War Thunder – Medium Tank T-44-122

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Source: Robbaz

Small tank, big gun och slow reload. Play like a pussy and claim victory!



  2. Small tank, big gun! Pretty decent Matchmaking, won’t see the same tanks as

  3. Hi Robbaz! I’m not a hipster, I swear!

  4. suka – bitch
    blyat’ – whore
    davai – come on
    If someone wonder what he is yelling all the way.

  5. Robbaz, I saw you in one of PhlyDaily’s videos xD

  6. Сука Блять

  7. +Robbaz,they are remaking Call of Cthulhu!

  8. Well Robert are you rooting for Dicaprio to win an oscar?

  9. You like filthy try filthyfrank.

  10. trump is a cool guy

  11. Fun fact: Cyka means pig in Swedish. Sugga.

  12. You’re pretty good.

  13. Robbaz your russian is perfect

  14. That russian is pretty good, you must have been playing tons of CS:GO
    lately ;)


  16. Reptillian Henchman

    Wor Tunder?

  17. What’s up Robert? Greetings from America!

  18. 2 Minutes ago it says in my sub feed, ROBBAZ COMMENTED 3 BLOODY HOURS AGO!

  19. Semen.

  20. 17 seconds

  21. They Played Us Like A Damn Fiddle!

    Was watching Bob’s stream then you mentioned this, finally arrived in my
    sub box!

  22. just came one 122 mm bullet of cum

  23. Every time you refresh the channel 20 more comments show up

  24. Notice me everybody

  25. Har du ätit på Kifas? Vad är det i såna fall du brukar beställa?

  26. +Robbaz please come to america and kill trump and show the glory of

  27. I had my m24 light tank earlier today flipped it over! 5 of my teammates
    try to flip me back upright but end up them getting killed. We lost the
    game because of me!! UPLOADING IT LATER!! loool

  28. lol Panther Dick

  29. You should check out world of warships!

  30. You remind me of the babe.

  31. 27th comment

  32. Your Russian is terrible Tovarisch. Maybe we send you to gulag so you can
    work on it.

  33. thank you robbaz I just put my phone down and had nothing to do! You saved
    me from boredom!

  34. your sexc robbert


  36. when are you duing a other ship or karabel Space pregram video

  37. please play more fallout

  38. Sleep

  39. you need to make more warthunder videos it so fun watching you play it XD

  40. Finally Robert!

  41. I was hoping Robbaz would upload a video today! Today is a glorious day

  42. “Suka Blyat” -Robbaz 2016

  43. U should play more fallout 4

  44. The description describes my penis

  45. I’m so early …

  46. Ohh another robbaz video my body is ready


  48. u should fly a plane in a episode

  49. Dude wtf how is he so good at this game?

  50. Looks like robbaz has been playing too much csgo lately..

  51. this account is for commrnting Furey

    I want to squad with robbaz, but it can’t happen

  52. Let’s all pray to Odin that Leo wins an Oscar this year

  53. An upload this late? You sure know how to make me hard don’t you Robert.

  54. Robbaz is like Ivan the Terrible.. but in a good way :D

  55. Wow robbaz senpai your gun is so fucking huge.

  56. Thoughts on the T29?

  57. Robbaz your aim with you gun is liek my wid my girlfriend.

    When I cum on her.

  58. Смоук «Smoke» Туманчик

    hello robbaz hi 22км оф сюка блаьт

  59. let them fix matchmaking im tiered of tiger 2 agaisnt my kv1


  61. t34-100 reks all !!! t44-122 reload is far too long !

  62. Remember the JSOC squad?

  63. Sykka blyät!

  64. Ah Nu Cheeki Breeki I V Damke T44-122

  65. Robbaz you should have captions in English so when you do speak Swedish we
    can understand you. And great job by the way!


  67. Can your next video be more war thunder

  68. Robbaz’s warthunder videos are really becoming “how the fuck did he see
    that” montages xD

  69. Robbaz are you going to play The Division? It comes out next week I think
    and I would die to see your hilarious character and gameplay

  70. Can you fly some jets or planes

  71. I have one of these in my backyard.

  72. did someone saw the hovering tree at 1:43???

  73. Mcblyat, Cyka nugget!

  74. You’re WAYYYYY funnier than pewdipie (however you spell his name)

  75. Сука блять!!!

