War Thunder Memes | Part 10 v2

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Source: MrSteveGamer

Hittin’ it with that reupload since the other got claimed. Hope you enjoy.
Discord: https://discord.gg/Zdgj4TV

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Special thanks to Jiggly Boi, FreezeMc, Sugar Daddy, Alfred Willard, Shopping Oelhaf, MetaDave, Sætrœ -, TheDon, Alasdair Maclean,
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  1. Mistakes were made.

  2. How has Jack not commented yet?

  3. Is Justin Y. dead? F

  4. ‘light tank’

  5. Very nice comrade!

  6. I love ya steve, but after those recent statements you made on minorities and women I might have to unsub and possibly alert youtube staff. I consider myself right leaning, but you good sir go WAY too far, like come on dude, we shouldnt go around euthanising all the degenerates like you said, nor should women have human rights revoked. I trust you will take back these statements and have a change of heart, else I might need to write a blog post on you.

  7. Keep up the memes steve.

  8. 3:37 what?

  9. that mad lad actually filed a privacy complaint, what a ponce

  10. Alessandro Del Pezzo

    YouTube is doing a great job as always

  11. The Stargate scene in 4:16 made my day ???

  12. soo how about that maus skin?

  13. My name has been taken

    how can I get those keys?

  14. Mmmmm Juicy hentai MAUS :)))

  15. Where did fair use go?

  16. 7:07 skin link?

  17. Another great masterpiece, my friend 🙂

  18. What’s the song name at the end?

  19. Jhonatan Restrepo

    0:50 movie plz?

  20. beatiful endcard <3

  21. that F2P one caused me physical pain

  22. gets a privacy complaint* for poking fun at some noob in a game

    Youtube: ItS wOrKiNg As InTeNdEd

  23. War History Gaming

    Consol autoaim should somehow be put into a meme comp

  24. U dont know of the bomb could blow up on ur 6

  25. Or glitch

  26. Or gaijin have to fix

  27. That Monty Python clip XD

  28. Really Girls and Panzer Cosplay at the end

  29. the chloroform man

    I feel like I need to again, comment what I commented on your claimed video, so. 8:27 Is that a JoJo reference?

  30. alejo21_3 / zira_k

    6:00 x2

  31. Poop Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf. J

  32. soooooo many old memes. how about some new ones?

  33. Had a copyright claim on the original so I reedited it to be over ten minutes and reuploaded it so if you see a familiar meme thats why.

  34. I m waiting for gaijin to confirm the po 2 br at 10.0 its 2 op at 1.0 this game is really biased

  35. 4:00 accurate

  36. Yeah I have a question, uhhhh…

    What the hell was with the skin for the Maus just… why

  37. God I wish they hadn’t removed the 109Z

  38. Girls und Panzer is disgusting, change my mind.

  39. Vartic Laurentiu Alexandru

    The bullshit at 5:45 happened to me today while at cruising at top speed on my R3…was really pissed.


    First game every in an Archer I got an ace, the rest of the time it sucked ass.

  41. I saw the memes and the war but I didn’t see any thunder, downvoted and reported

  42. The AI gunner Lancelot scene, Hitler’s reaction to the BF-110 and Leopard 2A4, and the Japanese playerbase reaction to the Type-90 were the best memes in this compilation and my personal favorite War Thunder memes I’ve ever seen. Excellent work.

  43. Man I remember going into sim with the Leoncello soon after it first came out. So many TKs…

  44. Submarine in the Sky

    That B-17 one is on point

  45. That weeb shit at 11:28 better not be a real panzer 4 or so help me I’ll go Indiana Jones on Japan shooting everything in my way screaming “IT BELONGS IN A MUSEUM!”

  46. Hentai camo on a Maus, distract the weeabos and the wehraboos at the same time.

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