War Thunder – Maus “I have achieved max dakka reception!”

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Source: Bo Time Gaming

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The mighty Maus. I recall when this was first introduced and the wide spread panic of the fear that nothing would be able to pen or stop the Maus. Times have changed a bit in game eh?

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  1. You guys have been requesting us to dust off the Maus and here it is! What would you like to see next?

  2. another great video as always!

  3. Can’t touch this was going through my head watching this, lol
    On a more serious note, how do u think the allies would’ve dealt with the Maus had it been deployed operationally?

    • They would have laughed as the Germans defeated themselves by throwing limited manpower and resources into a tank that could never work, and even if it had, could never have been deployed.

    • They would have just bombed it.

    • Either it’d get bombed, disabled with minimal damage .tank crews tended to bail with very little damage. War Thunder is completely insane in regards to crew fighting down to the last man, let alone after the first signs of damage. Track gets shot off? Bail time. Tank breaks down? Bail and abandon it in whatever field it’s in. The Maus likely wouldn’t get special treatment in that regard, the King Tiger was never penetrated in combat, and the crews still abandoned them.

  4. It sucks that they removed the maus I was really hoping to get it even tho at the time I was only rank 2 in the tech tree at the time so sad.

  5. 7:50

    That’s pretty much how every single “that’s what…” point goes. Big barrels and big tanks but nothing to show for them.

    The bigger you are the less your ability to do damage lol

  6. 6:17

    General Hux “What is the point in ALL OF THIS if we can’t destroy a street full of tanks?”

  7. And who says the Maus is unbalanced?

  8. It was a lot of fun shooting you down Bo!
    (Squishydoo here!)

  9. when theres more maus in this vid than there ever was in real life

  10. I wish war thunder would bring the maus back. I really want it but I don’t play tanks much and I missed my chance to get it.

  11. “AIGHT Breech is broken again, more people died, and I need repairs.”

    Very emblematic of Bo, I feel.

  12. I was the Vickers that pushed you uwu

  13. I would pay good money for them to implement a TANK only mode

  14. Srry to say but the is no more

  15. Lemmesee Yourwarface

    It hurts me so much to see a maus with automatic shifting. It’s pretty, but Gosh that auto

  16. Hay bo I would like to see the swis 13 40

  17. “What’s happening ??????????……” Hambone

  18. I wish I could’ve gotten the Maus…only reason I started playing War Thunder…much sadness…

  19. Make a video on the aussies

    • We have some older stuff on the Wirriway, Thunderbolt tank, the boomerang just had a little bit of play time in the recent archer video. We will most likely sooner or later revisit again soon in a full video when time permits.

  20. I’m sad I didnt get the maus. They took it from the game about a week before I could reserch it 🙁

  21. Best Maus Video ever 🙂

  22. Bo: I have camouflage

    Bo friends: I don’t im gonn dieee

    Grunt die noises

  23. I’m still sad that the Maus got removed I almost got her but then nope never in your dreams boiii ?

  24. One bomb, two bombs, three bombs & missiles max armor

  25. Lol i would love to play with you guys xD i think i would laugh so hard all the time 😀 love your videos guys greetings from NOVAS

  26. Nahoa Chong-Petersen

    That missile trade at the end was amazing. Impeccable job as always Bo and co.


  28. Wow you actually got your br???

  29. M1A2 Abrams V3 Variant


  30. HI BO YOU GUYS Make my day especially wishbone HE GET KILLED A LOT haa Can you try the M13/40 (lll) PLEASE THANKS

  31. 15:43 bo: “oh look bombs bounced off me”
    Ham: “wha- aHHHhHhHH”

  32. Could they make the turret any bigger?

  33. Bo would you and the team please do another large bomber?

  34. im so sad i will never be able to get it :/

  35. Where did bo get that camo it looks great

  36. Alecsandru Daniel Trif

    Bo please tell me what software are you using to record your gameplay?

  37. Where the hell is my boy Sturmling?

  38. So uh what happened to Subnautica?

  39. Premium Aircraft Buying Guide 2020 update?…

  40. Hey bo can you play the M1A1 Abrams?

  41. I feel another premium buying guide is in store for both air and tanks now. Love the vids.

  42. “So you need a hose and a bucket?”

    Jeez, Hambone…

  43. Oh poor Hambone, getting bombed, shot and just panicking. ?? Great stuff Bo and team.

  44. In noble Germany maus is only tank for job

  45. Does warthunder allow ps4 and pc players at the same time? I play ps4

  46. Very cool. My little bro is in this video BobbysHungry @1:49. xdxd

  47. wish the tank barrels didn’t have noclip.. then you would have to aim better also cant push your barrel through another tank…

  48. maus tow roping a maus can we see that happen plz

  49. I love this big girl

  50. 3:28

    Push me to the edge

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