  76. I saw you in one of phlydaily’s videos the other day playing this tank. :^)

  77. Since when did Robbaz become Russian? ???


  79. Oh god… This whole video was Robbaz making weird sounds…

  80. “sooka blyat” 10/10 from Russian GN

  81. Is this only on PC?

  82. only Robbaz would say “It gots a little tumor in the front” still love ya
    for it doe Robbaz its what makes you unique! xD

  83. 오리무라이 치카


  84. Robbaz’s videos are a cure for erectile dysfunction.

  85. I thought davai meant come on.

  86. What map is that

  87. I was so happy to be in a game with you the other day. Made my life

  88. 로바즈 좋아요

  89. God damn it, Robbaz.

  90. Robbaz, I still want waffles for Swedish Waffle Day 🙁 I must ask forever
    until this request is met. Please tell us how to make glorious Swedish
    waffles, CWTK style!

  91. Again,

    Bear simulator plz

  92. Der Reptilien- Kommandant

    Cyka Blyat!!!

  93. I legitimate just starting playing this today…

  94. Félix Lagüe-Lalonde

    2:59 Robbert’s sexy voice….

  95. Seeing this made me feel all happy

  96. Protacon “Pro” Nocatorp

    robaz you should use planes

  97. Porter Carroll (potomastr)

    sadly didn’t have footage of the same game that phlydaily was in

  98. robaz, can you play as a pilot next vid?

  99. Robbaz, I love you.

  100. Hey Robbaz!

  101. can someone count how many times he says “CYKA BLYAT” please…

  102. Are they gonna add naval warfare in this game?

  103. Smh wish someone gave me a tank like that

  104. Сука блять!

  105. Legend says every time Robbaz say scyka blyat a baby is born

  106. Hey @robbaz will you reply to me please

  107. I would appreciate some beginners Swedish lessons! As an American with
    Swedish heritage I believe I should know how to say more things than just

  108. Thanks robbaz I mean, I don’t need sleep for school anyways…

  109. that tank is fuck

  110. blyat suka

  111. Liked the video for the Cyka Blyat at the beginning, but I do not have more
    like votes for Cyka Blyats in the rest of the vid. What should I do?

  112. my name is ivan

  113. СУКА ЫУАТ!!

  114. does anyone know what Robbaz’s computer specs are

  115. Never stop the bad jokes!

  116. Robbaz, be honest, do you like this game? I used to a long time ago but
    since then I heard really bad things about the devs and bias, and all that.
    Is it true?

  117. 122mm Cyka Zooka?

    That’s a lot of cheeki breeki.

  118. you should do more “cooking with the kock”

  119. That seems like a pretty awesome tank, do you think you are going to cover
    another plane soon?

  120. Robbaz I want you atuograph

  121. That’s a nice tank Robert. Mind if I borrow it?

  122. Vart är du ifrån? , Din dialekt :))

  123. I’m sorry Robbaz but your russian is terrible :D

  124. why reload is so fast?
    T-44 122 is so small
    what the hell?
    oh russian peaples is monster!

  125. “Давай! давай! СУКА БЛЯДЬ!”))) Я так понимаю русскоязычные все одновременно
    кончили от этого секси голоса 😀
    “Давай!”(Davai) = “come on! (In this case “Hurry up”)”
    “Сука! Блядь!” (Suka! Blad) = “Bitch! Whore!” (swearword). Robbaz: – I feel
    bitch, whore! Come on! (Never say this) 😀
    “Оружие убрал” (Orujie ubral) = “Put your weapon away”

  126. Can you please do more KSP!!!!

  127. You were in Phly Dailys Super Pershing video. Kicking ass of course.

  128. RUSSIAN BIAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  129. Oscar for most bleb gameplay!


  131. suka bliat?!! LoL, robbaz, that’s awesome!

  132. Robert try saying blee, it’s Russian for fire as in shoot! I know this
    because I’m Dutch…

  133. Is that the IS2 gun that has the post-war shell that isn’t even supposed to
    exist until like 1954?

  134. Robbaz, God please do some plane gameplay. My computer broke and now I
    can’t play my war thunder

  135. Никита Мазурин

    Your Russian got me laughing so bad!!

  136. I hope they add ww II Warsaw map

  137. dafuq, robbaz?! where is the KSP?! I wanna see Bill, Bob, and Jeb DYING

  138. Брось свое оружие!

