War Thunder Memes | Part 17

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  2. Any One Remember The “YOU GOT A HOLE IN YOUR LEFT WING” meme?

  3. That fucking cybertruck meme got me pretty good lol

  4. Hey guys, XM-1 buyer here to explain the joke. Okay, so in the popular game, War Thunder, there is a point-based system, and you must capture the points in order to win. There are normally 3 points, A, B, and C. By saying, “Attack the D point,” he is telling his team to attack something that doesn’t exist, therefore being funny.

  5. I wish the bullshit could be turned down a few notches on WT. Especially at 6.7. How people play at 6.7 and enjoy it is beyond me.

  6. Cyber Trunk = Italian R3.

  7. 3:20 sauce please

  8. Anyone know the name of the movie at 6:03

  9. When you havent payed a single dollar bill on War Thunder but the Fw190 D13 looking hella thicc.

  10. War Thunder WorldWide

    Attack the Gay point

  11. 9:50

  12. 2:07 this is Brasil carai

  13. Bruhhh gayjoob has a perfect game

  14. 7:39 can you send me the original, please ?

  15. Don’t you dare laugh bout the Hetzer he gonna knock you out with his Saukopf…

  16. What’s the anime called at 3:45 ?

  17. Український Уpод

    soviets giving air support:
    *soviet march plays*
    “ok comrade tactical nuke inbound”

    *proceeds to destroy 10 tanks on b*

  18. Український Уpод


    “Attack the D point!”

  19. Great video! Just make a funny one next time!

  20. 2:08 Não tô acreditando que o Sikeira Jr tá em uma montagem de WT em um canal gringo ???

  21. 8:34 THANK YOU!

  22. I’ve had the same hull break shit with the rooikat, got shot in the WHEEL and git hull break. Even got a video on my channel showing it it’s a fucking joke

  23. uh. ok

  24. Brazil has the best memes

  25. Why is every ww2 nerd so obsessed with anime girls? I’m glad I’m not one of them.

  26. glad i stopped playing this buggy ass trash game

  27. I did hull break by ricochette on flak88’s roof…

  28. Nobody should use the goddamn pyramid scheme app

  29. 9:00 sounds like someone came from WoT

  30. Dont use the Code. If you use it, He will get 20% or more of your eagles too. So if they are telling you to use the Code, there is nothing better for you

  31. I keep hearing pylot songs in videos nowadays

    Good artist

  32. 4:00 me when the fiat 6614 engine is broken and I’m starting to reload

  33. 6:01 me and the bois when we need air support and we’re loosing

  34. Lol weeb

  35. I too have had 40 minutes conversations explaining balistics because some tard was baby raging about their shitty object 120’s apfsds not penetrating the maus beacuse they couldnt understand that hitting over 200mm of rha at a 10° is a dumb idea

  36. Gabriel Simões Coelho

    OMFG, you use a Brazilian meme? That’s awesome.

  37. I’m that one guy who says ATTACK THE D POINT! Every game

  38. 9:15 me every time

  39. What is your soundmod?

  40. Why does the guided missile sound sound like the Beheaded Kamikaze guys in Serious Sam ?

  41. 6:00 is that a movie, and if so, which one?

  42. Does the app REALLY work?? Because I do not trust things easily

  43. 6:05 what movie is that?

  44. I prefer to go and work 10€ for one hour than playing stupid android games for 5 days to get 100GE…

  45. Brazilian memes ?
    Hue Hue Hue

  46. Wow the anime clip at 3:45 was so extremely unfunny.

  47. The intro really reminds me of Receiver

  48. 0:08 “Premiums, they are the cunt”.
    Say no more.

  49. What was that anime?! 3:26

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