War Thunder – M6A1 “It Was A Ruse!”

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The has always been a favorite of mine in the early days of the U.S. Tech Tree and it is still punching hard years later. I hope you enjoy the video and it is great to have mike back!

All Good In The Wood by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/​…)

Artist: http://audionautix.com


  1. 12:21 Stickboy the clown’s co-host makes an appearance: it’s Flippy the Fence!

  2. What sound mod do you use if you do use one?

  3. Stickles the Clown

  4. Jumbo Sherman

  5. He is posting MiG 21 vid, cause I might me in it B-18a nucle a rman4518

  6. can someone explain how the sea mine works on tanks and if its better then the 500 lb the sb2u2 has

  7. I would love to see a hetzer vid

  8. Please play the f86!!

  9. The M6A1 is so slow in reverse it would be faster to disassemble the vehicle to man-portable pieces, move the pieces to your destination, and rebuild it there.

  10. Something cool just happened to me in war thunder. I was in a sim battle in a crusader II, and met up with an M3A3. Since there aren’t too many players in sim matches, we just kinda chill towards the end of the match. Soon enough, a panzer rolls around the corner and shoots him. To my shock, it wasn’t my teammate, but an enemy Italian M3A3. Not anything super exciting, but I thought it was interesting to share nonetheless.

  11. Shoulda been titled “Buh, uhhh, thing! Enemy thing!”

  12. Soft kitty, warm kitty. Little tank of death…..

  13. Ah yes the M6 My second favorite tank

  14. i like how he calls Mike “Mr. Mike”

  15. The shadow Teleporter

    The M1 Abrams

  16. I remember first unlocking this thing for the first time when I was newer to war thunder and just stomped everything but now I cant kill more than 2 enimys in it if I’m lucky as my playstyle doesnt suit it and for some reason doesn’t seem to soak up as much shells assuming all penetrated through the giant obvious weakspots on it

  17. It’s impressive how well this tank does. It’s a 1930’s tank but it’s taking on newer better things and winning that fight

  18. Reaksa Battambang

    Hi, how to mark ? Thanks

  19. Thank you all for an amazing video. Mike I think you, Coffee and Hambone need to start a support group about your experience with CAS. LOL Great video Bo. 07 and <3

  20. What stickboy said is my YouTube recommendations at 3am

  21. bo: was it left or right
    jim: left left left it was tblf right


  22. 14:44 “Left, left, left’ which is TBLF Right” 😂😂😂 Yet another good video as always Bo and team.

  23. can you make a video on the premium strv now that hull aiming mode got reworked?

  24. Its so sad when a Bo video ends, i would unironically watch a 10hour long video of him and his friends gaming War Thurnder

  25. Try a T-34-85

  26. The Stars And Stripes Gaming

    Bo i got ZooBooks when I was a kid you want some lol?

  27. What’s the thing on the left side? Netting to hide the tank?

  28. hi bo well on another video and i also like to thanks jim, stickboy and mike for helping in the video

  29. Did anyone see that flying picket fence at 12:22 ish.

  30. Sticky boy aka coffeepot


    Look up tactics, logic, common sense and spacial awareness.

  32. 4 pe8’s seems like it would be cool

  33. no im curious: What predators are there that hunt Tigers? xD

  34. 1:23 “you organize things here. I’m going to go for help.”

  35. The german KV! got pranked lol

  36. 8:35




  37. Dear Sir it Concerns, I reserve the right to be called Stikky… There must be a clear distinction between us or a cease and desist letter will be sent to your nearest McDonald’s. You will not be able to eat there without awkward stares from the staff for the first 3 days until a resolution between us has been met. Your’s Kindly, Stikky.

  38. Play the japanese rockt tank i forgot what its call its premium

  39. Hey guys is this worth buying I’m tight on sl rn and I really want the t25 I think it is and I want to spend sl carefully

  40. “ITS A TRAP“- last words of Bo and Admiral Ackbar

  41. Me watching these videos has taught me to play better

  42. I like how Bo said Hi little R3 as if they weren’t something to be a little bit afraid of.

  43. problem with this tank is it’s turret front amour sucks, and slow.

  44. Mediocre Aim Horizon Main


  45. Attack of the mini maus

  46. The Communist Wojack

    as a german main those M6A1s grouped up like that look tasty

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