  139. Robert, I love your game plays. “Where the fuck are you going, cunt?”
    “Death is the only option for you Krauts!” 11/10

  140. It’s funny because he doesn’t say cyka blyat at the right time

  141. omg you were in a game together with PhlyDaily omggg best day evur

  142. Oh Robbaz, your intros make me so moist ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  143. Kan du göra en mett up när du får 6.3 miljoner

  144. PrototypeTheGamingHell

    Robbaz why? Why have we not seen 2K or well Ultra HD 1440p? 1080p60 just
    doesn’t do it i demand 1440p!!!

  145. You can’t hide from the “Blyat Pancake”

  146. Because….Stalin

  147. Davai!!!!

  148. u can also say “na nahooi!” if u kill some one XD

  149. Is it only me who feels sad that in every ww2 tank game every one always
    says the tigers armor is shit?

  150. Do a swedish video

  151. “yeezus” I didn’t know you were a Kanye fan, Robbaz?

  152. axel “bananasplit00” boström

    Do some more airplanes in warthunder

  153. Robbaz trying to speak Russian, its pretty funny. Gotta get in the mood.

  154. Did any one else notice phlydaily?

  155. robbaz i love your videos. keep up the good work

  156. Don’t think I’ve ever heard a Swede say “cunt” before and trust me, I’ve
    heard a lot of Swedes.

  157. you are the only let’s play channel I’ll watch. Just your comments kill me.
    too funny keep them coming.

  158. Сука, блядь и давай.

  159. do the Swedish video again!

  160. Robbaz speaks like really drunk Russian. :P

  161. 2:42 look at that cunt. wow a bit overboard

  162. Someone PLEASE explain to me why I struggle to get a single kill every

  163. Swedish man speaking Russian is great

  164. Robert, you need a REAL American tank. One that runs off of propane and
    shoots propane tanks. And has cheeseburgers in the cockpit!

  165. Robbaz is OP


  167. Why does he laugh like olofmeister?

  168. Play premium tiger2 when they add it next patch

  169. can someone help me everytime i got to launch war thunder the luncher loads
    but then it cuts my internet and says it will take 8 hours to update

  170. Cyka blyat! Oh lol! Greatings from Russia anyway:)

  171. Robert “RobtheYob55” Timmermanis

    The match-making is really retarded I have only got 1 early tier 3 tank and
    facing tier 4 tanks.

  172. i like the gun on the t34-100 over the is2 gun on the t44

  173. gör en svensk video du måste

  174. It’s “davai”, Robbaz
    Not david lol

    Hearing you yell CYKA BLJAD while destroying your enemies is great though

  175. Some words for you :
    From STALKER – ” Maslinu Poimal”(Its when someone hits u) “S Bokoo
    Zachodee”(Its When u flanking someone)
    “Khavai Masleenoo”(Its when u going to shoot)
    Just words – “Idi Nahui”(When u want to enemy do not touch you),
    “Harasho”(Good) “zaebees”(Good)

  176. Robbaz, I saw you were playing a game with PhlyDaily the other day on War
    Thunder. He was playing the M26 Pershing while you were driving around the
    T-44-122. You two should do a video together sometime =)

  177. Dude you Russian swearing is hilarious :D

  178. Thx Robert <3

  179. Joel Hernadez (Ghost)

    you sir have good eyes

  180. Whilst there’s no exact English translation to ‘Сука блядь’, the closest to
    it would be ‘Суки блядь’ which means Bitch Slut.

  181. ahh nuu cheeki breeki v damke

  182. That bad Russian my friend , but still nice video .

  183. You have been infected by the CYKA BLYAT

  184. JA, en svensk video! Robbas, uppfyll våra drömmar!

  185. Bradley Southern-cavendish

    i got a Bonner from the tank and awesomeness

  186. Cyka Intensifies

  187. looks like the kv-1

  188. I’d love to see Robert playing airsoft/paintball, charging the enemy with a
    bird nest on his head for camouflage while screaming in swedish

  189. The only russian we know is cyka bylat and rush B


  191. “cyka blyat rain. Thats artillery in english” I just lost it lol

  192. The dash cam stereotypes killed me ?

  193. Fy fan, snacka inte ryska.

  194. I want your cannon inside me

  195. Nothing To See Here

    You know you have been playing too much when you start speaking Russian.

