War Thunder Memes | Part 13

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Source: MrSteveGamer

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  1. What movie at 1:49

  2. What episode of top gear is that ?

  3. Mmmmm… yes please

  4. 5.7 tanks in 6.7?


    LOUIS! Pass the wine, these germans can’t even touch us!

  5. Damynisinawe Gaming

    That First meme would have been better if it was a Porschetiger

  6. ._. when will the tog finally show up in war thunder the meme god of tanks must come to this game soon
    it should of been a April fool event

  7. man i really don’t want to watch 2 1:30 wix ads to see one video this is crap

  8. I thought that cancer shit was an ad. lolll

  9. 良い一日を過ごしてください TR2016

    I play WoT but WT is ok I guess

  10. Name of the end credits song please

  11. 8:10 straight facts and funny af

  12. 6:52 how the hell did that happen just how

  13. Memes I like to watch while invading the Soviet Union

  14. wait…the jet vud was from war thunder worldwide fb grp…you a member in there?

  15. 2:11

    what is happening there jesus christ

  16. Deja zero

  17. What movie is that? 1:50

  18. 6:53 i didn’t expect to see ephemeral rift here lol

  19. Thumb nail is pretty accurate


  21. if any of you are lucky enough to also have the he-51b (the one with the floats), then you’re in for a treat. take it out in an arcade game/custom battle, and hold the e and q keys, switch the rudder from side to side, sitch like every second or something, once youg et better at it, you can fly sideways and take off backwards

  22. I’d buy a hoodie or shirt saying wirble waifu instead of your name on it.

  23. 6:54 fucking ephemeral rift xD

  24. when you shit on wallet warriors but dont realize that theyre the people that keep the game running

  25. Orlando Southcott

    1:13 I thought this was War Thunder, not Arma

  26. Try putting my 6.7 tanks against 7.3 and 7.7. Makes for a good drubbing.

  27. The wtf was the outro

  28. “New Jap Vehicles” those don’t exist

  29. 私の顔にペニスを撃ってください


  30. That thumbnail spoke to me in so many ways

  31. Skidding is basically aerial drifting

  32. Ju288 is cancer, not those SPAA cars

  33. M1A3 Abarms REDUXX

    I’m kinda glad that I stopped playing war thunder

  34. What’s the mafia shootout scene from?

  35. 1:50 I just watched that movie like 5 minutes ago. Just in case you are wondering it is a movie about how bonnie and Clyde were caught and killed. The people in the car are bonnie and Clyde.

  36. Name of the film at 1:50?

  37. 5:39 french need a new 10.0

  38. Know the ultimate WT meme? Sitting on a Russians ass for 2 minutes putting hundreds of rounds in him but all of sudden it gets a buff to turning speed,slings around behind you,and proceeds to saw your wings and tail off while simultaneously killing the pilot in a 2 second burst of cannon fire.

  39. Ephemeral rift!

  40. real heft trout 420

    The Bonnie and Clyde one is so true.

  41. lmao if you made that p47d pulling up meme i know where you live

  42. The Crimson Fucker

    That moment when you shoot a Whirble with a 76, right in the turret, and your M62 detonates with no damage so it kills you by shooting through your front slope.

  43. Saint Peddlesworth

    What is that outro song I wanna meme to it

  44. Im keep getting in 6.7 matches with a 5.3!
    Tha fuq Gaijin!

  45. name of the weeb version of the panzerlied in the end please?

  46. The eternal 5.7 curse.

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