War Thunder Memes 30

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Source: War Thunder – Best of Twitch

War thunder memes funny moments. A funny compilation of the best War Thunder Highlights and Twitch clips from the month of July.

You are welcome to submit clips on our discord server: https://discord.gg/Pqs8HFX



  1. War Thunder - Best of Twitch

    Hope you enjoy the vid guys. Here are some new emotes: We’ll continue to improve them. 🙂 Also, brain guy’s on vacation, you’re in my hands now, muahahaha!

    – The_Wizard_Howl

  2. It’s really cool because I got into a game of ground rb with cable_booth and I tuned in to his stream just to tell him

  3. Muy corto necesito más de está dogra

  4. Trees 😉

  5. I really enjoy these, it’s good to see the different communities!

  6. “E-sports ready”


  8. Very handsome man at the end

  9. 4:45 clip so old that 262 still had afterburner visuals

  10. darf der kevin spielen kommen

    ohhhhhhh new stickers, i like them. Btw congratulations on the 30 episode and thanks for the work😍🤗🥳 .

  11. Hi I’m a huge fan and I just wanted to point out your etiting skills getting better day by day. I have been a fan since 1k subs and I’m happy seeing this channel grow. Keep up the good work!

    • War Thunder - Best of Twitch

      Thank you, that is wonderful to hear. 🙂 We have been trying to include as few borderline clips as possible. We are trying to only stick to the funniest situations we find.

  12. OMG streamers can be such dramaqueens… 😉

  13. i in nhappy for Deimos in video

  14. 3:33 wtf man, by the color and the bad rendering it 100% looked like a dead tank

  15. 5:40 where can i find to download?

  16. my like is the number 555, nice

  17. More from Deimos, please

  18. Deimos Rabugento

    Amazing video! and OMG how many time i was there ? hahaha BTW ( you can use my new logo!) cheers!

  19. Shooting the UFP of a panther with anything that isn’t a 122… What did you expect man.

  20. Where should the HEAT-FS from the RU251 ricochet on the Ho-Ri , this plate is completly flat and had almost 90° angle . It hits the gun mantlet , ricochet and should detonate . But it dissapeared , it’s anyway strange that HEAT-FS can ricochet . Even a tiny bit of grass will trigger it , but a impact on solid material like steel with 1000m/s does nothing ?

  21. Lmao best of twitch never disappoints me

  22. 4:40

    Anybody wanna explain how in current war thunder, he’s using a 262 with afterburners?

  23. 2:57 why this is happening on my pc while playing WT can someone explain me??

  24. Amazing video once again!

  25. Why do the shots go through the containers if when I shot they didn’t go through any

  26. Yet another great episode….. keep up the great work man!

    • War Thunder - Best of Twitch

      Always a pleasure when we see you guys enjoy these <3 ALso, regarding the emotes, I'm not happy with the Salute one 😀 Will probably look to improve it.

  27. The Flying Tea Rex

    I always love these compilations, its great to showcase our community like this! 😀

  28. The first clip
    *You just got Gaijin’ed*

  29. You deserve more views and more subs you work so great

  30. 10:23 Dropping frames? More like dropping straight fire amirite

    (I’ll see myself out)

  31. top gaijined moments

  32. Bruh, that 7 kill streak… Fuuuuuuuuuuck

  33. just love the people who do barrel roles than putting on glasses

  34. Best WT videos on YouTube tbh

  35. Martin Reynoso Baltore

    Im surprised that jaguara hasnt done any dad jokes

  36. I genuinely can’t watch with this annoying music
    Nice compilations and all but the music is wayyy too loud

  37. Do sicronius

  38. Na-apache Gaming

    5:35 strike witches camo
    Strike witches enjoyer : *NICE*

  39. Ashesofthefallen

    Bruh that first one everyone can relate to

  40. i will sub

  41. VALIDUZz has great music taste, you might only slightly hear it but its great

  42. Too much brazilian streamers here. Nice

  43. Blago, Palko, if you’re reading this… it was beautiful xD

  44. I didn’t understand the part the first clip about TEC because I dont play ground

  45. omg ur so cool

  46. muito foda o deimos aparecendo 4 vzs

  47. 2:17 I wonder when people realize that they can shoot through lightly armored vehicle wrecks with APFSDS, and solid shot shells.

  48. É engraçado como o Deimos aparece bastante só acontece bizarrices com ele kkkk.

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