  196. Robbaz if you do a Swedish video please have subtitles :)

  197. I don’t how people say world of tanks is better than this I’ve played both
    and world of tanks is complete garbage

  198. Russian here, “cyka” is pronounced “sooka”, not “seeka”

  199. I wish they had realistic battles like this in World of Tanks :(

  200. 6:10 What the fuck? :D

  201. is war thunder tunring inte csgo?

  202. YES, swedish video please!

  203. Hey Robbaz you should try Factorio

    It’s about building automatic factories and defending yourself from aliens

    $20 USD on steam i think you’ll like it.

    Can you please like this comment so he can see

  204. Liam the dark angel.

    7:10 IRON MAIDEN!

  205. Gör en svensk video robert ples

  206. suka blyat!

  207. Fucking glorious as always robbaz!

  208. A robbaz quote “This is so filthy…I like it filthy”

  209. It’s funny that every single fucking time you make a video about premium
    vehicle from WT, you are destroying everybody easy peasy.. I wonder why is
    that /s

  210. 6:10 killing shot on the panther while he just hit his tracks?

  211. Shot small miss small.

  212. Vladomir “Vladdy” Potin

    I agree Robert, stop the bad yowks pls.

  213. He gave that Tank a DENTAL APPOINTMENT !!!!!

  214. получаю удовольствие от того как Robbaz говорит “сука блять ” и ” давай
    давай “

  215. Cika blyat rain…. Yep, it’s robbaz….

  216. It’s pronounced suka blyat FYI

  217. Another Swedish video would be GLOR-IOUS. Look forward to it

  218. “122 mm of cyka blyat” that fucking killed me

  219. Давай!

  220. Next OP Russian tank

  221. Cyka Blyad!

  222. I FEEL SO CYKA BLAD. muahahahahaaaa you had me there

  223. Сука блядь! Im dead huehuehu :D

  224. Davay means lets

  225. Robbaz do you think you will ever get back into warband

  226. can someone plz send me the link of robbaz swedish video?

  227. Look how huge those treads are.

  228. cheeki breeki

  229. Oh wow, you know some strong russian words! 😀 I am russian, so it looks
    some sily, when foreinger speaks russian words.

  230. SUCK A BLYAT today..

  231. Great King! will you ever try out Subnautica?

  232. Коаксиальный Питание

    not “sicka blyat'”, soocka*

  233. Tank goodness, Robbaz, I was starting to miss your videos!

  234. How do you get artillery?

  235. Shot that Panther D in the tracks, it still dies

    Russian bias is real

  236. Strap a Go-Pro to the cannon and post the vid. likecommentsubscrub for tank
    go-pro footage

  237. CYKA BLYAT!!!

  238. 7:10 made my laugh so fucking hard

  239. Puella Magi Homura Akemi

    So they made this game even more unbalanced

  240. Casual, Everyday Horsefag


  241. How do I always end up commenting?

    The T44 is just an fucking dominator when you find an advantage point. I
    love it.

    122MM Armor or armor piercing? I hope I heard that one wrong, because that
    would be so fucking OP.

  242. PzKpfw VI Tiger ausf. H1

    cyka blyat!

  243. СУКА БЛЯДЬ!!!!

  244. Sir Stefan Channel!

    So what’s the BR of this thing?
    Has to be 6.7 minimum surely?

  245. Sooka robert, Sooka blyat

  246. Cyka blyat idi nahoi cykaaaaa

  247. Даваи русски Роберт!!! Сука Блядь!!

  248. Сукв блять! xD

  249. I envy your skills on this game, can’t even compete to your level.

  250. “122mm of Bitch Fuck” ~Robbaz 2016

  251. so how many cykablyats per hour does this tank do?

  252. Aleksander Mahnyov (Crope)

    It’s even funnier to hear SUKA BLYAT and DAVAYYY, when you speak russian.

  253. Will you play Deadpool?

  254. Dat russian Robbaz, stop it you!!! it’s too sexy.

  255. Maybe a little off topic, but in WoT PC and Blitz just go with straight HE,
    it does decent damage not penetrating and almost always a one-shot when it

  256. Please play more war thunder

  257. Fucking love the Russians!

    Respect from Sweden.

