War Thunder Memes | Part 14

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Source: MrSteveGamer

Took longer than anticipated but this may be the best war thunder memes comp yet. Let me know what you think.

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  1. oh and dont forget to buy the MrSteveGamer merch

  2. You said no weeab from the beginning?! Now the outro is full of weeab?!

  3. 5:20 music?

  4. Song at 5:00 is a remix/sped up version of Super Mario World 2 Yoshi’s Island – Athletic, for all of you who were looking for it

  5. Can i get a lik to the art at 6:40 thx

  6. Player: *Fires shell*

    Gaijin: *NOM*

  7. Yeah ……as much as War thunder is trying I don’t think that it’s the best game out there

  8. Lmfao… I have the same reaction when i see those unnecessarily big maps…

  9. Gotcha this time

  10. 2:20 Videogames dont make aggressive

  11. Dam great now this is the 7th game I’m getting ban just because I’m
    Weeb smh

  12. Are they actually trying to ban the word Weeb?

  13. The Jolly Johnson

    3:40 my God, the Germans invented a way to crap and be in combat at the same time… The scheisse panzer!

  14. Bruh did i hear the opening to Dixie Land at 6:20?

  15. It never happened this is fiction ????

  16. 8:32 Whats the song? I know its Star Wars, but like

  17. *This is why I love War Thunder*

  18. 5:00 omfg what is that song

  19. Shut up wee- *banned*

  20. *broke niggas* : 0 GE
    *BROKE niggas* : -6196 GE

  21. 2:43

    As a f2p player, i actually felt proud of my self when i won 300 GE

  22. We gotta get rid of dat fucking weeb moderator

    03:53 That is NOT the Heinkel 162. It was the Projekt P 1073.
    Afterwards it would be called Heinkel 162. PLEASE!!!

  24. 9:20
    This has been happening to me for a month now

  25. i got a chat ban for saying weeb



  28. 7:41
    As a tiger II main i comfirm this is true

  29. Valentin: I AM YO BISCUIT BOI


  30. 5:49 need to find original video

  31. Дмитрий Гундоров

    *What’s the movie on **4:35*

  32. Маткоч Галпаров

    Сделай субтитры для русских

  33. 7:15 Anzai Chiyami and her p40. didnt think i would see girls und panzer here

  34. Ah yes, the term “weeb”, used to preserve Japanese culture by insulting anyone trying to inherit Japanese culture, hurts Japaese culture. Mmm yes veri smert

  35. 5:00 “DAMN WHITE PEOPLE WITH THEIR-” *Shuffles deck, pulls out random card* “WEEB SHAMING!!!”

    Lol, I love the clown world refferrence on the clown snail.

  36. Thomasc04_Panzer IV BEST

    It gave me a world of tanks add… I’m mad at YouTube now

    Edit: YouTube redeemed its self by giving me a War Thunder add… I’m no longer mad at YouTube

  37. Wow. I hope that keyboard wasn’t worth no more than 20 bucks. As I would never do that to my keyboard.

  38. Anyone remember the days before all these 90s vehicle’s appeared around 7.0
    Tbh game kinda didn’t make me want to slit my wrists then

  39. Barbatos Lupus Rex

    Sad part is, my highest non premium tank in War Thunder is the kugelblitz, 10.5cm Tiger, and the Panther II.

    So when I saw the German Heavies freaking out like chimps cuz of the A2D1 was a premium being added to the already super powered American CAS….yeah, it was pretty fucking accurate on how I felt.

  40. Bastion Model E54

    2:20 he was playing the German thunderbolt he deserved it

  41. I was watching dita and the last one reminded me of his videos

  42. Психи ебанные

  43. notrulo6000 [pls no stab]

    When you can afford repairs on all you me 262 variants after a battle.

  44. When you just install war thunder and play as americans.
    All T34 in the game: Im about to end this mans whole career.

  45. What is the music at beginning ?

  46. 2:40 i did this once .
    Tell me i’m normal right?

  47. TheShadowKing2002

    Bruh whats the ending song, it been bugging me for a few days now

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