War Thunder – Meet Flakky The Flak Bus!

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The 88mm Half-Track has been a huge request for a while and I think it is well time we revisit it.

All Good In The Wood by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/​…)

Artist: http://audionautix.com


  1. What vehicle would you like to us play next!

  2. Tiger II

  3. I would suggest america 8.0 since the m60 (AOS) was moved down to the 8.0 BR and has a full line up to back it up

  4. That face is terrifying and I’m gonna have nightmares

  5. you like any fallout games Bo? I remember you guys did a few 76 videos when it came out, maybe revisit? I heard its better now

  6. The video quality is like 720p 🙁

  7. GGdiamondNoob Minecraft

    M1A2 Abrams

  8. I made a miss frizzle joke about the flak 88 once, the or twice, or thrice.

  9. I thought it was cool seeing Bo in a battle playing the flak bus yesterday

  10. I think you shot me out the air yesterday, if you shot down a Catalina with a pumpkin on the nose

  11. Best game ever… KEEP GOING BRO!❤️

  12. Blood for the blood gods, faces for the Sturmling gods

  13. Zeacross Stormblade

    Yes embrace the faces!

  14. Hey, your Videos are awesome. When you have time come and watch some of my Videos too. I play realistic bombers. 🤠

  15. a SMALL question, but how do you adjust the sights in realistic mode? Like? I try to find keys but I also don’t get it.

  16. You should make a whole series of Flakky, it would be cool, and funny.

  17. ‘19 Explorer Sport

    Play strf

  18. Flakky shot Moonie!

  19. Иван Найденов

    Just like in WW2. If you want more “fun” info look up The Desert Fox

  20. Jes bet wen de Bismarck coming ju die 0:33

  21. I was in the game with you when you got arty’d. I said hi but you didn’t respond 🙁

  22. Flakky The Flak Bus would make a good kids show.

    Hey kids! Today we’re hunting communist T-34s and dodging bombs

  23. Kuso great bodyguard

  24. Wanted was a decent movie

  25. You need Mike and his voice impressions. I bet he could do a nice truck guy voice.

  26. Loving the random mid 2000s musical references.

    I was Grade 7 when Apple Bottom Jeans came out

  27. Haha get flaked

  28. And that, dear friends, is why airplanes have a tailwheel!

  29. 10:20 get down Mr president!

  30. I LOVE that thumbnail

  31. Add me on discord I want to play with u

  32. I genuinely can’t be the only one who thinks the sheer amount of crew on the Flak Bus makes it unkillable?

  33. As much as I enjoy your videos that flaky commentary got annoying

  34. I like Flakky, Flakky is now my friend

  35. When he said caboose i thought he was talking about red vs blue caboose

  36. Gabriella Rose Rodriguez

    I have met my fake sleep paralysis demon

  37. I am down to hear the lit mix tape of Stickboy and the Saplings. Maybe they can make Flakky’s theme song too.

  38. Honestly i use High explosive shells on flak trucks and almost always 1 -shot them. Funny how everyone wastes their ammo mg’ing an enemy that he shells can easily destroy. 🤷‍♂️ but whatev

  39. How do you do the yellow pings?

  40. i know a certain AA that needs to meet Flakky

  41. Fortnite battle bus

  42. I hate these things.

  43. I hate the Flak bus with a passion. Even when I get the drop on it, it somehow manages to not only survive, but quickly one shot me in return.

  44. What?, a Sherman-destroying flak bus? *gasp* Flakky the Sherman-destroying flak bus!?!?

  45. ThatPersonWhoKnowS history

    Stick is like a sturmling clone

  46. you should do a video on the sig 33 i own it personaly and its a god with 150 MM gun use HE to 1 tap any tank (exept for some moderns)

  47. The bus I want to go to school in

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