  258. TheKontrakontrakontr

    OP russia :D

  259. 4:34 No fucking dont, IT IS BROKEN AS FUCK thats why i dont play it anymore
    Tiger 2s fighting with T-10Ms and IS-3s, and much more fucked up shit. They
    need to do it 1-5 like the ranks that wil fix all of the problems.

  260. cyka blyat!!!

  261. Cool video Robbaz as always. I wonder, is War Thunder a good game to get
    footage of? I occasionally upload bits of gameplay but haven’t found the
    best game for that purpose yet.

  262. not syuka bliat it’s suka blyat with Russian letters сука блять

  263. Play some more Misery 2.0 for S.T.A.L.K.E.R. please!!!!

  264. I knew this video was going to happen. phly daily was driving the pershing
    and Robert was in the kill feed in the 44-122

  265. POWER!

  266. wish i could play this game, but all it does is blue screen… no matter
    the settings

  267. Borderline pay2win

    10/10 worth the money

    Only 2 drawbacks: long reload and almost everything kills you from the side


  268. So much Cyka Blyat, thought it was a CS:GO gameplay

  269. Every War Thunder tank video Robbaz makes its just him one shotting

  270. holy

  271. Getting a sore throat just from hearing all these hoarse exclamations of
    russian/german/swedish/english words

  272. can you upload csgo?

  273. I feel like Robbaz has less accent when he speaks Russian. Saying that as
    Russian) You already know the basics, can start making videos in Russian

  274. Wait, Robert. Are you… not slacking?

  275. Напоминалка Для Артурки

    Из России с любовью. Посылка с “syka blyad” прибыла!

  276. Whenever I play only robbaz’s videos at 1080 60fps the video cuts so bad

  277. As a russian fan I really enjoyed Robbaz’s attempt at speaking my language

  278. Can you please do some War Thunder air RL battles?

  279. Since robbaz doesn’t know what the russian language is, i will teach him.
    Davai means go! Cyka means slut. Blet means fuck.

  280. The matchmaking is fucked beyond belief.

  281. Knockoff ashens channel


  282. Cycka blyat

  283. YOU SO OP

  284. TheNaftalysGameZone

    f y’all i Know Russian so…fce vi dalbanotiei cychki

  285. Cyka blyat idi naxui

  286. “davai” actually means “come on!”

  287. Fuck my pussie robbaz!

  288. Rob, you should do a STALKER Let’s Play some time. I think it’d be pretty
    entertaining seeing you in the Zone.

  289. Push oruzyi ubravo? Wut.

  290. It’s not retreating it’s advancing in the direction opposite of where the
    enemy is.

  291. YES MORE WAR THUNDER! Once 1.57 comes out I dare you to fly the H8K2


  293. Make more war thunder, try plane please. Sb 2m 100

  294. Сука биять товарищ

  295. Please more war thunder

  296. Robbaz in my sub box means its going to be a good day! :3

  297. Hey Robbaz, bring back pay 2 win series!

  298. I always think it is funny how fast the turret of the Russian tanks can
    spin just look at the german tanks, totally fair

  299. Tired of fighting against these russian tanks..

  300. Robbaz is the only youtuber I know that can do good comedy without racism
    or screamin

  301. cyka

  302. сука, блять!

  303. Do more planes

  304. CYLA BLYAT!!!

  305. “I should make a Swedish video”

    please do a collab with Regular Ordinary Swedish Mealtime!! :D

  306. That ending fight was fucking ridiculous, I loved it.

  307. So elegant and correct russian matchmaking video simulation sir ;)

  308. If you think you are a pro at any game, I can assure you that Robbaz would
    kick. Your. Ass.

  309. “Sooka bleeyet”

  310. Lars Mangold (Apinacoladaman)

    Роберт , проклятый прекрасный боевой товарищ !

  311. robbaz i love your war thunder videos plz make more. FOR FAEN! (-:

  312. Robbaz can speak Russian?

  313. сука блять Robert!

  314. Not that I don’t like Robbaz but I really wished the other tank’s victory
    at 8:47 .

  315. Finally, something satisfying to blow up with my BTD.
    Cheeki breeki THIS, сука!

  316. I love you.(no homo)

  317. play bear sim

  318. Ganja Gaming- Dab Addict

    Your English Got Better!! It was Hilarious Before. Haha

  319. I really like your playing

  320. Beefcakes Blob the Fat

    pls do another 1st person shooter vid.


