War Thunder Memes | Part 10

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Source: MrSteveGamer

Thanks for 6000 subs everyone, hopefully I don’t disappoint with this compilation =P

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  1. 1:45 only a jug pilot knows how that fucking pain feels,thanks to faggot gijian for fucking upteird has the jugs to where they are in playable,everyone will have to buy the p47m to actually enjoy the game

  2. Depressed Student Pilot

    The Gaijin vs German Tanks part is so accurate I started crying.

  3. Castrav Eleuterius

    Question unrelated to the video: whats the minimum fps you get in war thunder on what settings with that laptop?

    • When I’m not recording and have my graphics settings perfect I never drop below 50 and I only drop to that for initial loading or large explosions. I use Vsync so I can’t really say the top fps but it runs nearly max graphics without many issues.

    • Castrav Eleuterius

      MrSteveGamer Wow thanks so much for the quick reply man,I was watching your videos to get a better idea

    • No problem. If you end up buying it use my link 😉

    • Castrav Eleuterius

      MrSteveGamer If I will yes of course

  4. 2:39 killed me XD

  5. I look foward to the type 90. Japanese tanks are the only tanks i can do ok with lmfao.

  6. This might be the best War Thunder video ever…

    and now I am subbed.

  7. Good mythical morning

  8. so accurate

  9. rip 10.5cm tiger

  10. Simply the best warthunder channel out there… I used to think Bo was funny until I found this.

  11. I hate free xp, I hadn’t spent any money on the game until like a month ago, I had enough to put me up a full tier on each nation

  12. What film is the last clip from

  13. You have just earned one more subscription, keep it up!

  14. Bf-109Z is a fking joke

  15. spidercrafter 30

    Hehe he dont look so tough

  16. 2:04 OMG xD My friggin sides man! That is probably the most accurate thing I’ve ever seen.

  17. can you give me a link to the duel at 0:33?

  18. 3:24 That’s what Warframe does to me every time.

    *[Limbo Prime access is here]* I NEED IT!!!!!!

  19. i fucken need the thumbnail

  20. 3:30 so true xDDDDDDDDDD

  21. john dave Gazzingan

    poor bf-109z


    👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻Good show

  23. 2:41 Please name the song.

  24. Шо это такое?!

  25. HAHA the M10 Ersatz floored me omfg!!

  26. Yak 3 . 700kmh

  27. I have to wonder… why is Spongebob such a source for memes 😀

  28. whats the clip at 4:28?

  29. 3:27 I can relate to this SO much

  30. thanachat lertwiram

    2:22 what’s movie?

  31. Aleksander Vladimirovich Krinkov

    like for piano kebab removal )

  32. not a western SPY !!

    When you join a match and using Spitfire MK I while everyone using ME 262
    F2P niggas : ………….. * Disconnect *

  33. that panther 2 should have just ate the bon-bon outside the classroom

  34. Cool outro

  35. lubobaricak baricak

    Ballanced russian vehicles and planes 🙂

  36. *AAAHHH BLINN, THESE ARE GUD TANKS!!!!!* 🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺

  37. wait wat was the movie at the end

  38. Анатолий Кочка

    кокието омериканские шутки

  39. Georgekiller Washington


  40. 4:35 what from

  41. Hahaha hes like I can run that yak nope guess I’m going to do the stupidest thing you can do when a yak 3 is following you

  42. Usual clickbait..

  43. Christopher Watson

    The Asian Leo 1 was purrrfect

  44. That moment when a gaijin employee gets gaijined. XD

  45. https://youtu.be/VV9l-VKzgYM?t=3m48s

    You can see how much Concentration and effort it takes him to not just shout in all rage: “Fucking Russians”

  46. it took me a year to get the tiger e

  47. what movie is the last clip from

  48. “Bf.109Z”

    The Germans made a Twin Mustang but Bf109?

  49. Movie at 4:44?

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