02 Be6 upside down flying
      [The Day We Finally Made Tanks Fly] The fly Churchill

    • By far the PBY4 or the Valentine Flank video!

    • Spariviero heavy fighter!

    • I feel as if though a Battle of Stalingrad, PB4Y, or Pe-8 video is long overdue. If you guys could upload yet another video of those types, that would certainly make my day (especially if it has the HamCam with it)!

    • M22 locust is a slamer

  2. 8:06 I just pictured Stick making saying the erotic “Eve-ah” at Bo. Now I’ll never be the same…….

  3. 14:06 Bo, you didn’t have to call us out like that…

  4. The Burning Tankman

    the Sheridan IS amphibious so retro/Ham had good intel…HOWEVER it needs a short prep made up of raising a metal flap on the front that’s a wave break, attachment of a metal ring a cloth flotation screen that’s 3 feet tall held taunt by metal poles similar to a shower curtain. propulsion was achieved with screws attached to the back or track attachments installed once floating. overall its purpose was to land on a beach with the supply ships, and cross a river without needing a barge to carry it… not for contested landings.

  5. Wackyskeletonman78

    * sexually says in a sort of like a moan *
    “Are You His Eve?”

  6. thanks for doing the one i really wanted 🙂

  7. I’ve been binging your content the past 4 weeks and finally caught up with the modern times. Keep up the good work, guys. The tactics and skill on display have helped me immensely improve my own War Thunder prowess, while the humor and good feels between you guys just keep me coming back for more. Thank you so much for this content, you’ve quickly become one of my favorite content creators.

  8. i heard there are people who loves pet ush’s. they’re pet ush o philes.

  9. Haha, I too learned the hard way the Sheridan was not amphibious. I looked it up and learned that it was amphibious, but only when it’s floating skirts are deployed

  10. Way better than heroes and generals

  11. j26 vid next?

  12. Oscar Krolikowski

    Chally 2 100%

  13. You know bo that Eva has more stress than WALL-E so it fits and my favorite one would be asu 57 when you first experience on going inside someone I forgot who sadly but all of your vids I love knew finds and stress

  14. Awsome vid bo

  15. 0:36 – 2:10 #BlameRetro 😂😂😂And props to the M56 for joining in on the end round fun. A good video as always Bo and team.

  16. Your Local Quack

    You should do a video with PhlyDaily!

  17. These things could swim across rivers but it would require stripping off the extra armor that it has in game

  18. It will swim

  19. 8:30 hey that’s me

  20. Is this before or after Overpressure?

  21. Why do you always end on a bad note? It is depressing.

  22. 0:17 – 0:35 absolutely intense

  23. I wonder if you can skeet shoot your atgm using the 50 cal with this monstrosity?

  24. No one expects the pet Ush, ever.

  25. The boxy Sheridan is the amphibious one.

  26. Joseph Jarzynski

    Little fact, I own an engine that came out of a M551 Sheridan.

  27. Horribly sad that they don’t have a “amphibious with preparation” feature, would really straighten things out between amphibious with trim vane (most soviet amph stuff) vs amphibious with prep (most Nato stuff)

  28. Hey Bo, here is a challenge for you. I want you to do a video on the very first vehicle you used when you started playing war thunder.

  29. More locust

  30. Deadshotlegend ‘

    Is that the aluminum tank?

  31. The Tank Commander


  32. Who would have thought that the M551 Sheridan was actually amphibious!? You MUST try it!

  33. Christophe Gervais

    Hey bo, how do you put down those marks like on 10:25

  34. But the M551 was amphibious lol, it just wasn’t good at being fully amphibious. It could cross rivers but not be in deep water for long or the ratio of the tank to water would take over and eventually sink lol

  35. Object 685 first time ??

  36. Dude u make me love this game more 😂

  37. one of the most underrated channels, so glad to be back here!

  38. the sheridan was one of my favorite tanks in game, but i am disappointed that you didn’t use HE in it:(

  39. Jonathan McClelland

    My dad served on the Sheridan while they were in service with the 82nd Airborne in the 90’s, cool to see you give it some screen time Bo, thanks!

  40. Дана Барина

    Вот что вам нужно мальчики ) @UCUSflimms0puZuKY5J7Rjdg

  41. Дана Барина


  42. Diligent One-Six

    The LVT is amphibious tho.

  43. i searched up if the Sheridan was amphibious and it said the Sheridan was amphibious

  44. Well…. It *is* amphibious with the use of screens

  45. Big Floppa gaming

    2:44 those rocks are kinda sus

  46. That was a sweet chopper hit.

  47. 4:28 “You saw the world, the world is a very violent place.” Ain’t that the truth…

  48. It’s Not Amphibious! ^^ He he… Actually was made for Air Transport ^^

  49. At 0:35 Bo’s like you sure you want to rush me?

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