War Thunder – Matilda Hedgehog “Do It Yourself Artillery!”

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Source: Bo Time Gaming

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The Matilda Hedgehog is currently available in the Battle Pass being offered by War Thunder. I picked this up last night because we are well overdue for some Matilda action. This thing is goofy and a fun challenge to use.

Iron Horse – Silent Film Dark by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/

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  1. Well even though I can’t hit the broad side of a barn with the hedgehogs, I still had a blast… get it… a blast. I will show myself out now.

  2. This tank looks female for some reason

  3. 2:49
    You’re ammo exploded. From the hedgehog that YOU DIDNT HAVE. 😂

  4. 3:52
    How do you mark that??? On the map AND on the main screen??
    (The yellow ping)

  5. Bo you should play the f2 sabre its fun

  6. Just another guardsman.

    Soooo much cooperation this is great content. A team working together calling out everything

  7. stupidstufwtmyfriend

    I’m just sitting here remembering seeing a squad of hedgehogs on my team a few days ago and wondering if it was bo.

  8. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  9. ‘this is the beginiing of the manual artillery in the game. like WoT ( sorry for saying that word in here)

  10. bear is just a masterpiece of taking down a plane on a tank…

  11. When my war thunder tik tok got almost 20k views in one day, and I had basically no views before that

    MY NAME : _Heimatschutzer_

  13. Are you guys ever gonna just try being idiots in a game of war thunder

  14. I want him to use that Russian jet with only 2 minutes of fuel. xD

  15. Is freindly fire a thing in realistic mode for war thunder?

  16. I friended Bo and sturmling on war thunder with my xbox account. Now just gotta find bear.

  17. What is this….

  18. hol up…. shadowsun? *this is not cannon*

  19. This tank is everywhere nowadays

  20. Robert Douglas Peachey

    This BS is so rigged … on par or the same as wargaming ..

  21. Your videos are such fun to watch! Bear, sturm, mike, you and the others are a riot. I’m learning a bit from you all as well. What setups does everyone use?

  22. If I may ask seeing your FPS what are your settings at to maximize performance also allowing decent gameplay from graphics? Also allowing steady recording. Is it normal for a gpu to hit atleast 62 degrees while recording at 144 FPS?

  23. He-162 he-162 he-162

  24. Is it bugged or does bo have 275k subs
    Edit: i thought he had a mil

  25. Hey bo if this gets 100 like stick boy makes a YouTube channel

  26. I like how they enjoy the game instead of getting pissed off by everything that happens in the game

  27. 0:29 “Stop, stop! He’s already deeeeaaaaadddd”

  28. It’s like it’s taken a shit 😂😂

  29. How can I get this tank i already have matilda

  30. Bo could it be possible for you to do an Arado 234 or ho 229 video? Also great job on vids

  31. What country is this tank

  32. I was playing Germany 3.7 on realistic battles and I came across a miltilda hedgehog


  33. How u point for other players?
    Does it works with any friend you have in a normalsmall squad?

  34. 15:10 what the hell happend??

  35. Hey Bo, I’ve got a challenge for you and the gang.
    In Arcade battle rating 6.0 and up Acquire 20 respawn points and jump in a bomber and Drop a Nuclear Texas size Present on the enemy and show them a good time =) Cowboy up!!!!!!!

  36. panzerkampfwagen VIII Maus

    that is a little bit scary

  37. I’d love to actually play artillery in this game

  38. is the mortar aimable?

  39. Bo i made a mortar montage and tutorial for you. https://youtu.be/377Cej67PFQ

  40. Hey guys most dont know which i calculated it. Aim the enemy tank or vehicle and have it in 0.12mi away and equal tank to enemy and it will hit

  41. a thing i really dislike about this kind vids, and i sufer myself ,is while you have other 3 guys and discord, many other players ,play alone in same match
    i think gajin should do something with premade games so people in groups where matched in games with an actual challenge, instead this mix battles where if you die you can tell the enemy position pretty easy to your team mate. to sum teams should fight teams only

  42. Matilda ‘Bell’
    “Come on Matilda, we got a job to do”

  43. holy Minecraft potato

    Only true Chad’s know about the problem of ‘do itself your artillery’

  44. They really need to make a system for this tank how you push a button and a map pops up similar to an artillery map and they need to display a crosshair or something so you know exactly where your shells are going

  45. After finding you at 10k subs, your content still puts a smile on my face! All the best to you man!

  46. What I don’t understand. In enlisted they have player controlled mortars. In warthunder gaijin act like they don’t know how to implement indirect fire weapons.

  47. 2:42 man I hate people that revenge kill in aircraft it just shows people how butthurt they get when they get killed by someone

  48. Love love love this video. Tank isn’t so bad either.

  49. New to ground forces, is this a tech tree/premium/event vehicle?

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