  322. Mayed Almansoori


  323. Dietrichson von Glanthal

    Tiger gets shot in the chains from t44 -> tiger explodes… yeah sure

  324. Can we play some ps4 sometime? You know you want to play with a hairless

  325. its Suka Bļeģ, Davai is comeon, like Davai, daram to (Comon, lets do it)
    This is not russian but Latvian

  326. cyka blyat!

  327. put your weapon away – uberi oruzie. come on – davai. bitch – suka. fuck –

  328. Best cyka blyat at 4:29.

  329. Robbaz in ksp build a bus for kerbals they will like it

  330. Omg Robbaz said my name, my dreams come true!

  331. TheSuperfluousMan

    7:11 my sides ripped

  332. Russian bias.

  333. And some long time ago gajin said that there will be no paper tanks like in
    WoT. Just sad.

  334. I like you Robbert but it’s fucking Suka Blyat, not ‘cyka’ blyat

  335. MonarchTherapsids Inostran

    war thunder is shit because they don’t sort their tanks by year, and have
    matches where heavy tanks, and all other classes are not limited per match
    like in forgotten hope 2. i mean seriously! the tiger, kv-1, kv-2, early
    t-34s, kingtigers, and Churchill are suppose to be scary! not the well…
    shity tanks they are in war thunder. the Churchill sadly i haven’t played,
    but i hear good things from it. each match could be for every 1 heavy tank
    there must be 2 mediums, or something.

    i don’t get it. war thunder isn’t an e-sport, and it should be more
    realistic if gaijins selling point was realism.

    anyway good video robert! :D

  336. I like the way the Swedes speak Russian gj Robbaz, best russian speaker

  337. ya know robert i used to think that you didnt post enough content, but now
    that i am begining to get kind of tired of other youtubers content everyday
    i like your schedule, because it keeps me interested in your content, and
    hyped for when you are going to post another video

  338. Rocket League is a pretty fun game. Just got it on Xbox yesterday and I’m
    having a blast.

  339. cyka blyat idi nahui

  340. давай сука блять учи больше тою мать

  341. I should start shouting “DAA CYKA BLYAT” and it might help me get some
    kills and see enemies from fucking miles away.

  342. Rob it’s pronounces suka

  343. xaxaxaxa бум))))

  344. please more content!!!

  345. 99BaseballForLife99

    Just do from the depths

  346. I love your videos! especially when you play war thunder lol

  347. Omnipresent Silence

    Lol t34-100 is better

  348. i was expecting a new setup video than this. but any robbaz’s upload is
    amazing :D

  349. are you ever going to upload scrap mechanic again?

  350. Скакалин Андрей

    СУКА БЛЯТЬ!!!!!!

  351. Κάππας Βελούσιος

    >”I was of no help”
    >1st place


  352. 1:53 robbaz saying “Ihanaa” which means lovely in finnish xd

  353. Discovered you looking at KSP videos, but literally everything you do is
    highly entertaining. In awe at your From The Depths stuff. Been waiting on
    seeing the new Ragnarök in action, hope it’s up soon

  354. robban can you make surdegsbröd on the next CWTK?

  355. Ricardo van casand

    wow i need that beast of the Russia t 44

  356. cyka blyat is roughly translated to bitch fuck

  357. Sam Winchester (МИЕ)

    Хуево материшься, уважаемый ) Сука блять )

  358. сука, блять

  359. Gör en svensk video igen

  360. 07:12 why did I hear “SUCK A BLUNT!”

  361. i will more from this shit AND SPEAK MORE GERMAN YOU FKING RETARD

  362. thecaterpillarexpert

    Robbaz communist confirmed? But he is making an Enclave oil rig in Fallout
    4…. Im confused now

  363. Some Random Skrub


  364. This is what some tanks looked like between the 40s and like modern day.

  365. Harvey Van Zoelen

    Robert/Robbaz Are you going to do things with planes?

  366. Ja :)

  367. Da – Vai
    Su – Ka
    Bl – Yat

  368. Robbaz if you want challenge play darkesthour, you need atleast 2 player to
    operate a tank, me and my friend get atleast 30 tanks on 1 life, its way
    harder than this.

  369. The Smegel Gamer


  370. cyka bleat hahaha

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